Bocho style in women’s clothes older than 40 years

Bocho style in women's clothes older than 40 years

Pick up your individual style after 40 years not easy. At this age, I would like to look fashionable, but at the same time elegant and not too youth. That is why the ladies who oversail a 40-year-old frontier fits the Boho style – He is an embodiment of comfort, independence and even allows you to look a little younger than its true years.

Features, pros and cons

Bocho is a bohemian style that appeared as an alternative to many glamor. It is a mixture of grunge elements, ethno and gypsy chic. Bocho does not accept any canons, so every woman can interpret it today as she wants, naturally, with amended age.

The benefits of Bocho are primarily free. Bocho is a style created for those women who appreciate comfort. Here you will not meet the narrowed dresses, tight blouses and tight trousers. Welcome exclusively to such things that will not shoot motion. This is especially valuable for mature fair sex representatives who want comfort and convenience.

Another advantage of the style is considered Multi-layered. It’s no secret to anyone that with age the figure loses its accurate contours. Multilayer things allow to hide all flaws of appearance.

Clothes boho sews exclusively from natural matter – silk, wool, flax or cotton. This is how it is impossible to better correspond to the concept of the appearance of a woman after 40. Synthetics shall need it, and it is unacceptable for mature women.

Bocho – truly universal direction. It can be ladies of any complex. At the same time, such a style is not at all necessary to use exclusively for parties and secular outputs, it will be appropriate in everyday life. Woman, dressed in accordance with the canons of bohemian style, in any situation looks 100%, whether it is shopping, a walk or even work.

At the same time, the style has its own limitations. For clothes are characterized by volume embroidery, asymmetric fringe, frills and ruffles. All of them are the main and integral part of the style. On the one hand, this approach can give the image of the “highlight” and will help express their individuality.

However, with this admission, women in adulthood should be more neat, since the abundance of decorative elements often plays with them a bad joke – from bohemian onions can very easily turn into a ridiculous. Therefore, the main rule when using this style in clothes – know the measure.

Elements of Gardeck

The main elements of bohemian chic include a variety of clothes.

  • Bocho dresses do not have a pronounced geometric shape. Here are not used patterns in the form of strips and cells, products can be in a light monochrome version either with a light print. The Nizhny region is often decorated with a waist, which makes a walk in a special graceful. Length can be any, although in the classic execution it is maxi.

  • Universal style element are skirts, we can wear them year-round. In the summer, style supporters give preference to models with lace trim or embroidery beads. It is better to purchase models from wool. Skirts can be straight or trapezoidal, alternate options in Bocho are inappropriate. The optimal length is the one that will benefit from emphasizing the advantages of the figure.

Ladies with lush forms and low representatives of beautiful sex it is better to abandon the elongated products, the optimal option will be the universal midi.

  • A special place in the wardrobe is occupied by tunics, they can easily be transformed into dresses. When choosing products, a particular attention should be paid to the color – any natural kokes are allowed here, but bright neon colors should be avoided.

  • For this direction are not typical of the pants, although they can meet in design collections. Most often they are represented by leather bemps or slightly alien jeans.

Any outfit in the style of boho unthinkable without accessories. For this direction, decorations from the vine and bead are characterized, there will be appropriate necklaces of wood and massive bracelets.

Concerning shoes, then the autumn-winter period is unthinkable without high boots and biker boots. Summer models – this is definitely sandals with leather shoelaces, fringe and stones.

How to choose clothes?

Using boho in adulthood, you can look stylish and very fashionable. However Do not blindly copy the main ideas proposed on the pages of glamorous publications. When choosing should be very careful, Make a wardrobe needed taking into account the characteristics of your own appearance and lifestyle.

Chiffon and silk blouses look good with jeans and slightly narrowed pants. Metal accessories can be purchased. Ethnic notes in the outfit can be represented by a bag or belantin.

When choosing a dress for women who oversail a 50-year-old age, preference should be given to multi-layer models. At this age it is better to abandon the maxial length, because it adds extra kilograms and visually makes older. The optimal choice will be things below the knee trimmed with embroidery or lace.

Ladies in old age need to categorically refuse knitted elements, because traditionally such things are associated with the image “Grandma”.

When buying a tunic for full women, preference is better to give the broken. Not recommended models with a large floral print, preference is better to give to monochrome products.

Beautiful examples

At first glance, Bocho looks quite simple, as if the owner of such an image picked up her things by chance. In fact Creating an individual style requires scrupulous attention to the slightest details and thorough study. Bohemian style in clothes provides the ability to collect traditional folk motifs in one onions, ethnic patterns, modern fabrics and a wide variety of textures. The appearance of the appearance will be unusual accessories, which emphasize the identity of their owner.

Special attention to the compilation of the wardrobe must be given women in adulthood. Any ill-conceived combination in clothes can turn an elegant set in a funny parody.

More information about the style of boho for women older than 40 years old, see the video below.

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