Women’s shoes without heel

Women's shoes without heel

Before the modern woman is no longer worth the problem of choting between beautiful and comfortable shoes. Women’s boots without heels embody two of these criteria, besides, they are practical, have a clearly pronounced style and elegance.


Whatever beautiful and exquisite shoes with a high heel or a fuzzy, but it is inconvenient to walk all the time, difficult and problematic. It is quite another thing – boots without heels, which have a number of features:

  • Comfort, which is preserved even with long wearing+
  • versatility that allows you to create a huge amount of images in various styles (classic, business, casual, casual) with shoes without heels+
  • Ability to use such shoes for everyday images+
  • a large range of models from which you can always choose the required pair.


Women’s boots without a heel – this is a large range of shoes, among which there are many different models.

Models on low running with laces are excellent for almost any image. At the peak of popularity there are Oxfords, which can be worn with skirts and blouses for work, tiny jeans and sweaters for walking, leggings or trousers with tunics, sweatshirts, sweatshirts for club parties. Even with knitted dresses and lace sweatshirts you can wear such shoes. Laces are often used by designers not only for practical purposes, but also as an element of decor. If the laces differ in color from the shoes themselves, then when choosing clothes you need to take into account this moment. But what really should not combine similar shoes, so it’s with long skirts, upper clothes, which covers his knees, short pants and shapeless clothing.

Timberlands are presented in the form of deposits with laces and a corrugated sole, for which a sporty style is characterized. With such shoes you can wear sportswear, jeans, dense pants and tights shorts. Based on Timberlands Easily form images in the style of Casual and Military. Although such shoes are rude, but still with them you can combine leather pants / leggings and fur vests. It turns out glamorously and unusual. If you consider yourself an extravagant special, a combination of a fitting short dress, leather jackets and a hetera must like.

Losphers are great for daily use. In their designs there is no lacing, the sole can be absolutely flat or have a very small heel.

Brogia are more suitable for summer, there is a lacing and perforation in their design, which is most often located along the seams. There are models with an open toe / heel. Such shoes are accepted to wear without socks, in the extreme case you can wear ancelliers that will protect their legs from the corners. To create a brought thin skin or dense textiles. Under such shoes, clothing made of lightweight materials: Pants, shorts, T-shirts, T-shirts and tops. Brogia can be used in safari style, preppy, Casual and some others.

Boots without a heel, but with lifting or on the platform, serve as an excellent alternative for shoes with a heel. Such shoes are quite stylish, practical and in some sense, even universal. Boots with lifting can be safely wearing with jeans of various styles and pants with various forms. Such images can be complemented by turtlenecks, t-shirts, blouses, shirts, cardigans, tops. Direct skirts, raincoats of various styles, coats, fur vests – all this is suitable for shoes without a heel, but with lifting. If there is an elegant platform in your shoes, you can safely select classic costumes and dresses.

High boots without heels in a correctly formed image will look feminine and elegant. When choosing such shoes, it is better to pay attention to brown models, although in priority many are black shoes. With high shoes on fine soles, you can wear dresses of various styles, pants, jeans, shorts. When choosing the outerwear, there is only one limit that concerns cohes.

On season

Boots without heels are produced in the winter and autumn version, even the summer models are present in this assortment, for example, brogia, which have already been considered by us.

Autumn boots are created from leather, leatherette and suede. The first option is most preferable for the autumn period, since genuine leather is the most practical material. It is easy to clean, does not miss moisture and does not absorb dirt, it is easy to care for her and you can paint yourself. But suede boots are valued for a beautiful appearance and indispensability when creating a styled causal. Such shoes can be worn in dry weather, combining it with narrow trousers or your favorite jeans. Combined models in which leather with varnish or suede can be combined – this is a separate topic for conversation. Such models are loved by all fashionable people who seek to create interesting images from simple things.

