Bocho style for women after 50 years

Bocho style for women after 50 years

Bocho-style outfits are very popular with the ladies who have reached a certain age. They are more likely to prefer women after 50 years. At this time, you have to change the habits a little, rethink glances, change the wardrobe. Already not to the place are tight leggings, short topics and mini skirts. More practical outfits come on their shift, emphasizing the advantages of the shapes and hiding some flaws.


Bocho style is particularly relevant among women after 50 years. This style is unique. Its feature is Presence of multifaceted and combinators. Such outfits mixed with other styles. So, in one embodiment, several trendy styles can be combined, for example, militaries, vintage or folk. For everyday fashion more often choose things in the style of Bocho Caushal. And this applies not only to mature women, such outfits fell to taste very young girls.

Bocho can be immediately distinguished from other directions. In women’s outfits, do not find bright details, rhinestones, sequins and other tinsel. Such clothes are comfortable and convenient.

Regardless of the ladies’ set, outfits in this style always look very interesting and unusual. Often, such a style choose full women, taking into account the cuts of dresses. These things are usually performed in a free rod. There are no tight products that could allocate some flaw figures. Such outfits perfectly masked and a little discovering stomach, and wide thighs.

The feature of this style is the texture. In clothes are welcome a certain length. Usually models have maxi or midi. Products more often sew from natural fabrics. These can be variants of cotton, flax, batista or denim. You can also see very unusual models made of wool and knitwear.

Attracts boho-kewal with its color scheme. Many ladies prefer the products of beige, chocolate, terracotta color, as well as burgundy, olive, gray with silver tint. Similar shades are perfectly suitable for the ladies for 50, they visually make the face more fresh and young.

Additional accessories will help make the image completed. Many women at this age are more convenient to wear comfortable and practical heel shoes. Fashionable leafers are suitable for Boho style, as well as ankle boots on a wide stable heater, comfortable ballets.

Elements of clothing

Considering fashion trends, many designers are developing original things for thin and complete women after 50 years. Fashion products can be the most diverse, but for boho-style more suitable multi-layered variations. Thanks to the multi-layer, complete ladies have the ability to create unusual images that hide the flaws of the figure and presenting the image in the advantageous light.

Layout possible can be achieved by special cutting products, for example, using multi-tiered dresses and skirts. You can do this by choosing several products that wear on top of others. So, A set of Maxi skirt, blouses and knitted cardigan or vest will look very impressive.

For a solemn event, the outfits performed in the style of Bocho-Chic, where the main focus is on femininity. It is expressed, first of all, in use with a cover of smooth lines, emphasizing the silhouette. When sewing products often use different elements of the decor in the form of openwork patterns, knocked over the surface, sequins or embroidery.

Especially it is necessary to highlight Ethno-Bocho. The presence of ethnic motifs, original accessories and handmade decorations can be called a business card of this direction.


Choosing a dress, women for 50 better give preference to certain type.

  • For full ladies More suitable solid cut dresses, without a dedicated waist. Allowed products with an overwhelmed waist, which is located just below the chest.
  • Hide some drawbacks of a full figure will help Certain cutting of products in the form of a trapezium or imposing the presence of an integrated nose. It is better to choose products with sleeves – they will hide an excess completeness or leather degros.
  • Products can be different frill, But they are more often located at the bottom of the tier.

It is advisable to choose products with vertical prints.

Deep inadvertent tones are ideal for women after 50 years. The main thing is not to use faded shades, it will also be inappropriate.

The combination of free landing with the length of the skirt-maxi will allow to hide the flaws of the figure, which is relevant for full ladies. But with this image will not be formless, it will turn out to be air, light and feminine.


Blouse – an integral part of the booho style and is an indispensable object of wardrobe for ladies after 50 years. Usually style of such products direct or expanding book.

In such products, Ryushi and Volan are frequent, they can also be performed in the classic version. Choosing such models for full ladies, it is important that they visually do not increase bust. Blouses with swans and ruffles are more suitable for thin women.

Blouses can be monophonic or with different patterns, floral prints or cells. For decoration of such products, embroidery is often used. It can be one-color or made of a variety of bright threads.


