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The emergence of new subcultures among adolescents is quite a familiar phenomenon. Their ways of expression do not cease to surprise others. Moreover, such styles appear quite unexpectedly, their popularity proceeds very violently, and they also disappear pretty quickly. One of these numerous phenomena – the style “Tambler”. In this article, consider everything about the style of “Tambler”.

What it is?

Now almost every teenager refers to some subculture. To determine the girl “Tambler”, should be understood in the characteristic features inherent in this style. “Tambler Gerl” is called girls who differ in active activities in the social network “TUMBLR”. In it, users are divided in their blogs with photos and video recordings, various links and posts.

Generally there are several values ​​of the expression “Tambler Gerl”.

  • One of the versions is so called girls or guys who, having a pretty face, even a little defenseless, lay out your selfie photos in different social networks. Attracting the attention of people in this way, they begin to feel more confident and socially significant.
  • Another meaning of this expression describes A girl trying to make himself like anime character. She paints his hair in bright colors, puts on a large amount of cheap decorations, does not too catchy makeup, while behaving modestly and thoughtfully. Third Meaning Tambler Gerl characterizes girls who demonstrate to all their appearance that they live as they want in their own Mirka.

Initially, the “Tambler” style originated among the audience the series “American Horror History”. Teenage girls began to make themselves hairstyle in the form of two gone, put on the sweaters and skirts having the most cute view. Often the representative of this subculture passes themselves with rhinestones, isolated eyebrows and cheekbar in makeup.

Despite the various values ​​of the phrase “Tambler Girl”, there are a number of certain features of this style, which help to identify representatives of this subculture.

Who will suit style?

The greatest audience, this style found among schoolgirls who are trying in every way to find ways to stand out among all other. On the help of the Internet and a huge number of photo editors with many filters that help experiment with their appearance. In principle, to become a representative of the style “Tambler” can any girl, and it is not necessary to have perfect appearance, skin or hair. Any disadvantages will help hide a bunch of cosmetic products, correctly selected clothes and angle in the photo. The main thing is to find some kind of highlight in your image – it can be freckles, moles or chubby sponges. What will allocate you among “gray mass”.

Strictly follow the created image you need 24/7. Everything should be controlled here – appearance, manner of behavior, the ability to keep the page on social network. Even food plays not the last role. Representatives of the subculture “Tambler” are divided either on lovers to pamper themselves with various fast food, or on those who are a tary supporter of proper nutrition. The latter can often be found with the “MY Bottle” capacity, filled with any useful drink – smoothie, juice, protein cocktail. This took advantage of many entrepreneurs who began to specialize in selling various things that have become already familiar attributes of this style.

Elements of clothing

The trendy bow of the representatives of the “Tambler” subculture is a bold combination of elements of clothing of different styles, the purpose of which is to create a mix of negligence and originality. A huge advantage of this flow is the lack of aspiration to follow fashionable trends. For teenagers “Tambler” of the style of itself, the creation of its own, unique style. To find the very image, it is necessary to fully inventory of your wardrobe. Make the maximum number of combinations of your favorite clothes, and trying on them, note the most successful combinations for themselves.

A non-standard approach to a combination of clothing is widely welcomed, harmony can be traced in absolutely, it would seem that.

It is possible to use not only female, but also men’s clothing, the so-called boyfriend style. Therefore, you can hold a raid not only on your own closet, but also look into the wardrobe to your brother or guy and steal several black T-shirts. “Tambler Gerl” is not skipped in boutiques and branded stores, they are more likely to be seen in stock joints and second-handes.

Preference is given to open tops and T-shirts, through which the breasts can slightly.

Overseas Sweaters are common, short sweets, Hoodies, T-shirts with cartoon prints, shirts in a cell, denim shorts, MOM jeans, mini skirts and so on. Wondered the most bold combinations of clothes and shoes. From the last advantage is given to convenient sneakers or kids, rough sandals. In the cold season, shoes are selected on the thick, embossed sole.

