All about hippie

All about hippie

In the mid-60s of the last century, a new subculture originated in the United States, called Hippie. It was a kind of youth protest against the war in Vietnam, deployed by the American authorities. The movement turned out to be so bright and distinctive, which forever left the memory of himself in all mankind. Hippie’s adherents united in large groups to get away from the rules of life imposed by society. Over time, the trendy flow comes to no, but its traditions of philosophy, clothes, interior style have been preserved, which still cause interest from new generations.

Who are it?

In the period from 1964. in 1973. The United States was unleashed by the War in Vietnam, but for the first time in history, citizens did not support the military doctrine imposed by the Government. The opposition of the authorities and the people was resulted in the anti-war movement, which served as a point of reference for the appearance of hippies. This newly united culture united among themselves the progressive youth, the philosophy of which was based on the principles of peace and unity with nature. The subculture became a riot that happened not with a weapon in his hands, but with the flowers and smiles of peaceful people.

People who engaged in the idea of ​​promoting peaceful life, did not remain unnoticed. Already in April 1964. On one of the US TV channels, the leading transmission named the word “hippie”, consulting it in a derogatory meaning, a group of young people with long hair dressed in jeans and bright T-shirts that openly protested against the conduct of hostilities in Vietnam.

In English, the phrase “to be hip” means “to understand, be in the subject”. Over time, Hip has gross in hippie.

Hippie have the difference from hipsters that appeared in the USA in the 40s. The difference between two subcultures is that the ideas of peace and love are important for hippies, and for hipsters – to be in trend, be fashionable.


At the heart of the ideological principles of hippy laid pacifism, manifesting itself in refusal of violence and martial service. At the very beginning of the formation of subculture, her ideology was to terminate the war in Vietnam, But then the patient philosophy has acquired a wider scale and poured into a lifestyle, including all spheres of human existence.

Hippie’s idea did not mean the construction of a society based on the hierarchy principle – on the contrary, in this culture, each person was equal to another man. It was a revolution in the minds of citizens who are accustomed to live in the world of submission. The ideas of peace and equality so captured the minds of young people that the movement very quickly gained its popularity, and the number of his supporters quickly grew.

Instead of material values ​​and limited rights in a hippie environment, a person was offered an alternative in the form of freedom, creative self-expression and universal love.

Hippie did not think about tomorrow – they lived here and today, and their slogan was an expression “Make love, not the war”. People who joined the new-fashioned flow, share common interests with each other – they believed that love could be free, and the war is not needed by anyone.

Hippie lived in communes within which there was a certain set of rules. In some communes, in addition to pacifism, indiscriminate sex life, drugs and alcohol encouraged.


Motion participants ratified for the naturalness and love of nature. Most of them believed that humanity needs to return to its origins and start living in a different way, sprinkling with nature. The pigeon in many nations of the globe is the personification of the world. At the pacifists the sign of the world was expressed in the form of a pigeon’s foot, left his mark.

Pacifism attributes are one of the main features of the hippie subculture. In addition to the “Pacific” sign, Hippie had in the go and a number of other characteristic of them characters recognizable and to this day.

  • Flower – this is a symbol of wildlife and aspiration to the sun. Hippie called themselves “children of flowers”. During the demonstrations, they approached with flowers to the armed policeman and put the flower in the trunks of their machines.

Hippie’s flowers were decorated and herself – this symbol could be seen in her hair or clothing details.

  • Minibus. Great popularity for hippies were small multi-seat auto brand “Volkswagen” – they were transported by which the hippie commune could travel. Such cars could be found from afar – they were painted with bright colors, pains “pacifik”, flowers and patterns.

The old minibus was a symbol of minimalism, which expressed the idea of ​​small and necessary for the life of an ordinary person.

  • Mandala. Hippie engaged in Eastern spiritual practices who have common philosophical ideas with them. Mandala is a colorful flower, looking at which you can meditate and reach harmony with the universe, thereby increasing the level of personality development.

  • Bracelets-Fenheki. They were made by hand from multicolored threads, beads, pieces of leather, shoelaces. Each color on Fenushek had its meaning – putting on the wrist many multicolored bracelets, you could tell the world with certain information.

