Xiaomi sneakers

Xiaomi sneakers

Chinese brand for the production of high-quality smartphones Xiaomi decided to go further in its development.

Together with the Li-Ning sports shoes manufacturing company, they decided to create new generation sneakers – Li-Ning Smart.

The full name sounds like Xiaomi Smart Running Shoes, that is, smart running sneakers. Let’s try to figure out the details.

Appearance and features

What is smart sneakers from the Li-Ning brand?

Very comfortable high-quality sports shoes from the Chinese manufacturer of a huge variety of sporting goods.

The company was founded in the late eighties of the last century by the famous Chinese gymnast – champion and medalist. Having left the big sport, Mr. Lee Ning understood what professionals lacked, and decided to actively engage in creating a missing component.

Every year, increasingly improving their products, Li-Ning has come to solving the manufacture of smart sneakers. What did they do?

  1. Xiaomi Smart Running SHOES sneakers are made of high-quality synthetic material that passes air, has water-repellent properties and does not have any side odors.
  2. Comfortable elastic sole, which is made of a special foam in a single whole, does not slide, it is not erased, has excellent depreciation.
  3. All joints are neatly wearing, it seems that sneakers are a monolithic design. Nowhere do not look like drops of glue, residues of thread and so on.
  4. Sock – soft mesh that passes air, but does not miss moisture and dust.
  5. Bright color solutions please the eye, raise the mood and sometimes just cut down. Due to such a variety of palette, you can choose sneakers for any kind and color of clothing.
  6. High-tech liner, due to which, actually, model and named unique.

In addition, the outskirt expanding to the bottom performs excellent side support.

At the same time, there are two models of these sneakers in the market of sports goods. Conditionally, they can be called “heavy” and “light”.

They are made of absolutely identical materials, but the second is designed, rather, for physical exertion in the positive temperature on the street, or in the hall.

Despite the fact that the “heavy” version is withstanding low degrees, the leg in it does not sweat and feels no less comfortable than in the lightweight.

SMART principle of sneakers

Inside the right sneaker under the insole there is a small compartment, where the chip supplied with sneakers is inserted with ease.

Next starts the most interesting: installing the application and the process itself.

Chip is a motion sensor that counts steps. It has already built into the battery, which, unfortunately, to charge will not be able to. In a sense, it is a disposable module designed for a certain time of operation.

Xiaomi declares that the productivity of this smart “box” is missing for 1 year of use, or 800 km on the way.

For the proper functioning of the Smart part of the Li-Ning sneakers, you need to download and install a special application on your smartphone – MI FIT. The next step will be the scanning of the QR code with a smartphone from the chip itself.

Thus, the application automatically installs a message between your smart device and Xiaomi Smart Running Shoes.

Insert the chip in the sneakers. Next, the application offers to hold a calibration: to stand in place five minutes, shown in sneakers, until all parameters are synchronized. And even if you have not yet context to your sneakers with a smartphone, the device inside the right boot will still count.

After a week, another, you can already refer to the specified application, and all information for the past period will be already in it.

Smart sneakers perform the following important features:

  • Consider steps (classic pedometer)+

  • Measure the distance traveled+

  • determine the speed of your movement+

  • will tell you how many steps you do while jogging or sports walking.

The errors of these measurements, of course, take place, however, they make up no more than 5%, which has already deserved respect.

At first, working with the program you will be asked to introduce your parameters: age, gender, weight and growth.

It is these indicators that will serve for further computing and calculations.

Another pleasant advantage is the possibility of setting your personal plans: what exactly do you want to achieve by using smart sneakers: control of physical activity, weight loss, the establishment of your own record on steps / kilometers / speed.

At the same time, it is possible to establish the timing of the achievement of these results (if we are talking about weight loss).

Statistics can be done by day, weeks and months.

The function of the pause is very convenient when you suddenly have stopped the stop. The application automatically switches to standby mode.

Pros and cons

In terms of positive and negative feedback on this model, it can be said that the set of advantages refers to Li-Ning sneakers themselves, and the cons of Xiaomi’s software are increasingly exposed. Let’s try to figure it out.


  • Comfortable landing+

  • Colour+

  • sole+

  • Non-smart synthetic top+

  • A pleasant price that does not affect the world leaders for the production of sports shoes+

  • Universality. Despite the fact that the sneakers manufacturers are named beating, the smart component of them considers the steps, time of idle, speed, etc., which has already been said. The most important thing is that users say, it is the possibility of one chip to replace different gadgets and applications, the journey of which is not always pleased.


  • not accurate compliance. Of course, more respondents are satisfied with the size that has acquired, but there are some exceptions+

  • The application is not always connected in time with sneakers+

  • The official application is mainly in English. Russian can be found only in broken versions+

  • Chip can not be charged. Now it’s a little bit like the advertising move. If you “end up” “brains” of sneakers, be kind, buy a new couple

Summing up, I want to say that the smarter our life becomes, the more SMART becomes everything around.

It’s good or bad, we will judge by us after many years when it will be with what to compare.

Now, despite all the manufacturability and computerization of society, there are a lot of gaps and white spots in this process. Years will be held, and maybe decades, before truly smart sneakers are provided with everything necessary for full physical exertion and its control.

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