Women’s shoes on laces

Women's shoes on laces

Boots on the lacing – a very popular version of shoes for winter and off-season. These stylish and bright products that should be in every female wardrobe are introduced into any ensemble the unique charm and notch freshness.

Features and advantages

The advantage of this shoe in her practicality and durability: if the zipper on shoes to repair is quite problematic, then the broken lace is easy to change to a new. In addition, simply replacing its color (for example, on a contrast), you can create a new fashionable image.

The lacing helps to reach the best fit of the shoes and change the landing density. In winter, fashioning warm socks, shoelaces can be slightly relaxed, and in the warm season tighten.

This is especially true if you want to fill jeans or trousers in shoes, as well as demonstrate shoes, decorated with spectacular details (buckles, straps, perforation).

The lacing itself can be a beautiful decor, give shoes a stylish look and even refinement.

Such boots can be a wonderful office option, suitable for meetings in an informal setting. These products demonstrate a good taste of a woman.

As for the shortcomings of this shoe, then, perhaps, the only thing is the durability. But some models with laces have side zippers, which allows you to save time, while providing an unmatched view.

Note that the shoes should be selected depending on the features of their figures. High young ladies for nothing model on too high heels that can cause emotional discomfort. But the continuous girls in this way, on the contrary, can visually pull out the figure.


A huge variety of models of shoes with laces will satisfy the requests of any fashionista. Products can have a high top of a top of the middle of caviar. The design of this shoe is rude, brutal or, on the contrary, feminine and elegant (for example, shoes, decorated with lace).

The shoes on the heels visually pull the shape, making it more slim. However, the models of the ankle length always attract attention to the ankles, so they should be worn only by the owners of flawless legs. A thin hairpin perfectly fit into a female business and a romantic image. Thick heel more suitable for Militari and Casual style.

The shoes on the wedge allows you to use all the advantages of the heel (adds growth, lengthens the legs), but it is more stable and comfortable, which is particularly relevant for the winter season. But too thin girls are a high tanket and platform often does not fit, because it creates a disharmony between thin legs and massive shoes.

Universal shoes on a flat sole, they can add any outfit, depending on the elements of the costume every time they “play” in a new way. This is the most convenient model – the lacing reliably locks the shoes on the leg, the flat sole provides easy walking. One of the options for such shoes – the blowing boots in the sports style.

As for the lacing, it can be long – starting from the nose of the product or decorate only the top.

Many models of lacing shoes have their own name, for example, high shoes are called Berbs, a commercially, or by the name of the famous manufacturer – Camelota, Martins. Low boots are Timberlands, Crypers, Bog, Oxfords, and DR.

Women’s shoes are often decorated with a variety of inserts, rhinestones, buckles, rivets.

As for the latest fashion trends, today there is a low platform in fashion that contributes to the formation of proper posture. Boots are in demand on a wide protector, especially resistant to ice and protecting women’s feet from supercooling. Stylishly looks with miniature accessories, for example, thin chains.

Remarkably look shoes on a lacing with a fur marrow. Fur color in this case may be the most different.

An interesting modern option suitable for long-term walks in the city – Timberlands shoes on a characteristic tractor or flat sole and neat classic lacing. This is an excellent solution for girls who prefer the comfort of causing style.

Color solutions

Most women tend to choose universal black shoes. However, on the advice of stylists, it should be brought together to the options of beige and brown shades – they will attract attention to the legs and advantageously be allocated to fashion from the crowd.

White models are always attractive, however, after a trip to urban transport, they can purchase a sloppy view.

Also today in the trend shoe shoes blue and olive. Popular models with contrast or laid shoelaces.

Lacted boots better choose in dark colors


The most popular beloved shoe material – genuine leather. It saves warmth and does not miss moisture. When buying such shoes should not forget about the correct care of it (purchase special cream and brush).

Fashionable tendency – shoes imitating snake skin. It is in itself a bright element of the wardrobe, so do not overload your image with accessories in order not to look vulgar.

There are quite a large range of lacquer shoes with lacing. However, this option is inappropriate for low temperatures – varnish can crack. To care for such products you need a sponge or a soft cloth.

Always smarter looks from suede, especially having decor elements. Velvety and softness of this material transform female image, give him a gloss and attractiveness. Suede boots are particularly combined with fur and knitted things. However, the suede does not tolerate moisture (so choose such shoes for winter) and very demanding in care.


Many world-famous brands specialize in the production of stylish lacing shoes. One of them – the legendary Chanel brand. The most popular models – urban-style shoes with an overestimated nose and rounded nose. The main quality of such shoes from the French brand is comfort and practicality in combination with unchanged femininity.

The famous brand of UGG Australia also produces some of its models in the form of high shoe shoes. Popular options on a small square heap from durable suede with water-repellent impregnation or nubuck. Inside such shoes are traditionally insulated with sheepskin. Long braided lace, if you wish, you can wrap around the top several times.

River Island shoes are distinguished by a kind of style. Each model is unique in unique catchy design. Constantly appear new trends in the spirit of modern rhythm of life.

Always fashionable cord boots Caterpillar. Interestingly, the company, founded at the end of the 19th century, was originally engaged in the production of agricultural machinery. Advantage of Caterpillar shoes – its strength, protective inserts on the sock and heel, thick elastic sole. Tavi model in flat move resembles sneakers, the other options are more feminine or, on the contrary, ascetic. Some other options are pretty ascetic, others look very feminine. It should be noted, the thin hairpin in the brand collections is missing, mostly shoes have a low or medium heel. Caterpillar boots are often distinguished by an unusual decor and coloring (red, golden, leopard). Many models, if desired, are converted by turning into lower.

Tamaris shoes shoes are presented in various lines. Active – Sport Design Shoes. Trend – Original products that meet the latest fashion trends, popular with youth. The classic Tamaris series presents very feminine and elegant models suitable for festive and business events. Boots are manufactured according to special technology Antishokk – this is a special design of a heel, which reduces the load on the spine.

Louis Witon Shoes (Initially, the company was engaged in the production of suitcases and road bags) is distinguished by a narrowed cape, elegant buckles and metal fittings. Boots are traditionally manufactured from the highest quality materials and, like all products Louis Viton are associated with impeccable taste and luxury.

Already mentioned Timberland boots enjoy well-deserved popularity worldwide. They are warm and waterproof due to the use of seamless technology. Special skin treatment makes her breathable.

What to wear?

Corded shoes look good narrow troughs. You should not wear the straight line – they will create an image of a grace.

High shoes look harmoniously with mini skirts and short shorts (of course, subject to slender legs) – such unusual shoes need to be demonstrated. Make sure that the clothes are not ultravotor, otherwise the seductivity risks turning into vulgarity.

Dress, put with shoes with lacing, acquires a special chic. The main condition – do not choose the clothes of the trapezoidal silhouette, as it will visually expand the thighs and shorten legs.


Very original youth image for warm season. Asymmetric black T-shirt on one side is deprived of the sleeve, it complements the short smoked skirt with a cute floral print. The highlight of this ensemble is the coarse shoes of a beautiful brown shade close to burgundy. Footwear is launched deliberately casually and relaxed. Simple hairstyle of the girl completes this attractive everyday image.

Stylish ensemble suitable for spring or early autumn. Cute beige windbreaker of the original design I hope on top of an elegant tunic of a similar shade. Narrow bright blue jeans filled into fashionable shoe walnut shoes. Footwear is distinguished by a fashionable fat sole. A large bag with a golden metal decor is perfect for color and texture to shoes. Complements this image wide leather bracelet, also decorated with metal.

Other spectacular images you can see below.

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