Another integral line hippie is music. John Lennon, a subculture adherent, wrote the famous song “All You Need Is Love” for the whole world, which is not better displays the worldview hippie. In addition to the “Beatles”, popular among patimitians were Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin and others.


People who choose the lifestyle of hippies, refused any situations where it seemed to them that were infringement of their freedom. They were not satisfied with the work on hiring, did not obey the social norms of morality and morality, did not tolerate any hierarchy and rules. “Children of flowers”, as they called themselves, loved to gather, discuss their ideas, engage in creativity. They listened to music, sang, danced, traveled.

Many communes supported the idea of ​​fraternity, as well as love for man and nature, so rejected not only violence, but smoking, drugs and alcohol.

The main sense of the unification of each other people saw getting joy and jointly enjoying the beauty of nature. But negative moments were in this peace-loving structure. Young people rotating in Hippie’s medium were not accustomed to work, they did not receive education and proper education.

Gradually, alcohol and drugs began to appear in the communes, and university ties contributed to the emergence of children, whose mothers did not even know the name of the child’s father. Similar sexual and moral licentiousness became the wrong side of the hippie culture.

Household conditions “Children” were harsh: the lack of a permanent place of residence and regular food intake was considered minor difficulties, which was not worth paying attention. Instead of this hippie received freedom, joy and idleness. People got used to just exist, hoping for happy randomness in their lives. A person could afford not to work, but only to contemplate the beauty of the world, living the careless life of the Eternal Wanderer.

Young people decorated their long hair with flowers, meditated, listened to music, moved around the country by hitchhiking and proclaimed the ideas of the world. The basis of their existence was ideas, expressed in the fact that a person should not fuss, he is entitled to deal with his affairs, while not to interfere with the other.

Internal laws of the hippie community prescribed community members to share each other and perceive the interests of another person as their.

History of subculture

In the 60-70s of the last century, the Hippie movement in the USSR also had its causes of appearance, but it was expressed in a much more modest scale than in the US. The image of Hippie became popular by the end of the 70s, when the youth of that era was keenly fond of the “Beatles” music, Started wearing long hair and pants. But durable Soviet views on life were not allowed to consolidate the subculture during the era of stagnation.

In the USSR, Hippie was considered worthless people who do not have the priority and livelihoods. However, they could be seen in every major city, where young people were going to “parties”. For Moscow, this places were Gogol Boulevard, Arbat, Pushkin Square, Frunzen Sadik on Znamenka.

Hippie Soviet times connected with those who are dissatisfied with the regime of the Communist Party, the ideology and building of the USSR. People who joined hippies wanted to live outside the political device of the state.

In the mass consciousness of Soviet people, hippies were part of Western ideology, hostile and incomprehensible. Lifestyle and the appearance of “children’s children” could not be combined with the appearance of Soviet youth.

But Hippy movement is not left unnoticed for the USSR. Under the influence of this subculture in society, a sexual revolution occurred, became popular and fashionable ethotherity, people learned what vegetarianism. In addition, under the influence of pacifist views, young people received an opportunity for an alternative army service, where to give the debt to the Motherland became permissible, without taking into the hands of weapons. Many modern art people in the past were hippi-style adherents.

Nowadays hippie has lost its popularity in the younger generation. In Russia, other subcultures came to replace the pacifists – the emergence of emo, as well as goths, punks. The world changes rapidly, and people change with him.

Features of the image

Despite the fact that the hippie subculture has lost its former popularity, some stylistic techniques in clothing, cosmetics or interior are preserved, which are used and now.

Some originals embody the unforgettable hippie ideas for the wedding scenario, wear clothes and make a manicure in this style direction.


Clothing style implies simplicity – to become his adherent, it is necessary to have a special character warehouse. Girls and men look brightly, complement their outfits or costumes ethnic accessories. For example, a hippie wedding dress can be a conventional white robe, stitched from seats or satin. Under such a dress, jeans can be put on that in this case it looks quite appropriate.

People dress simply, emphasizing unity with nature.

