Women’s shoes without laces

Women's shoes without laces

Any Modnice is perfectly suitable universal shoes with concise design. If the lady wants to buy a model without laces, then a huge selection of a variety of models gets up in front of it for any season.


How are famous shoes without laces?

Popular models without lacing and any other clashes are called Chelsea. Such shoes is equipped with elastic inserts on the sides. They are distinguished by a strict design that is harmonized with all the styles and images.



Valley manufactures classic models without lacing. Some products are equipped with side lightning. Sleepy demi-season models of black color with white lines look very stylishly. Footwear is made with a small square heater.


Berg produces velor winter boots on the sole with an aggressive protector. Insole and lining is made of natural and very warm fur. Stylish and attractive shoes can fit into many youth images.

On Velcroe

Velcro models perfectly fit into the casual or business style. Fastening is placed on the rise and can be complemented with metal claps and buckles. Especially solidly looks for lacquered or matte leather.



ATIKER produces high-quality velcro boots from genuine leather. Fastening in such models is decorated with small metal emblems and clans. Rubber sole with a tread will provide excellent clutch with an expensive and will give confidence in every step.

Labella Vita

The brand produces high eco-leather models with two wide velcro on the lifting. Convenient clashes will allow to adjust the width of the top. Thick embossed sole in branded shoes has excellent depreciation characteristics.


Extravagant monks will become excellent confirmation of the success and sophisticated taste of its owner. Status shoes resembles monastic stages or riding models. Currently there are monks with one or two buckles. As a rule, such models are made of leather or suede. Elegant shoes can be worn with trouser costumes and office dresses.


Sandro G

Brand Sandro G releases men’s leather monks with two buckles. High-quality Italian shoes has a standard low heel and thoughts.


Brand Looks Stylish Women’s Monks. Very original and brightly look at the model from natural lacquered leather on a dense polymer sole. Convenient Betsey shoes perfectly fit into any casual outfit.

On zipper

Classic lightning models are the most popular now. The clashes can be located on the sides (standard option) or on the lifting. Lightning can be painted in one color with the main surface of shoes or be contrast. Especially bright and attractive such item looks in golden and silver color.



The trademark offers fashionable, original models with a zipper in the form of a semicircle on the side and straight zipper on the rise. Stylish demi-season shoes of red-colored on the protector sole will be harmoniously looked with Casual style outfits.


Brand offers feminine models from natural velor with oblique zipper on the side. High winter boots on a wedge look very stylish and expensive. Such shoes with velvety texture will be perfectly combined not only with jackets and down jackets, but also with gorgeous fur coats and fur jackets.

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