Supplement selected image will help the original boobo-ethno sundress. When sewing sundresses, natural fabrics are used more often, for example, flax or cotton.

The colors of such products may vary depending on seasonality. In the warm season, it is better to choose bright pastel tones. For winter, sundresses are suitable in dark colors. In the cold season, sundresses can be worn with turtlenecks, shirts or blouses. On top it is worth throwing a cardigan – this will make it possible to make an image completed.


Many mature ladies, including full, have a comfortable skirt in the style of Bocho in their wardrobe. For the selected style, the skirt consisting of several layers will be suitable. It can be monophonic or with different drawings.

Effectively a multi-tiered skirt in a cage for the cold season will look. A light skirt with traditional floral patterns is suitable for summer.


Original tunic helps. It can be worn as the main object of the wardrobe, but only if the product has enough length.

Pretty popular in women is considered a combination of tunic with pants. It may be not only classic pants, but also fashion jeans of different styles. In the event that the length of the tunic will be below the knees, it can be combined with leggings.


Supplement harmonious image will help vests of different Logson, colors and textures. In the manufacture of vests for boho-style, natural materials are more often used. Such products can also be associated from thick or thin yarn. Full women after 50 worth paying attention to elongated fabric models having splits on the sides. It will be very unusual to look at monophonic vests with embroidery or fringe, as well as decorated with stones.


Many ladies at this great age prefer to wear costumes. It can be like a trouser suit and a model with a skirt. There are various options to make an image more organic. The upper part of the costume can consist of a blouse, shirt, T-shirts, jacket, either tunic. Lower part, as a rule, is trousers or skirt. Usually cut such products free.

Frequent combination of three objects in the form of blouse, vest, skirts or trousers.

In the summer it is better to choose light linen pants of light shades. For winter it is preferable to take a brown or black pants. The most popular for the style of Bocho is considered scattered from the hips or from the knees of pants. Remains fashionable style skirt-pants, allowing to make an image more feminine.


Shirts like blouses usually have a direct silhouette. It is desirable that they make cut, covering overly wide hips. For such products, natural fabrics are used more often, allowing the skin to breathe. Linen or x / b shirts appleful to wear with arched jeans or unusual trousers.


In this season, women after 50 years designers offer trendy and comfortable jackets. Particularly popular Drying Jackets Supporting Hips. In warm weather, you can wear a denim or leather jacket.

Characteristic feature for the style of boho is Availability in products of various inserts in the style of Patchwork.

Such jackets can be put on both cool weather and in dwelling summer days.

Ideas of basic images

The basic set of outfit in the style of Causual Bocho will allow women after 50 years to feel always fashionable and stylish. Complementing and changing things, you can create many original and modern images that allow the ladies to feel elegant and beautiful.

For summer wardrobe is ideal for a long dress from flax. Mixing it with other wardrobe objects, you can create an interesting image. Additional accessories in the form of wooden beads of handmade, bright bracelets or rings instantly transform onion. Woven moccasins, greek styled sandals or cowboy boots will be completed. Additional dress or sundress in the selected style wide-grade straw hat, large glasses and knitted bag.

An indispensable thing for women of all ages remains jeans. For the style of Bocho, the pants of the lung denim glue are suitable. This model will become an excellent option for a full figure. In cold weather, together with such jeans, it will be appropriate to wear a warm angor voluminous sweater or knitted cardigan. For summer, a light silk blouse is suitable or a checkered shirt in a cowboy style.

Stylish examples

Light sundress in the floor of flax perfectly fit in the wardrobe of women at great age. Belonging to the selected style can be traced on the original form of the Niza and the free blocks.

Light dresses in boho-style are often decorated with straps or laces to create an emphasis on the advantages of a female figure.

Bahroma is considered unconditional favorite over the past years. She is also present in boho outfits.

Embroidered parts on products will help make the image completed. Use embroidery to decorate the hem or the top of the product.

    Add image Bright jams, original turbans or cloths of unusual colors will help. For those who are over 50, it is better to give preference to one-photon color. This applies not only to accessories, but also the outfits themselves. Women should pay attention to things of restrained tones.

    About boho style for women after 50 years watch in video.

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