Winter boots without heels must be in every wardrobe, as this is the best option for every day. Winter bad weather requires convenient shoes so that the legs are less tired, and the gait was confident and solid. The most comfortable are shoes on a flat sole, on which the riflation may be present. Models with a fuzzle are not so comfortable, but still they are stable, and even elegantly look on the leg. For outdoor activities it is better to choose rough boots with natural sheepskin inside.


Suede Boots are worried every fashionista. They are popular regardless of fashion. Even awareness of impractical suede does not stop before buying such shoes. Nevertheless, suede boots warm their feet well, perfectly combined with knitted things and even fur clothing. With proper care and gentle handling, suede boots will keep their original appearance for a long time.

Lacted boots – the top of refinement, so they love all the fashionista. They are perfectly combined with the most different clothes: skirts, dresses, trousers, jeans, coats, raincoats, jackets. With such a shoe, even the simplest image will be stylish and expressive.

Boots without heels amazed with a variety of colors. You need to be able to properly combine the color of shoes and clothing, which will allow you to properly arrange accents in the image and virtuoso combine various styles.

  1. Black shoes are rightly called universal shoes, which is due to their excellent combination with almost any clothing. The best images are created based on narrow trousers, jeans, short skirts or shorts.
  2. Black trousers are best suited for brown shoes. In the image you can and even preferably add a brown element (bag, gloves, headdress).
  3. Under beige shoes need to pick up clothes from pastel gamut.
  4. Leopard print shoes – a bold choice that is consciously or in a rustling of passion make fashionable. With such expressive shoes, you can combine brown, purple or beige shades. Leopard print may be repeated in one of the elements of the image, but it must be identical to the one that adorns the boots.

Also the dresses became fashionable to combine with shoes made in men’s style. Such images are most suitable for individuals with a boyish figure.

Fashionable image can be created on the basis of heavy shoes with a wide variety of decor applicants in a bikerian style. More and more models are created in bright colors, while acid-neon shades are departed into the background. Such shoes are perfectly combined with all sorts of jeans and shortened charketes. Bold fashion suites are offered images in which women’s shoes without heels are combined with classic coats and dresses.

As for the material, the advantage is given to natural skin and the suede.

What can be combined with?

That each image created on the basis of a boot shoe was successful, it is necessary to adhere to simple rules and practical advice.

  • Boots are perfectly combined with jeans of classic style. In such images there may be a jacket or cardigan for cool time of the year, T-shirt or Top for summer.
  • Breeches, trousers and any pants whose length is at 8/7, require at least a small heel in shoes.

  • But with short dresses, skirts and shorts of shoes on a flat sole combat very well. For summer, you can buy bright or light shoes and skirt with pleated or multi-layer design.
  • Shorts – another successful option for combining with shoes without heel.

  • Under the midi dress, stitched from expensive types of fabric, do not necessarily shove uncomfortable heels. Convenient shoes on a flat sole also arrive well in such an image.
  • Leggings, light tunic, low-run boots – a great image that can be used every day.

Business women no longer need to torment their legs, because shoes without heels can be bolden to combine with any clothing, which refers to business style. This includes direct skirts, classic pants, office skirts, strict dresses.

It will be useful to know about things with which the boot shoes should not be combined:

  • Top long clothes or options below the knee, especially for classic coats and fur coats.
  • Evening dresses require high heel shoes or elegant wedge.
  • Maxi skirts, wide trousers and broken jeans.

Stylish bows / images

The image created on the basis of gray and black shoes without a heel cannot be boring in a priori. Make sure this allows the selected image that consists of simple elements (narrowed jeans, sweaters, poncho and lacquered boots on low go). The game of shades and textures allowed to create an interesting image, the highlight of which are boots and poncho. It is shoes that pulls out all the attention and benefits the remaining elements of this image.

Lacing shoes still seem too rude? Then you should look at this image in which such shoes are combined with a light dress, a hat and a simple handbag. The game of contrasts here is very pronounced: the brutal and even to some extent, causing shoes along with air dresses create an image that is filled with charm, expressiveness and attractiveness. Such an image will not leave you unnoticed among the crowd.

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