Women’s winter dutiks

Women's winter dutiks

Many ladies, choosing winter shoes, are concerned not only by her fashionable design, but, above all, convenience. After all, it is difficult to disagree that high heels in ice or thaws are simply not practical, and beauty should not be threatened with health. Therefore, today, more and more women pay attention to comfortable and cute Boots-duty.


Duty – these are boots, most often having textile top. They look as if they were filled with air or blew down – hence the characteristic name.

The idea of ​​creating this shoe, by the way, one of the hottest, belongs Eyka Ottosien (Denmark) – the founder of the company Rubber Duck. Well, in 1971, this idea was embodied by designers of the Italian brand TECNICA and received a patent.

In the 80s. Dutchi were especially in demand – it was a period of heyday of science, the emergence of innovative technologies. And similar Futuristic style boots, resembling cosmonaut shoes were as it can not be in the spirit of time.

Today, after a long period of oblivion, the dutch is again firmly entered into fashion. I must say, designers have recently, in general, very much passionate about the retro -style, sending us to the most time. Dry boots now wear people of any age and a layer of population, equally willingly and men and women.

As often happens, the first shoe novelty demonstrated Western celebrities, however, the Russian stars slightly behind them.

Features and advantages

Duties are distinguished by a characteristic wide form, as well as rounded nose. The wide top of the top is most often fixed by velcro (and it allows you to adjust the width), but also there is a lacing or zipper. Sole of these boots, Typically, thick, corrugated, made of polyurethane or plastic. She is very convenient because it does not slide when walking.

The top of some models of the dool boots is Water-repellent fabric, Such shoes wear not only in the cold, but also in rainy, slushful weather. Some manufacturers even use membrane materials for these purposes. If it is not planned to wear dutiks in a thaw, you can also purchase a model from ordinary textiles.

From the inside boots are insulated fur, What makes them an excellent option for winter. In addition, the heat is still holding an air layer. However, it should be borne in mind that with too low temperatures, the synthetic top can crack.

Another advantage of dutikov – their extraordinary ease and softness. For this reason, such shoes are indispensable for prolonged winter walks in the fresh air.

The backdrop of the Bottom boots should be quite dense, in this case there will be no discomfort when walking, like stop deformations.

Advantage Such a shoe is that it does not need special care: pollution is simply removed with a damp cloth or a sponge, and, of course, store this shoes in a dry place.

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