However, it is important not only to create your own outstanding style in clothes, but also not to forget carefully approaching the selection of places where the next shot and video for a social network page will be made. Selected places should organically complement the created image, emphasize the necessary parts. Laying out the post on the Internet, it is worth paying attention to the compliance of the selected signature under the photo of its ideological content, if any. “Tambler girl” emphasizes his independence from someone else’s opinion, the lack of shyness in the manifestation of emotions.

Features Makeup

Most often girls, and even guys who belong to the “tambler” the flow, carefully follow their appearance. Pay a lot of skin care and hair. And a snow-white smile – a bright individuality business card. Makeups use Nyudsky Palets Shadows to create the effect of “natural” beauty. Lips are distinguished either by translucent gloss or matte lipstick muted shade.

Emphasis is on the eye – Rocked or pasted eyelashes, brightly selected eyebrows, use of rhinestones along the lower or upper eyelids. Much attention is paid to creating the basics of makeup, the proper application of which will help make the skin smooth, without a single shortage. Actively used highlights, consilet, bruter, blush to make perfect face contouring.

Hairstyles for hair of different lengths

One of the main features of the “Tambler” style is painting hair or individual strands in bright colors. Moreover, preference is given to the long hair, but also girls with short hair feel great among the representatives of this subculture. Color hair are one of the ways of expressing their individuality. As for hairstyles, it should be extraordinary, but at the same time have a neat look.

Especially popular with long loose hair, as well as slightly disheveled tails and braids.

It is worth adheres to the following tips:

  • For short hair You can make a light mother or to give hair natural waves with the help of a curl + on very short haircuts, you can make a careless laying with a gel for hair and varnish – A la “just got out of bed”+
  • For medium hair free braided braids, tails, motherwinka, “fish tails”, lugs with several released strands and so on + loose hair with a little twisted tips, small curls, soft waves+
  • For long hair fit the same hairstyles as on the middle curls + of course, they will look more air and volume.

The main thing is that the hairstyle looks slightly disheveled, but it was not careless or unclear.

Beautiful hair decoration with decorative hairpins and rims with flowers, they make an image with gentle and feminine. Those whom nature did not endorse the thick and long hair, resort to the use of overhead hair – Tresses. They are selected either under the color of the hair, or, on the contrary, are bought strands of bright colors, so as not to spoil their hair chemistry. At the same time, the colors can be changed so often, as he wants.


Complete the original image help additional accessories that girls of this youth style will not worry use. Make the image to help stylish glasses will help, and they do not have to protect from the Sun, it can be just a bending. Cool looks stylish hat, wide belt or light scarf with original print. An important role is played by the choice of bag.

Most often it is a comfortable backpack, Bag-banana, a small bag with a strap over the shoulder, decorated with a catchy drawing, fringe.

    In the top of popularity among accessories, the first place occupies, of course, Choker. It can be the usual black velvet tape or an unusual version with rhinestones or beads. For every taste and color. And also this style is inherent in the image of such elements like earrings-rings, bracelets, minimalistic rings, pendants for gold in several levels and so on.

    Examples of onions

    Below, several examples of bright images “Tambler Gerl”, which you can use as a basis for creating your own style will be presented.

    • Gray Cropped Free Croo T-shirt, Dark Shorts made of tight fabric and gross grunge style boots organically completed round glasses and a small backpack bag, which helped create a little daring, but at the same time a very stylish image.

    • Shirt in a cage, a black top and a denim skirt and several correctly selected accessories made an image of Milm, but at the same time “screaming freedom”.

    • Light sundress in fine flower of muted color, selected in the tone of sneakers and several accompanying accessories will help create a cute, romantic image of a girl who enjoys their lives.

    • Black Sweatwood with a cute print from Moschino, flying skirt, high-heeled shoes, glasses, backpack and cap-Bini with a label of the same brand are perfect for the evening hike in a bar with friends.

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