All about western style

All about western style

Cowboy style in modern clothes can be seen quite often. Many elements of this brutal and at the same time such a romantic image of a strong man in the role of the cowboy smoothly switched to the wardrobe of modern ladies and gentlemen.

Couple centuries ago This comfortable clothing was very popular in shepherds and farmers, after which the country style arose (the so-called cowboy style), and later – and Western style. Characteristic elements of this trendy direction. Special boots, jeans, dense shirt in a cage and a special cowboy hat.


Western is the original combination of the daring image of the cowboy from the movie and the calm of the True Country. Clothing items here are distinguished by special wear resistance. Materials are used only by 100% natural: Popular cotton and durable flax, warmed by denim and bike, for winter products – wool, as well as soft leather and stuffed suede.

The color gamut natural is the tone, as close as possible to the natural shades of earthquake and spring grass, that is, the whole range of brown, beige and rich blue, the colors of ocher and khaki.

Since the legendary cowboys, the present wardrobe for the cowboy style, were their base wardrobe. Cattle drivers most often chose:

  • jeans that rushed long+
  • Hats with highly curved edges of the fields that saved from the rays of the scorching sun+
  • Blames-bandans as protection against dust,
  • Comfortable boots+
  • Cotton shirts+
  • Smooth leather jackets or soft suede, often with a long fringe+
  • gloves+
  • Breaks of wide form.

This list of clothes and original accessories has taken place in our days and in the cabinets of modern connoisseurs and connoisseurs of fashion trends.

Choose clothes

Western style can be defined in clothes almost immediately – from other fashionable styles it can be distinguished by several basic elements.


For stylish men, it will be leather or denim models with free cut. Baryshni usually choose or highly broken jeans models, or highly fitting variations.


The usual option is cotton or flannel models into a non-lame colors with a length of about about the middle of the hips. Sometimes there are monophonic shirts, especially in an ensemble with a leather vest. In men, such a shirt will be charged in pants, the image for girls allows her wearing, or allows you to tie it by a node on the waist.


It is usually free cutting and not too long, mainly from high-quality skin or suede. In the closet of women you can see the jackets of denim muffled tones.


It happens from leather, denim, there are often losses or fringe on it. Is an excellent addition to any wardrobe.


Usually, Western skirt has a maximum length. These are pretty free models that are sewn only from natural materials, decorated with folds and ruffles. At the same time, women who can boast with impeccable legs, now we are pretty short skirts from denim or a furious suede with fringe or torn edges.


Most often it is a snow-white or creamy blouse from natural fabrics. It looks great with tight figures with narrow jeans, shortened shorts and long lush skirts.

To add the sink of keenness, you can additionally use the top in the form of a corset.


In the modern style of Western, you can use the most feminine and pretty simple models. Outfits of flax or cotton predominantly light shades are monophonic or have a muffled floral print. In such a dress, any girl will look and romantic, and impregnable. And you can also choose closed dresses in a cage with a small decor of lace.

Denim shorts

This is not a very traditional piece of western clothing, but is actively used in our time to create creative onions. They can be rather short and seductive, as well as elongated and more convenient for riding a horse in hot weather.

From this list you can easily collect a traditional cowboy costume.

Shoes and accessories

Cowboy style shoes should allocate its owner and attract increased attention to it (or to it). Therefore, you should choose real cowboy boots, short-heel shoes, women’s shoes with fringe or low Cossacks.

Most of these kinds of shoes will differ from other models a bit raised up narrow noses, quite wide ones to fasten jeans inside. As well as in cowboy shoes often there is a beveled heel type at least 4 cm. Today, a rich decor is characteristic of this type of shoes: huge buckles, rough embroidery or solid appliqués, wide lines or inserts from metal. The characteristic style attributes of Western style can be considered several key items.

Bandana Cotton

In combination with a stylish vest and a hat, this accessory should produce, indeed, an indelible impression on the townships. Here is the main thing – it is correct and casually to tie it. Bandana is a monophonic or simple pattern. Coloring insellish, slightly muted.


This accessory should be necessarily wide, with a massive and noticeable flashing. It is necessary for its compliance with the shade of the selected shoe or hats.


These are massive earrings, wide bracelets, metal pendants, wood, leather. Indian motives should be traced in the jewelry.

A bag

For the full repetition of the style of the Wild Cowboys, the original models of leather or a furry suede (with a fringe or high-quality embossed on them) are excellent.

Hairstyles and Makeup

Fashionable Western style suitable for all natural naturality lovers. In this image, it is enough to highlight the eyes, add a light blush and slightly emphasize the puffles of the lips. Hairstyle also will not deliver any trouble. For girls in priority completely loose, slightly casually laid hair and not very tight braids.

Instead of familiar hairpins, you can use colored leather shoelaces, ribbons, shawls or dressings.

Good images

  • Any summer T-shirt and magnificent snow-white cotton skirt are detachable for Western style, if you add a cowboy woven hat, a wide leather belt and bag, as well as suede boots on a low heel.

  • Want to be like a cowboy girlfriend – put on a beautiful belt with a wide buckle and low Cossacks. With the help of these accessories, any summer dress will acquire the characteristics of the cowboy bow.

  • Denim vest, long skirt, strap with a throwing buckle – Even without a cowboy hat, any stylist will determine that in front of him the image from the history of the Wild West.

  • Men are much easier to express themselves in this unique style. Denim clothing, suede or leather jacket, brown boots or half-boots on a low heel, the most brutal view – and the image of the conqueror of wild bulls and female hearts is ready.

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