Winter Women’s Sneakers New Balance

Winter Women's Sneakers New Balance

Now brand New Balance is known to all. And once in 1906, production began with a small laboratory for the manufacture of orthopedic products. With the growth of production, an order from the US government appeared for the supply of shoes for the army.

Now this brand is among the top ten best companies producing sports shoes. From celebrities preferring this brand, Steve Jobs was. Former US President Bill Clinton for morning runs uses NEW BALANCE sneakers.

Winter models are especially popular, especially women’s. Rubber Sneakers New Balance Winter – Hit. What kind of sneakers are original?

Models and advantages


From the inside sneakers are covered with fur, insoles, too, with fur. Winter we have snowy. This model has a high landing, so the snow hitting is excluded. The sole has a protector providing a beautiful clutch.

New Balance 576 Winter

Wonderful suede sneakers with fur inside. Rubber sole. Tread. Excellent clutch. Water-repellent coating. Suitable for running.


Model with fur inserts. There is an impregnation, protecting crosses from freezing and moisture. Excellent option for running and everyday wearing. Medium price category.

When choosing crossings, choose the original. Only then can you be sure. The original always has a necessary quality set. In New Balance he next.

one. The sole is made of high quality rubber capable of not only withstanding loads, but also low temperatures. She always retains elasticity.

2. Sneakers are perfectly preserved the form and never deform.

3. All sneakers are very lungs, well ventilated.

4. Reliable and durable, suitable for narrow and wide legs.


Buyers in full delight from these sneakers. It is noted that they are simple, comfortable, neat and eternal, wear-resistant.

Girls write that they finally managed to buy practical shoes. The legs in these sneakers are so convenient that you do not want to remove. Foot in them does not sweat.

Among buyers there are many people who are not the first year buying sneakers of this brand. There are even those who first met this brand in the 90s of the last century and is now His fan. Wide size row, richness of shades – another plus of this brand.

The next feature, which is celebrated by the buyer, is that the stop in these crossways always looks neat and small even with a large size of the leg.

Another important plus: sneakers quickly take the shape of the legs, so there are no problems with the tying and revelation of the shoelaces. Worn almost in seconds.

You can wash them in the car, they are not deformed.

Buyers converge in the opinion that if you at least once buy original sneakers of this brand, forget about other brands, so here everything is thought out to the smallest detail. In no case should you take cheap analogs. In this case, you exactly guess. Yes, the original roads, but there is always an opportunity in the discount to buy a sports pair of the original model.

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