All about emo subculture

All about emo subculture

Emo subculture remains quite popular among adolescents, dictated lifestyle girls and guys, affecting their appearance and other aspects of personality and behavior. The history of this youthful style in subculture in Russia leads its reference from the beginning of 2000, but in the countries of Europe and the United States its first wave fell on the 80s of the XX century. Today, the new generation of emo-kid has grown with her preferences in make-up, clothes, music + about his features should talk in more detail.

History of origin

Emo’s youth subculture arose in the countries of Europe and North America as a branch of punk style, in 1984, but its final formation occurred only in 2000-2010. Young people and girls with expressive appearance, unusual hairstyles, bright eyes looked unusual, attracted attention. In counterweights of the anarchy punk here was chosen a desire for manifestation of emotionality. Openness of the world was expressed in reluctance to hide a bad mood caused by the difficulties of growing up.

Emo are often associated with manifestations of depression, tears, sadness, but in fact this subculture, like any other, only provides freedom of expression

In Russia, it appeared relatively recently – about 20 years ago. The generation of Millenielov, tired of gray and events, gladly tried out black clothes, bright accessories and piercing, choosing the way of self-expression through emotional openness. Over time, a division in Tru-emo appeared – those who strictly adhered to the informal arch of the rules, and people who want to just join the “Tusovka”. Adherents “Right” or True flow adheres to the concept of SXE. Given its features, the main characteristics of the subculture can be called the following.

  1. Positive attitude to life. Emotionality is not only tears, but also the ability to rejoice in every day.
  2. The desire to comply with a certain moral and moral etiquette. This includes honesty, loyalty in a relationship, willingness not to suppress feelings, but openly talk about them.
  3. Zozh. Despite the negative opinion of the Company, real EMO is most of its own vegans or vegetarians, excluding the use of any stimulants from nicotine and alcohol to more hazardous substances. Representatives of the subculture very carefully apply to the environment and their own health.
  4. Rejection of various forms of discrimination. Emo is not acceptable racism, airism, other types of human oppression due to his differences from others.
  5. Spiritual growth and cleansing. Young people pay a lot of time to self-development, while deny any forms of suppression of freedom. They choose themselves, in which direction to send your way.

Some external similarities often leads to the fact that representatives of the subculture of Emo are confused with goths, also preferring black outfits. Moreover, the reputation of representatives of this direction of youth culture is somewhat corrupted by numerous imitators. Despite this, Emo continues to delight the world with their brightness and openness, today much more freedom appeared in this style, and the appearance of girls and guys increasingly causes positive emotions with their unusual and uniqueness.

Main features

A typical emo image is almost identical for guys, and for girls. Description of the style in short can be formulated as follows: concise, bright, released. The mandatory element of the image is haircuts with an elongated beveled cheese, closing part of the face.

The main colors of the subculture emo – black and pink, today many adherents of this style also choose an acid green, white, purple tone, emphasizing its individuality.

Mandatory is considered to be the presence of a manicure, and from representatives of both sexes. In addition, representatives of this subculture pay great attention to a variety of accessories and attributes. In their images are often used scarves, bracelets, bags, badges, soft toys. A separate element of the style can also be called a modification of its own body: for this, various types of piercing, “tunnels” in the ears, which have been inherited from more aggressive and rigid punk. From here the passion for attributes with spikes – from chocers to swelling, bags, shoes.

Clothes and shoes

For clothes in EMO style, it is characterized by a narrowed, adjacent silhouette, and in female, and in male images. Often you can meet a combination of black background and pink prints. Characteristic elements of clothing are listed below.

  • Skinny jeans. They are always tight, sometimes torn, most often black or ink blue. Werewned out of the overwhelmed waist, an accent belt on the belt.

  • Checkered and striped pants. They also have a narrowed silhouette, usually sew from enough dense material.

  • Sweets with contrasting sleeves. The monophonic basis is complemented by a strip or cage – they are present in the trim of the sleeves.

