Women’s Chelsea Boots: What are you and with what to wear?

Women's Chelsea Boots: What are you and with what to wear?

What is Chelsea shoes, which goes crazy more and more representatives of beautiful sex? These are original half-boots with an elongated toe and at low heels, which are very comfortable and look stylish and elegant. On the main varieties and fashionable combinations, let’s talk in our article.


Chelsea’s shoes originally enjoyed popular only among representatives of strong sex. However, today, cute young ladies appreciated this subject of wardrobe. Boots can be represented in various types, run from a variety of materials, but the classic model is still considered women’s Chelsea made of leather. Externally, they are very similar to half boots, but there are a number of differences.

Such models can be called sharp, but at the same time the sock is slightly rounded. With both sides there are stretching rubber inserts. Heels are not too high and flat. At the same time initially, Chelsea’s boots possessed an extremely low flat height height from 3 to 5 centimeters. Today you can look after more feminine options, as well as products on a wrench. Besides, A distinctive feature of all Chelsea is the lack of fasteners.

Models can be Summer, autumn or winter. Often, cute ladies are wondering what you can combine so comfortable and elegant shoes. Boots are offered in different color solutions. You can stay on a classic black model having a smooth sole, look after beige stylish ankle shocks or choose a neutral shade option.

Another species are Boots on heels.

They are constantly at the peak of popularity, as they are capable not only to emphasize femininity, but also are often chosen by women of small growth. In addition, fashionista in trend models having decorative elements. This may be, for example, the decoration of mink or pess fur.

Very comfortable, according to the reviews of cute young lady, are Boots on a tanket. They can also be decorated with fox fox or rabbit. Such products are very spectacular, look stylish and original. At the same time, their use is as comfortable as possible. Such models are often chosen by the representatives of the finest floor, which are missing the ability to convert throughout the day.


As mentioned above, the classic Chelsea boots are made from genuine leather. However, today manufacturers make a choice also in favor of other materials. Most often it is leatherette, suede and even rubber.

It is impossible not to note the maximum practicality of genuine leather. Pollution and even external impacts do not pose a special threat. If you carefully handle such boots, they are quite capable of look great for several seasons.

It must be said that the colors that have such shoes are most often universal. Especially popular black and brown.

They are well combined with various objects of clothing. Like in demand varnish models. However, such products will have a fairly high price, so some users prefer alternative options.

Models from artificial leather externally resemble natural material, but at the same time they worse transfer external influences. The undoubted advantage is quite affordable. Chelsea from Konazama Requires attention: before entering the street to them, the water-repellent composition should be applied, it will help extend their service life.

In bad and rainy weather, especially in spring and autumn, especially popular Rubber Chelsea. They carefully protect the legs of beautiful ladies from moisture and precipitation. Externally, boots may even be like leather. Watching products are very stylish, combined with various wardrobe items. Of course, as the daily option, they will not be too relevant, but if necessary, it is capable of becoming a real salvation.

Models from suede fit sweet and romantic representatives of beautiful sex. They look very gently, as they have a neat and elegant velvety texture. Perfectly look even with skirts and dresses, can approach different clothing.

It is impossible not to say that it is suede chelsea that sometimes have an interesting decor. It is advantageous for them embroidery, sparkling rhinestones, as well as atlas gates. However, women are not always ready to make a choice in favor of this shoe. The thing is that Products require increased attention. They need care and very careful attitude, otherwise it is very soon due to the impact of external adverse factors, they will lose their attractive appearance and will not look very successful. Therefore, they should be protected from dirt and moisture.

As can be seen from the foregoing, Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Currently, manufacturers very often combine various textures. This method allows you to give brightness and expressiveness even the simplest shoes. For example, the combination of skin and suede is impressive or the combination of matte and varnish surface.

As for the cold season, manufacturers took care of the release of models and for this period. In this embodiment, the product is natural or artificial fur, which perfectly protects the legs from the cold. The sole is made of high-quality material and practically not sliding.

However, some owners of winter chelsea shoes note that in particular cold weather from their use should be refused. The fact is that the edges of the shining are low enough.

