All about Sport Casual Style

All about Sport Casual Style

Modern fashion can be criticized, admire it, but it cannot be denied that it is multifaceted and amazing. It allows you to wear strict trouser suits with sneakers, and to wear a sweatshirt over the dress. Such combinations are part of Sport-Casual Style, one of the most popular today.

Features, pros and cons

Sport Casual – This is not just a manner dress up, this is a lifestyle, philosophy. The basis of the style is a combination of everyday and sportswear. From English Title is translated as “Casual Sport”, What confirms his main principle.

At first glance, the style may seem very daring, but the advantages of such combinations have many.

  1. Universality. Sport Causual Images will fit both for men and women.
  2. Comfort. Kedy allow you to make a feminine image with a dress at times more convenient and practical.
  3. Diversity. The combination of styles will greatly diversify the wardrobe. Thanks to this, you can make new images from the usual things.
  4. Informality. None of the mods of fashion is not flawless, and sports-ke) is no exception. Images in this style are not suitable for working with the dress code, for official events and receptions.

Modern fashion democratic and liberal. So everyone can choose their own style without losing new trends.

How to choose clothes?

Sports, but at the same time, the casual style will fit both in the men’s and in the women’s wardrobe. In order to choose clothes, ideal for creating onions in Sport-Casual style, you should stick to a number of recommendations that will be appropriate for both men and women.

  • Stick to minimalism when choosing clothes. Choose simple models with minimal parts. Such things will become an excellent base for creating a capsule wardrobe with the elements of Sport Casual.

  • Choose loose models of direct cut. They are much versatile, rather than model Oversis or, for example, too wide model of trousers-cool.

  • Buy only quality products. Sport Kezhual allows you to make a capsule wardrobe, and therefore, the maximum sets from the minimum of things. When buying, give preference to better items, possibly to the detriment of their number.

  • Give preference to calm, muted tones. Choose all shades of white, beige, gray, powder, purple. Neutral shades are combined with much easier than bright.

  • Do not neglect accessories. They saved not one image. You can safely add 3-5 trend accessories to basic neutral things – and trendy bow ready.

  • Shoes – the main thing in the image. And her choice is the most important, but it is also important and care for her. Watch the shoes in impeccable condition.

  • Do not use all the trends at once. For the perfect image, take the basic wardrobe items as a basis, add 2-3 trend accessories or one accent thing.

Experimental. Do not be afraid of bold combinations: a dress in a lurking style will not be so official if adding sneakers on a high sole.

Shoes and accessories

You can choose shoes and accessories for Sport Chanoy style from sports and everyday options. However, there are some things that will create trendy combinations to become modern trends:

  • White sneakers+
  • Coat of Direct Croy+
  • leather jacket+
  • White T-shirt+
  • Hud.

Every item is unisex, because Sport Casual style is suitable for both men and women.

Beautiful examples

Collect fashionable onions in Sport-Casual style is quite simple. When choosing can be focused on bright examples, compiled by all new trends.

  • Impeccable and such a simple image: Black skinny jeans, white basic sneakers, gray t-shirt with inscription. The image could remain boring if it were not for skillfully added jumper and jewelry.

  • Light spring image: Brown Straight Code Coat, Bright Straight Jeans, Gray Loose T-shirt, White Side. Impactly selected accessories make onions as stylish as possible – these are original feminine socks, a massive chain-necklace and a miniature bag on the chain. In the image at once, two trends – quilted bag and socks.

    • Trendy Luc: Wide jeans, sports sneakers, straight crouting jacket and feminine bag. The perfect combination of coarse sneakers and an elegant bag under the classic jacket.

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