  • Checked shirts. Welcome black and white or red and black color gamut.

  • T-shirts adjacent silhouette. Canonical is the black and pink color.

  • Skirts-wades. This element prefers girls. In addition, they wear contrasting neon-pink or black leggings.

  • Accessories are represented by scarves-arafaths worn on the neck, long scarves from light tissues. Bags it is customary to choose with prints in the form of logos of favorite music groups or postmanship with patches. Mandatory image element are considered gloves and mittens, golf, leggings, a variety of icons. Girls Emo in the image there may be bright beads and bracelets with large elements, key rings in the form of soft toys, in young men – glasses in a coarse black rim.

  • Prints on clothes. In Emo style, it is customary to use non-standard topics: hearts, blades, skulls, cartoon characters, five-pointed stars on a bright pink background.

    Shoes in emo-stylistics is not too diverse. First of all, these are sneakers, monophonic or in a cage, with an abundance of ripples and metal inserts. Shikom is considered to wear multicolored laces: acid-green and pink, red and black.

    Also enjoy popular slips and other simple, light shoes with rounded or oval, graphic and geometric prints.


    Typical hairstyle in Emo style – Ripped haircut with an accent painter and a long oblique shallow, falling on his eyes. Usually the dark part is divided into shorter, the lower strands are made elongated or reach the chin. When laying hair, preference is given to sticking strands in the form of “needles”. The main color of the strand is black, but with the obligatory enclosure of pink, turquoise or ash “feathers”. Sometimes color elements are simply attached to the hairpin.

    Girls welcome children’s hairstyles in the spirit of Heroine Anime: sides on the sides, rims with lush decor. Actively used colored bows, hairpins and other unusual hair decorations.


    Mandatory component of a completed image of any emo-kida is a manicure. Young people most often give preference to a monophonic black lacquer, sometimes completing it with white patterns. Girls prefer more expressive solutions. Here you can meet and spectacular french with black mourning border on a pink background, and neon fuccia. I wonder the options for neil-design with prints in the form of cartoon characters.

    Nails are usually made to medium length, making them the shape of square at the ends. Necession in manicure is optional. Almost blurred elements are allowed, you can make nails to make nails different colors or make them into the cell, rhombus.


    In his musical preferences, teenagers belonging to Emo subculture are quite selective. The main flow is called Emocor. He has his own subspecies.

    1. SKRAM. Music, distinguished by the abundance of screams in the performance of vocal parties. Melodies sound quite hard.
    2. Franch-Skrime. The soft version of the previous style is characterized by greater melodic.
    3. Hardcore San Diego. Canonical style close to Hard-Rock, arose in the USA in 1992.

    Modern teenagers continue to listen to music created in close and understood for them. Among the most notable groups of the past and this, you can highlight My Chemical Romance, Tokyo Hotel – they built Emo to the rank of pop culture, quickly gaining a multimillion army of fans.

    Also popular in Russia, performers can be attributed to Song of Eleven, MAIO.


    Emo Kids are a special way of life. The room of such a teenager often turns out to be decorated in the black and pink color scheme. Sometimes enough add just a few interesting details. Bright carpet, an accent wall of a shade of fuchsia with the painting of graffiti, black silk bedspreads on the bed will allow the teenager to show her craving for self-expression without radical repairs. Emo-Kyda themselves often transform the room with homemade collages, allowing them to express their attitude to the world through visual images.

    The main classes of emo-kids are also quite consistent with their lifestyle. Teenagers love companies, communicate a lot within their subculture, arrange photo shoots and parties. Often they are passionate about extreme sports: skateboarding, roller skating skating. Social networks are also an important part of communication, in addition, the passion for music is welcomed.

    Emo – enough peaceful teenagers seeking to avoid open conflicts and clashes. Rejection of the bright image around the surrounding makes them get closed within their subculture. But these teenagers often find themselves in volunteer work, care for animals or creativity.

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