Yellow sandals

Yellow sandals

Yellow as it is impossible to better transmits a sunny summer mood. Choosing such shoes for the warm season, you will never be ignored. Your image will be noticeable from afar. Any ensemble with yellow sandals led by the epitome of heat and light.

Features and advantages

Yellow – color of sunny summer and good mood. Depending on the combination of colors, using this bright shade can be from any, even the most boring image to make a bright and memorable bow.

Including such sandals in the business image, you can make it a little more direct and free. So you, without disturbing the office dress code, improve the dull mood with your appearance not only yourself, but also to all colleagues.

Very often Sun Color Sandals can be found in the collections of famous couture. They create unsurpassed models, decorated with summer floral patterns, oriental motifs and ethnic prints.

In the Dolce & Gabbana collection, intricate patterns located on a wedge. Such a model will be very successfully combined with a light flying skirt below the knee.

The model of the same brand on a small solid platform decorated with stones and seashells will be an excellent choice for holidays on the sea. Light unobtrusive fruit print adds a summer mood image and does not spoil the overall appearance.

Italian brand Tulipano offers chic tractor sole sandals. The height of the heel with more than compensated by the platform, and a comfortable sole with the tread makes this shoes as convenient as possible. Such a couple is suitable for a gentle cocktail dress or openwork summer shorts. Such a combination of how it is impossible to emphasize the fragility and the elegance of a female figure.

Gentle and elegant model Malien made of artificial suede on a high heel very, by the way, will be in a hot summer day. Such shoes are an excellent alternative to the boring classic boats and strict shoes. An open heel and sock make this pair of comfortable for wearing on the hottest day, and a discreet design without a decor performs it to carry it at work before assessing strict granters.

What to wear

Yellow – quite a capricious color, which, with the wrong combination, can spoil the entire bow. Let’s consider the most successful options that are offered stylists in the upcoming fashion season.

  • A classic combination with black will be very appropriate in the office, where restraint is welcomed in clothing, but there is no compulsory requirement to follow the classics. Under Yellow Stiletto Sandals Pick up short chinoshs in conjunction with light yellow shirt. Supplementing the ensemble with unnecessary accessories in the form of a bright bracelet in tone and a black handbag, you will undoubtedly impress my colleagues.

  • Yellow and white – good choice for cool, but sunny summer day. Diluting yellow sandals completely white set of trousers and jacket, you will look fresh and stylish.

  • Bold combination – yellow with purple, looks pretty bold. To avoid color overload in the image, it is not recommended to wear yellow sandals with a monophonic purple dress. There will be a few bright detail, purple top, bracelet or just print on a skirt. In this case, you will look very cute and in the summer.

  • Yellow with green – very summer combination. Pick up gentle salad shorts, light blouse and combine it with yellow stiletto sandals – and your most summer and positive image is ready!

  • Image, where all the details of yellow color are a universal summer ensemble. But remember that such a bow must be diluted with contrast accessories – a black handbag, a blue bracelet or green bezel will be very.

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