All about the style of Nude in clothes and hairstyles

All about the style of Nude in clothes and hairstyles

To match modern fashion, you need to know all its trends. One of them is the desire for maximum naturalness. It will take it to help the style of the Nyud, which has recently been gaining increasingly popularity. We will analyze his main features.

What it is?

Nude is a whole direction characterized by natural, gentle tones. This style is not only for clothes: Nude can be hairstyle, manicure, makeup. If you combine everything together, you can get a sophisticated, sophisticated appearance, from which you will be dear to chic and romance.

The word “NUD” means “naked, naked”, if you translate it from English. Therefore, the main criterion of such a direction is the naturalness. Excessive brightness, acid tones, too saturated makeup – all this is here under the ban. It is worth noting that such a style will suit both very young girls and women aged.

He will look at everyone spectacularly and gently.

Color palette

Nude color gamma is rather diverse. Classic here are shades, close to the color of the skin: dairy, light cream, light beige, light tan tone, brownish. However, this spectrum is not limited to: this also includes powdered pink colors, caramel, pastel colors. It does not matter, matte it is a shade or glossy.

Choosing a nude palette, you need to take into account your own appearance. There are several rules on this.

  • Light-eyed blondes It is recommended to choose cold shades of Nyuda. It is important that there are several bright accents in the image.

  • Brunette lucky a little more because they are bright from nature. You can choose any color of Nyuda, however it is important to know the measure – and not overdo it with bright tones in make-up or accessories.

  • Girls who have already tanned, will be able to effectively emphasize their tan with shades of coffee.

  • If the eyes of the lady green or brown, It is worth choosing clothes that will effectively allocate. For example, peach nude tones, powdered pink. However, and outfits in the color of the skin will be an excellent choice.

To make an image in the style of the Nude, it is not necessary that everything is in a single color scheme. Natural shades can be very successfully combined with other collections:

  • black and white is a strict classic that will always be fashionable+

  • The colors of precious stones – deep sapphire, bright emerald, saturated ruby+

  • warm juicy gamut – red, orange, raspberry (however it should be dosed)+

  • Cool bright tones – amethyst, bright violet, turquoise, Aquamarinov+

  • Golden – Nyud perfectly combined with gold, these two shades perfectly complement each other.

A good choice will also be a combination of different nude shades in one onion. This is always a suitable option.

Beautiful images

Nude coloring is incredibly popular for many years, and they are unlikely to ever come out of fashion. Such tones are in the collection of each famous designer. Dresses, Coats, Tube Suits, Skirts, Shoes, Accessories – All this can have a nude color palette, and all this will look great on the laits.


With the help of nude colors it turns out to create, for example, a spectacular business image. It can be a beautiful dress-knee-length dress, as well as a free or fitting official costume. Powdered pink and gentle peach tones refresh the appearance, so the blouse in such a color will become a good solution. You can add it with narrow pants or middle-length skirt. Boats on a small heel or beige glossy ballets are well suited to the resulting image. Mandatory element of such a bow will be a nude bag. Its size does not matter – the main thing is that the design was strict and concise.


    Pinkish, peach, slightly accumulated tone – this is a great idea for dresses. As already mentioned, case-case dresses will be appropriate in the work environment. But this is not limited to. There are many styles and croams that can be used in a daily image. Cocktail, Little Dresses are recommended for parties. Gorgeously look dresses in the floor with an open back or neckline. In such models you can use embroidery, gold sequins, small rules. Supplement dresses for parties with gold accessories or large, but not too bright jewelry.

      For everyday socks of urban style adherents are recommended nude dress shirts.

      Skirts and blouses

      As for skirts in the color of Nyud, their women are preferably wearing in spring and summer. For business appearance, the skirt-pencil will be a good choice, for a date or walks with friends are coquetty skirts with ruffles or by flocks. Gamma can be any, but most often the ladies choose pinkish, accumulated colors. The most successful supplement to the Nude style skirt becomes blouse. Most of them are sewn from lung and pleasant body fabrics: organza, chiffon, silk. Often the models have light and unobtrusive print, for example, peas.


        Incredibly demanded is the underwear of the colors of the Nude. It will not be viewed if you put something translucent, and this is only the first plus. The second strength will be what linen can be to wear under any outfit, even white, because it immediately repeats the skin color. In addition, the bra and panties can be seamless, which will add even more comfort in the sock.


          Speaking of underwear, it is impossible to go around the attention and swimsuits in nude collers. In popularity, they are the same in demand as black and white solutions. Increasingly on the beaches you can see the ladies in the swimsuits of sand tone, pinkish, bodily, ivory color models. In essence, the color of a special role does not play, but it should not merge with the body. Better if the shade will be for several tons of darker skin. In addition, the NUD is suitable only if you have a little tanned. If a strict swimsuit seems boring, you can choose a model with a fringe, decor, refresh the image of accessories.

            Wedding outfits

            The colors of the nude gamma are so in demand that wedding dresses are often found in this style. This is a very fresh, delicate image that will help to emphasize the femininity and purity of the bride. At the same time, a dress for a wedding can be both completely nude and partially. In the second embodiment, the NUD is combined both with snow-white color (most popular solution) and pastel colors.

            In addition to the dress, the bodily gamut can use guests in their outfits, as well as it can be applied to design a hall.


            Nude-style hair suggests a natural look. Here, absolutely inappropriate is the colors, distant from natural shades: platinum, iscin-black, gray, any bright options. Welcome strands in sandy, cream, blond colors. Magnificent solution will be hair coffee, brownish, brown tones.

            At the same time, it is important to know that it is impossible to get the necessary tone from the first time – here you need several staining, and be sure to have a specialist. It will help to choose the right shade of strands, focusing on age, appearance, color. When staining, several shades are mixed, which create a beautiful balance. The resulting lane is distinguished by neutrality even if the master does on the hair of Ombre.

            Unified standard in hairstyles, styling, no haircuts. You do not have to wear hair all the time, to make a tail or a sophisticated hairstyle. The appearance of strands depends solely on the situation.


            Of course, Makeup Nyud style involves full naturalness. It should be invisible, and it is quite difficult. It is worth noting that the NUD will especially spectacularly look at the laits with well-kept skin, as well as young girls. Makeup should not be, his task – emphasized the oval of faces, allocate advantages, refresh.

            Tonal creams for nude mekap It is recommended to pick up with a light texture. The obligatory element is both a corrector that will help to hide the possible flaws of the skin or bruises under the eyes. Lightweight and fresh blush will be very relevant in this makeup. Eyebrows are drawn by powdered pencil, but you can use the shadows. Forever, as a rule, shadows of neutral shades are applied, dry or liquid. Eyelashes are scratched with black ink, the transparent shine is suitable for the lips. The last stroke of the makeup will be transparent powder.

            Stylish bows

            The image in the style of Nude will suit every woman, regardless of its age and physique. Ensure that the nude gamut is, indeed, a successful version for onions will allow the presented photofrotection.

            • Elegant spring image for ladies, which for 40. Suitable for a walk as well as for office.

            • Sexy and elegant pink trouser costume accurately attract attention to others.

            • Beautiful office onion in the style of Nude. Simple and gentle.

            • Pinkish accumulated colors – the best solution for Nude.

            • Refined image in bodily pink shades. A bright accent will be a bag.

            • Monochrome onion in the style of Nude.

            • Spring image and autumn. Without accents, but completely mischievous.

            • Chic winter bow.

            • An unusual dress of beige-peach tone, complemented by wicker high sandals, will be a good idea for a walk or party.

            • Combination of peach and gray nude gamma. Simple but memorable image.

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