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Women's shoes ECCO

About brand

ECCO has been formed in Denmark and is engaged in the release of male, female and children’s shoes, as well as to care products. For the production of shoes, the brand uses only natural materials for tops and synthetic for the sole, hence the price of goods.

It is the price when buying matters first. For the ECCO segment, it is considered overestimated, even despite the high quality of shoes.

The priority for the company is to create comfortable shoes using innovative technologies in production. With all this, some consider the design is not minimalist, as he was conceived initially, but boring.

The flourishing and popularity of the brand in Europe fell on the 80s of the last century. It was then that ECCO came to a new level and began to be sold for all Europe. In Russia, this shoes came in the early 90s. In the same period when the brand became the official supplier for the royal court of Denmark.

In the mid-90s, the production of children’s shoes begins.

Now the company had to close a large number of factories in countries where expensive labor force and leave only a few enterprises.

2009 marked as the presentation of the new line – sneakers. ECCO developers believe that these are the most comfortable models of all that is in the market.


The ECCO brand model range is very diverse, but at the same time very concise and unscrewed decor. The company presents both classic shoes and everyday, and ECCO has a lot of sports models of shoes and sneakers.

Only here with the color scheme all monotonous. Basically, only black and brown color are used in production. Sometimes you can meet gray, but this phenomenon is rare. However, as the shades of purple, green and blue.

For the manufacture of its shoes, ECCO uses only natural high quality materials – nubuck, suede, genuine leather. The sole is made of polyurethane and tuna. This distinguishes the classic ECCO models from the real classics, where the sole is made of leather, and not from rubber.

But designers and developers make focus on the convenience, comfort and endurance of shoes, from this point of view, the synthetic sole is much appropriate leather.

ECCO shoes are designed very durable and designed for buyers who lead an active lifestyle and value practicality and comfort. It should be noted that in the production of shoes, technologies are used that allow you to wear ECCO shoes every day, forgetting about unpleasant sensations.

Women’s shoes

Shoes are an integral part of the female image and provide exactly half of the success. Regardless of the new trends and trends in priority, there are always shoes that differ in elegance and convenience. Health of women often depends on the latter.
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