Therefore, if winter is rather cold, with such shoes it is better to wear pants, and in the case when the image assumes a dress or skirt, you should take care of the presence of warm pantyhose.

Color spectrum

As we already know, classic color for similar models is black. Such boots will help create an elegant and strict image, perfectly suitable for business style. Manufacturers often offer other universal options, such as black and white, blue, brown, dark gray. Exceptionally white color Use for this model is not recommended, it may not look too appropriate.

However, manufacturers are not afraid of experiments. Creative fashion suites will miss the bright and spectacular Boots of Indigo and Bordeaux.

The second option is a real trend and has not been out of fashion for a long time.

As for the Suede Chelsea, here the emphasis is on style. Beautifully look brown, sand and orange options. They are also well combined with different wardrobe objects, but simplify and refresh the image.

Among the actual can also be called Shades of precious stones. Bright young ladies can choose Chelsea Emerald Coloring. However, that the image looks stylish and neat, it is better to think about it in advance. In such cases, it is worth thinking about, so that the color did not go into incision with the rest. Well look tights in tone.

Also girls are very loved by the options involving the presence of a contrasting side gum. Such a color can become a real highlight and looks incredibly stylish.

What to wear?

What the way to choose, depends mainly from the taste of representatives of the beautiful floor. Chelsea boots can be called universal, they can be combined with the most different outcome of the wardrobe. They look great with both jeans and skirts, in various styles and combinations.

Specialists offer a variety of combinations. However, at the same time give a number of recommendations with which it will not be familiar with the cute young lady to always look stylish and elegant.

Such shoes do not tolerate the presence of thin pantyhose. Also under the ban stockings and tights-mesh. It is better to stop your choice on more dense products or even Legins. Be sure to wear thin socks. It will not only look fashionable, but also will add warmth to bad weather.

Chelsea looks great with shorten jeans and Skinni models. Add an image with a turtleneck or jumper. In the spring and autumn will also be appropriate to look like a coat and a bright accent in the form of a scarf.

Fashionista may well afford to wear with such a shoe knitted dress, and not only short, but also long. The bright accent Chelsea will also become combined with boobo dresses and ethno.

You can afford to wear with shoes short shorts from dense material. Effective will look and mini skirt. Top should choose a bulk sweater or turtleneck. In the cold season, the image is complemented by a coat or leather jacket, respectively.

Casual style style Welcomes the presence of such shoes. Office and business suit will be perfectly looking at the boots on the heel.

Don’t forget about this style like Street Style. Chelsea looks well with dark skinni jeans and black coat. Speeciously looks and narrow burgundy trousers in combination with a long jacket. As for suede models, they can pick up a mini-skirt “Sun” of bright shades and stylish jumper.

In general, the choice of style and the length of the skirt in this case is not too large. It all depends on the preferences of beautiful ladies. Lacked and textile models will be perfectly combined with long light skirts and sundresses. Black boots look good on slender young lady, putting tight tights of the same color, a short gray skirt and a surround sweater.

Models with natural or artificial fur themselves attract attention, as well as capable of successfully complement. For winter Chelsea, both suckers and coats are perfectly fit. Well will look at volumetric, as well as leather jackets. Narrow jeans or warm legings will add elegance appearance.

Beautiful images

After the boots of Chelsea appear in the wardrobe, Chelsea’s shoes appear, she can begin to think over a series of bold and stylish images with full confidence. Consider some of them.

  • Classic Chelsea boots. Have a small comfortable heel. Made in black.

  • Black Chelsea Boots on Thin Sole. Perfectly combined with jeans.

  • Chelsea boots on a stable heel. Speeciously looks with burgundy tight trousers.

  • Black and White Chelsea Boots. Perfectly look with an elegant dress.

  • Spectacular Brown Chelsea Boots on Heel. Made of suede. Perfectly combined with the Sun skirt.

  • Chelsea boots with mini skirt and dense pantyhose.

  • Spectacular Chelsea with Legins and Stylish Coat. Look very stylish and original.

  • Classic Chelsea Boots with shortened tight trousers. From above will look great loose jumper.

  • Chelsea shoes with black rubber band. Very stylish look with brown tight trousers and a free jacket.

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