Winter women’s shoes

Winter women's shoes

Among winter shoes sometimes it is difficult to see the standing product having a high functionality and well-combined with other things. It is worth paying attention to shoes that not only have a huge spectrum of the choice of models, but are rather practical and have a lot of advantages.


Boots are a fairly functional shoe element, it is not surprising, because the wideline model range will not leave an indifferent one of the girl and, certainly, each can choose a couple of stylish boots in accordance with their needs and financial capabilities.

Among the numerous styles of shoes Recently, such models such as biker boots, Timberlands, Deserts, Chukka, Ankle Boots. The advantage of this type of shoe is that the models are fundamentally different from each other: a flat sole or heel, lacing or zipper, and there are many other differences.

Among the features and explicit advantages, you can also note a large selection of high-quality materials, a huge range of things combined with shoes, convenience, heat and comfort.


There are many non-standard solutions among the boot models, as well as many functional models. For instance, Winter and insulated models are well suited even for the strongest cold. Boots are good for a combination with straight trousers, because boots in this case may not be very functional.

High-quality boots made of genuine leather, suede and fur, very warm, because only natural fibers have the highest degree of thermal insulation. Warm models can also have a special lining, providing a heat-resistant effect.

Short shoes, called ankle shoes, good for summer coolness and light autumn cold. In addition, the ankle shots look very beautiful, because in its design this model of shoes is quite stylish.

Stylish solution are unisex boots on low sole, without heel, which are outwardly similar to men’s, but perfectly fit representatives of both sexes. It looks beautiful and such a decorative element as a lap – he makes shoes more interesting.

In addition to the above described, it is worth noting that many shoes are equipped with an anti-skid system, which is especially important in ice. Some are made of soft material, some are pretty light, and some have a decorative element, for example, massive shiny chains.


Boot stamps practically do not have repetitive elements, each of them is unique and unusual. For instance, Dutch shoes Non-standard in addition to the fur lining inside shoes and insulated insoles, the boot itself consists of a membrane or lacquer material, inside of which a synthetic trunk.

Shortened uggs can be attributed to shoes. The advantage of such a model is that it looks much more careful, and the top edge of the product is often decorated with edging from natural or artificial fur.

A variety of boots are and half boots – These are shortened boots, the height of the sides of which is about 10 – 15 centimeters above the ankle. In combination with a high square heel, this model looks simply amazing.

Ankle shoes that are also a kind of boot, not limited to one model. This type of shoe can have heels of different height and thickness, wedge or platform, lacing, zipper, buttons, or even spikes.

Undoubtedly, every girl wants to stay in a trend, so he watches all the fashionable novelties. But sometimes fashion is too fast and it is difficult to keep track of what sneakers are popular now. Therefore, we made a small review on the most fashionable and popular collections of women’s winter boots.


Youth prefers all the newest and unusual, so among the collections of popular brands a young girl there is a rather difficult choice, because one model is another beautiful.

Special popularity enjoy massive ships with spikes, which young girls wear not only as part of an informal image, but also quite harmoniously fit into the daily and classic outfits. And the most unusual and surprisingly beautiful images are created when a combination of such shoes with elegant dresses of air fabric.

Enjoy success and shoes of bright colors, whose skin is painted in Ombre technique – that is, there is a transition from bright color to a darker. Looks well and bright shoes with unusual prints, such as floral, leopard, tiger or print with any pattern.

For women

For women aged well suited sophisticated genuine leather boots with a small stable heel. Basically, we enjoy the success of the product of dark shades, because not all women are supporters of bright colors.

For outdoor activities

Boots intended for an active lifestyle and outdoor activities are especially valued if manufactured from natural materials, Including natural fur. The most convenient clasp will be lacing, because it is it prevents snow from entering shoes, because it allows the product to nourish the leg.

Velcro, although it may seem more practical in use, is still undesirable, because it spoals quite quickly and fails.


Popular colors and shades replace each other with a lightning speed, and often it happens that the color is popular for even yesterday today goes into the background.

But it also happens otherwise, for example, as in the case of a burgundy tint, which still recently did not enjoy success, but now the showcases of fashion stores.

Gray, in a classic shade, does not enjoy great success, its dark shades are much more relevant. A real hit of this season was the shade of gray titled “Akuly Leather”.

Beautiful and unusually looking bright shoes, so that the models of orange, blue, pink, fuchsia and green color will also find their fans.

Light shades do not lose their positions, so silver, cream and sandy shades will be as popular as in the past season, and print in the form of snowflakes will decorate any pair of boots.



Boots from a certain material must be seamy. For example, for strong frosts, the model on natural fur will suit more than others, especially on sheepskin, since it is exactly that thermal functions will be most importantly.

Genuine leather shoes and suede Also good for cool weather, but in addition, they do not have a detrimental effect on the health of the feet, because everyone knows that artificial leather leads to the feet of the legs and the emergence of an unpleasant odor.

Some models on between them have a part of the fur, exhibited, due to which peculiar fur edges are obtained. Such boots look very nice, because the fur is the most luxurious decorative element.

For children, as well as tourism, relaxation and active lifestyle lovers will be the most popular membrane boots, as well as waterproof models with a membrane. They are most practical and wear-resistant, well reproach from dirt and dry quickly.