  • Clothes sew from natural fabrics – flax, cotton, sitherium, leather, denim, wool. The material must be pleasant to the touch and do not contain synthetic components.
  • The combination of stylistics. For hippies there are no strict canons and laws, so clothing can combine several directions in one onion. In all, individualism and creativity should be manifested.
  • Aged things. Hippie with the deliberate negligence and the composition of things. Fashion on torn jeans takes the origins from this subculture. Such pants can be found both in the women’s and in the men’s collection of famous manufacturers. Artificially aged and shabby jeans remain at the peak of fashion for several years.
  • Using ethnic motifs. Special flavor give the image ethnic elements that can be decorated skirt, shirt, jacket and even shoes.

Embroidery, suspension, inserts, overhead items – all this should be bright, colorfully, expressive.

Hippie style clothes implies bright varnishes, imitating floral carpet. For decoration of clothing use bright circles, acidic splashes, floral prints, decorative flowers, multi-tiered beats beads, monistaries, bracelets and much more. As for the shoes, the preference is given to convenient sandals, Espadriliam, Kedam, Sabo, Bright Coloring Sandals.


When applying makeup, natural naturalness is welcomed, which is expressed in emphasizing the shine of the eyes and lips, as well as the Rumyanta on the cheeks. Style’s adherents talked for natural naturalness, so the lack of makeup is another sampling option.

Well, those who do not represent themselves without cosmetics, you can use bright shades of lipstick and expressive paints of eye shadows.


Men and women, being a hippie-style adherents, prefer long hair. Hair out of hair is permissible, but they are simple and unheated:

  • Hair is dismissed on the shoulders, and a special hoop is put on the forehead, which does not allow strands to fall on face+
  • Vintage hair collected in horse tail with leather lace+
  • Diverse Weaving Kos or Dreada.

To decorate hairstyles, you can use live flowers, ribbons, naked dressings decorated with embroidery or beads. Hats and caps replace bandans and handkerchief bandages.

Suitable accessories

Accessories make the appearance of Hippie representatives even brighter and attractive. For this purpose, suspensions and pendants are used in the form of a “pacifik” sign, the girls put on the decorations woven from beads or beads, on the wrists in hippies – numerous bracelets or baubles, and the ears are decorated with massive earrings.

The number of phenoshek on the hand of hippies can designate the number of friends that he has. The “Pacifik” sign is applied to the bags, belt, draw it on T-shirts or on the back of the jacket.

For hippie jewelry, natural materials are used, making beads or headlack for hair. Long hair is decorated with ribbons, beads, flowers. Cap, Range Color Threads.

Separate attribute, loved by hippies, are sun glasses with colored glasses. This accessory is used to see the world in bright colors – so it looks much better than it actually.

Room interior

Ease and bright, joyful atmosphere inherent in the apartment where hippie-style is chosen as a design. To improve housing, it is not necessary to acquire any expensive furniture items – the interior is built on a combination of various furniture items that appeared in the indoors of the spontaneously. The main principle of decor is simplicity and harmonious unity with nature. In the room can be combined with things from different heads or from different eras.

The main condition of the interior is that things supplemented each other and did not cause a feeling of renewal. Such an alliance is achieved using the correct selection of color gamut.

Bright stains on the walls or on the floor, plant patterns or color ornaments will help to collect the entire composition in a single whole. In such a room it is appropriate to put the carpet or woven track on the floor, inviting you to remove shoes and go barefoot. Hippie interior can not be imagined without candles, hookah, bright lampshades or bizarre aroma.

Be sure to decorate the space of living plants, emphasizing the unity of man and nature.

Interesting Facts

The hippie subculture existed for a short time, but left an indelible memory about himself. One of the events was known in the US “Rainbow Collection”. On Independence Day 1972. Thousands of paturism adherents gathered in the state of Colorado on the dining area and, holding hands, silently climbed them to the sun, saying her “no” all the wars on the planet.

Hippie really appreciated nature, treated things to the things, so that they serve for many years. These guys became the first to actively played for the secondary processing of glass and plastic to clear the planet from the garbage. To maintain all the living on the planet, Hippi refused meat food and food with preservatives, going to eat vegetables – the fashion came to the world for vegetarianism.

Hippie culture and philosophy, despite all the negative moments, influenced the lives of people of the entire planet. Thanks to this movement, people, even on the time, found the freedom desired and reported to humanity the ideas of fraternity, peace and respect for nature.

About who are such hippies, see the following video.

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