Yellow female shoes

Yellow female shoes

According to psychologists, yellow color choose people thinking optimistic and possessing a good sense of humor. Women’s yellow shoes are bold, but not extravagant solution for a long time. Demi-season shoes from the nubuck of characteristic shades of yellow – mustard, redhead, ocher – are relevant and popular among young people over the past few years. Similar shoes will enjoy young girls who prefer everyday urban style and those who are looking for an optimal combination of comfortable and fashionable shoes.



The most famous yellow boots are called Timberlands. The Timberland Company is an American firm for the production of outerwear and shoes, but for most people, this brand is associated with the boots of mustard colors from dry skin. Initially, Timberlands were created for American lumberjacks, famous yellow boots saved not one life. To our time, this footwear has become so trend that it is not only men, but also women.

Timberlands are suitable for buying for the winter even in the Russian changeable climate, they will protect their feet from the frost and save from the blotch. The muffled shades of the yellow allocate these women’s shoes among other models of shoes, but allow them to combine them with outfits from almost any wardrobe. High quality, long service life, waterproofability, ability to withstand temperature differences, non-slip sole, environmentally friendly materials, the ability to process, comfort and stylish design – these advantages made them popular and recognizable.

In addition to the wide “concentrated” thimberlands there are many other women’s shoes of yellow.

When the warm season comes, they can be replaced with mustard-colored boots on high heels in combination with narrow trousers and blouse. For hot summer, an excellent solution will be yellow shoes in combination with the wardrobe of neutral colors or bright shades of blue.

Fashionable can even be an outfit that includes bright yellow rubber boots, if you wear them in conjunction with denim shorts or an electric skirt.

Timberlands, as the name of the yellow shoes, have long experienced the shoes of various brands, but one style. Girls who have not yet can afford to acquire the original, you can pay attention to many modern firms that are similar to the design of women’s shoes from a nubuck yellow shades.


Frequent hiking and outdoor activities will be more comfortable in the boots of companies “Indiana”, Inario, Anta, Grisport, Benta, Patrol. High sole and thoughtful protector of all these boots will create a reliable clutch with the surface, even if it is ice, and also will provide damping irregularities. Warm linings and insoles maintain optimum temperature and humidity inside. Edging with fur or skin on the top will give additional comfort for the leg.

Wrangler, Keddo, Betsy

Fashionable living in the regions with a harsh climate may not worry about warm feet in winter boots firms Wrangler, Keddo, Betsy. Insoles made of natural wool and other warm fur will not be allowed to frozen even at -20, the lacing reliably fixes the leg, non-slip black or yellow sole will provide security when walking.


Recently, BRAVO’s Boots are popular. In appearance, they resemble Timberlands: the top of genuine leather mustard colors, lacing in tone shoes, high dense sole, nubuck and breathable water-repellent lining – Belarusian brand shoes are distinguished by such qualities. However, a relatively high price makes them less accessible to the wide segments of the population.

Most often there are models of yellow shoes on a flat sole, but it is not necessary. Boots on medium or high heels will bring the image to business style.

A prominent variety of firms, models, materials, shades of yellow boots and prices for them again emphasize the popularity and availability of fashionable women’s boots.

What to wear?

  • Women’s thymballands style shoes are considered everyday, universal shoes, you can go for a walk, shopping and other events. Create a fashionable image with them enough simple.

The main rule – the dresses, skirts and trousers in a strict business style are not suitable for yellow shoes from the nubuck. But the favorite jeans and yellow shoes are fit perfectly! With this image can be completely different in character.

  • For fans of the style of Casual Timberlands, you can add jeans of any shade and style or dark leggings. Jeans can be filtered inside or wear. The shirt in a cage, perfectly combined with jeans, is suitable for yellow shoes along with a warm vest and a belt to the shoes.

  • Elegant will be an image consisting of yellow high-heeled yellow shoes in combination with blue jeans, thin tunic and hippie accessories. In this form, you can safely go to California and look like a conventional Music Festival “Coachella”.

Posted along femininity and tenderness will help free bodily color and bulk cardigan. Despite the rather rough shoes, the elegant women’s bag will perfectly fit into the image.

  • For lovers of style Mill, a combination of thimberlands with khaki color pants and a neutral jumper, a tint jacket, close to shoes, will be an excellent color pair and will complete a cheerful image.

  • If you really want to put on yellow skirt shoes, it is quite suitable for a dark dress below the knee with a protective jacket and a heavy metal bracelet or chiffon dress above the knee with openwork pantyhose. The most bold girls combine Timberlands with a safari skirt, a light blouse and a leather jacket and look in this image bright, fashionable and original.

  • From the upper clothes, combined with yellow boots, preference is given to a jacket park or a sports jacket, but yellow shots will be perfectly combined with a one-photon coat.

  • The colors with which the most successfully combined female yellow shoes – white, beige, gray and other light shades, as well as black and brown. Supplement your outfit can be a jacket, clock and belt to tone shoes.

  • A drop of optimism is needed to everyone – she will not hurt and the wardrobe. The solar gamma boots should be performed – excellent mood, safety and comfort in any weather are guaranteed! Women’s yellow boots of warm solar tones can be the main focus in the wardrobe, and may be part of a bright image. The main thing is that they continue to stay in trend and please their diversity.

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