Women’s Suede Winter Boots

Women's Suede Winter Boots


Boots are customary to call the type of shoes with the balance, the height of which may vary depending on the model. Women’s boots are made from different materials, the most common of which are leather and suede, which will be discussed.

As suede is a natural skin, the appearance of which is obtained by means of a special tanning technique, it does not infer the usual skin on its functional qualities, and in some cases even surpasses it.

For example, thermal insulation suede is several times stronger than normal skin, which is why winter suede boots equipped with fur lining are, much warmer than leather model.

All of the benefits should not be noted obvious – an attractive appearance. The velvety surface of the suede boot will not leave anyone indifferent and will undoubtedly decorate any image.

Suede is perfectly combined with various upper clothes and especially harmoniously looks in images with fur coats and sheep, emphasizing the benefits of the legs and visually hiding their flaws.

In addition, the natural suede is very easy to distinguish from the fake, since artificial matter is thinner and tough to the touch, which is incomparable with the soft surface of the natural suede cloth.

Trendy models 2021

Suede boots can be represented in absolutely any models, which makes them even more sought-after and popular.

For example, boots on a wedge look amazing, because the massive lower part of the product focuses on a fragile anklet, visually giving the leg even more slender species. The tannet can be combined with a hidden platform, which also has its advantages, because so the scarcot will look even more effectively.

When it comes to the platform, it is not limited to a fuzzle. Since the platform is located in the front (sock) part of the product, it will quite harmoniously combine with a high heel of various widths. This model is more convenient, since the platform slightly softens the bending of the leg, increasing the distance between the foot and the floor.

Very stylish looking and models without heel. Such boots are widely popular because they are very convenient and practical. In addition, boots without heels are good from the point of view of medicine – the minimum load on the feet is carried out, which has a beneficial effect on the health of the joints.

If you can’t do without a heel at all, and there is no reason to expose your legs with the risk of diseases, you can always stop your choice on a low-heeled boot model. As a rule, it is a wide square heel height up to five centimeters.

The trend trend of this year was the tractor sole, which is used in the manufacture of almost any shoes. Suede boots did not exception and not in vain, because such a model looks simply amazing! But it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of the sole, it must be thermoplastic and do not stick in the cold.

Models without zipper, the length of which to the knee and above is customary to call stockings shoggs, but they are not suitable for everyone. As suede is not stretched, to wear such boots on your leg can only be a thin girl. Short boots are suitable for holders of lush forms.

It is worth mentioning and combined suede boots. This model is made not only of pure natural suede, it includes inserts from other materials, for example, leather.


The length is sometimes it turns out to be a decisive factor when choosing a boot, and if the leather boots sometimes look at vulgar, then suede – on the contrary, look very feminine and sophisticated.

Bottors are high boots whose length is above the knee. Such a model has its advantages with a strong cold, closing most of the leg, the boots will not allow any fashionable to freeze.

In demand and model to the knee, as well as shortened models of suede boots, which can be successfully combined with both trousers and skirts.


Sleeping suede boots black color. It is such a dark shade that gives the matte surface of the shoe. Luxury velvety view. Along with black, it is possible to mark dark blue, as well as dark green suede boots, which also look unmatched.

Brown color, as well as many of his shades, look no less exquisite. The boots are of this color, combined with the clothes of the gamut of shades, are suitable for creating a gentle image.

Gray suede boots – Here is a real luxury item. It is gray suede that is manufactured in such a way that on its texture, when interacting with sunlight, light seductive overflows appear. Such a “move” will benefit any.

If you want to create an outfit, observing all the best femininity traditions, it is best to stop your choice on the models of suede boots bed tones. Cream, light beige, milk, ivory color and champagne shade – the most popular and elegant colors.


Suede boots can be decorated with completely diverse ways. In some cases, embroidery is actively used. Most often, ornaments are created from the threads of the same shade as the product itself, but sometimes designers create even whole color landscapes.

The product, decorated with rhinestones or precious stones, requires a special relationship. It is worth more thoroughly and carefully produce cleaning, so that the decoration did not fall off and left behind only a non-accurate trace of glue.

Very often for the decor of suede boots use fur, creating different types of details and ruffles.

Some designers for creating fur edges use artificial fur while others please their customers with exceptionally natural materials.

Metal socks and heels can also be attributed to decorative elements, which not only adorn boots, but also perform a rather interesting feature. The fact is that the metal on the shoe sock protects it from impact, which provides for a longer service life.

How to choose?

The selection of suede boots may be somewhat difficult, because the suede does not have the properties to stretch, and, therefore, the model should be seamless in accordance with the parameters of the figure and foot volumes.

Rarely you can find boots suitable for full leg. Even if they manage to pull them, they will not look beautiful. But on a narrow slim leg – just right! Treads are a favorite shoes of slender beauties with appetizing forms that have accustomed to catch admiring glances.

But the full girls should not despair, because for them there are a number of models of suede boots to the knee, the tops of which are specifically sewn in a wide version, or, has stretching rubber inserts. Such a model will look no less beautiful.

And in case, if this option did not fit, you can buy boots with a length of the middle of the caviar or a completely shortened model.

Such boots can be found both in an option with a heel and on a flat sole, which is suitable for both the trouser dress and to enter the dress.

It is worth noting that the difficulties of choosing suede boots exist only for a complete leg, and girls with slender legs can afford absolutely any model, the main thing is to take into account the width of the onset – the foot should not be in the shoes too free.

How to care?

First of all, before going to the street for the first time in new suede boots, it is necessary to apply a special impregnation, designed for this material. Impregnation can protect suede from the penetration of moisture and dirt into the structure of the material itself.

Impregnation is more likely to be needed because deep penetration of dirt threatens the shoes to the emergence of labor-water spots that spoil the appearance of the product. But what to do if on suede boots, nevertheless, stains and divorces appeared?

In the fight against stains, an ordinary soda will help in a mixture with milk. A teaspoon of soda must be dissolved in a small amount of milk, then this mixture needs to wipe the product, pre-tamping small porcelines with a brush. The method really works and help save your favorite couple from wear.

If your boots are wetted strongly, you need to carefully dry them. In order to simplify the process, you can use the newspaper. Combaving several large newspaper balls, you must put them in boots. For a better effect, you can put shoes under the battery or put next to it.

In order to avoid the appearance of oil spots or divorces, the suede boots with a special brush should be cleaned, the bristles of which are moistened in the solution of soap water.
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