Popular and suede and velvet boots with water-repellent impregnation, as well as shoes with Tinsulyt.

Many producers are famous for the production of high-quality shoes. For example, Finnish factories are always responsible for the quality of materials, seams and work done in general. Italian shoes are distinguished by good quality.

Production of sport-style boot models are engaged in brands such as Adidas, Reebok, Ecco, Puma. These companies provide a wide selection of boots suitable for winter travel and winter sports.

More classic models represent in their collections such brands like Balmain and Belwest. Brands are famous for the restraint of models, the sophistication of the styles and a profitable combination of price and quality.

More informal type shoes suitable for tourism and sports in the cold season, you can find in the following brands collections: DC Shoes, New Balance, Norfin Snow, Native, Gut, Outventure Waterflake.


The choice of the size of the boot may seem the simplest task if you do not take into account all the nuances. Since the parameters of the figure are all different, there are also not only the size of the legs, but also the volume of the foot and the top.

Girls with a complete leg will not fit narrow shoes with a clasp on the castle, because the shoes will put pressure in ankle, and lightning may not come together. Therefore, full girls are best acquired the product with a bulk top and low heels to reduce the load on the foot and joints.

It also happens that girls face another problem, possessing a large leg size, which is considered not standard for the structure of the female body. In this case, when buying a boot, it is worth carefully learning the dimensional grids of the desired brands in order to make sure the presence of the required size.

The same applies to girls with a small leg, whose size belongs to the discharge of children’s.

Useful advice

Sometimes it is difficult to choose shoes in such a way that they not only looked beautiful, but they would be comfortable. And sometimes it happens that when fitting in the store, shoes seem comfortable, and with a long walking – presses and rubs.

In addition, any shoes require care not only outside, but also from the inside. Therefore, we suggest familiarizing yourself with some non-hard lifehams, significantly facilitating the care of shoes at home, without excess costs. If the boots are a bit of pressure, you can slightly stretch them, fill the sealed packages with water and putting them into shoes. Then you should put shoes in the freezer, until the water is full. Since when transforming into ice, the volume of water increases, the boots will be exposed to pressure from the inside and stretch a little.

In the event of an unpleasant smell, it is not worth a hurry from getting rid of the shoes and consider them spoiled. You can get rid of the smell using conventional baby powder. Since it itself has a pretty pleasant aroma and has special properties, the peel will eliminate the unpleasant odor, having entered him.

A similar action can also have other bulk products, such as soda, food or sea salt, fragmented activated carbon, talc and citric acid. But you should know that these substances will not enough will just shake out of the shoes, the boots must be thoroughly speaking to get rid of all small particles.

In addition, the product will necessarily need to wash and clean and, if the outer surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a special sponge, then everything is much more difficult with the inside.

First of all, in order to avoid damage to the product, it is best to seek similar services to professionals that are certainly responsible for the quality of work performed. You can also resort to the manual washing of shoes, while observing the temperature regime. So as not to wet all the product completely, you can use sprays that eliminate odors or specialized deodorizing agents.

With careful care and careful observance of all elementary rules, shoes will serve for a long time, keeping the initial species.

What to wear?

Boots are universal! They can be combined with almost any clothing. Not suitable, except for pajamas, and that – in view of irrelevance. Boots are well suited for a combination with pants, If the model has straight or wide pants, which can not be corrected. So the product will remain in order, it will not remember and will look great with the elegant heel.

The same tips can be attributed to jeans With wide pants, since this material is very dense and, if you fill them into the shoes, it will ugly smear the product with a high-top. Therefore, short shoes are the perfect option, which, by the way, will also be perfectly combined with narrow jeans.

Boots in a business style perfectly fit under the business trouser costume, and help save neat appearance. But with a skirt version of the costume better use boots, not shoes.

Choosing boots under coat, It is not worth a particularly wise and try to choose products in one style, because recently the presence of chaotic elements in the classic image. Therefore, the combination of biker shoes with spikes and a sophisticated cashmere coat will look very unusual and stylish.

The same can be said about the down jackets, as well as fur coats. A dying coat is generally unpretentious in matters of combination with any shoe, but it is better to choose something more sophisticated and approximate to the classics.

Stylish images

  • Red-brown shoes with lacing on a flat sole perfectly fit even in a light spring outfit, consisting of light knitted turtlenecks without throat and stylish skirt of cornflower shade with floral print. If it is a winter model, it is better to supplement the image with a stylish fur coat or jacket.

  • High black genuine leather shoes are perfectly combined with cotton leggings and fluffy mohair sweater. Big brown bag perfectly complement.

  • Biker shoes on the lacing are perfectly combined with a light chiffon dress, and a shortened leather jacket and a small handbag on a long strap perfectly completed this very interesting composition. You can pick up a stylish coat as the outerwear, best in classic style.

  • A lightweight air image that includes red-haired thymberland boots, consists of stylish jeans – boyfriends, white T-shirts and bright fur coats.

  • Another image with red shoes Timberlands consists of narrow black jeans and a stylish snow-white coat to the knee. And complement the outfit small handbag and black hat.

  • Stylish non-formal style shoes are suitable for creating the same non-standard, bold image, so leggings and a black jacket – a root will become the best choice. For heat in winter strules, in addition to this image you will need a warm fur vest.

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