New Look style in clothes

New Look style in clothes

New Look style in clothes is an expression of femininity and fragility. He appeared as a salvation from the eternal rush and bored with a unisex style, in which the emphasis was comfort. In addition to convenience, a woman always wants to feel irresistible, so the collection of the Great Christian Dior has become a real find for every woman, frightened by their true nature.



A bit of history

Translated New Look indicates a “new look”, “New look”. The rapid and active rhythm of the life of a woman who passed war, reflected on the manner of dressing. Strict lines, men’s garments, products resembling military uniform.

Christian Dior, despite the criticism of such a fashion vision, suggested that women have a different image in which the accents became luxury, beauty and elegance. He was able to give them a dream, returning the status of his wife, mother, fragile and sophisticated nature. The woman was compared with a gentle flower that he tried to emphasize the maestro in his collections.

Despite some inconvenience, requiring wearing adjusting linen and the high weight of individual outfits (from 4 to 30 kg), his collections conquered many countries of the world. Among them was the Soviet Union, the fashion show took place in the late 50s.

Features and characteristics

In addition to the Sandwood’s favorite Leson, leading silhouettes in collections are oval, straight and flared. Dior returned femininity, dresses with lush skirts, hats, accessories (gloves, neck scarves, bracelets, clips, jewelry). The style was distinguished from street fashion and demanded a more thorough selection of image elements.

Many style ideas were taken from the Romantic Epoch. He meant the shoes, a narrow waist and lush hips. Each created image emphasizes fragility and feminine nature. From the moment of birth and more than 15 years, “New On” was considered fashion aristocrats and elected layers of society. By the end of the 50s of the last century, it became an affordable wide audience.

Style silhouettes

Clothing styles have differed in cutting, creating different forms of “flower” (bell, bud, opened):

  • Hourglass: accent area decollete, narrow waist, corset and lush skirt. He was not practical, but came to taste, as a new standard of femininity. The skirt was made on the basis of chinoline and multilayer taffeta.
  • Direct silhouette, more resembling a pyramid. It is based on narrow shoulders, a thin waist, and the shape of the skirt looks more like a trapeze, slightly curved bottom. This silhouette is inherent in light and upper clothes.
  • Fitting style. The knitwear at that time was not yet used, so the silhouette was a fitting top and the skirt in the form of oval. Logsa skirt was narrow in the waist, wide in the hips and was driven to the icers.

Characteristic features inherent New Look style:

  • The length of the product should be slightly covering the knees, creating the illusion of exhaustion and silhouette.
  • The waist line shift is 3-5 cm above the natural level, which allows you to adjust the proportions of the shape and visually lengthen the legs.
  • Fitting Lamph Logs and Shooted Shoulders, Fixing Feminine.
  • Open seductive decolty.
  • Shortened sleeveless length (3/4, 7/8).
  • Shoulder Line.

  • Elegant elongated gloves.
  • Lush curved diverse skirt skirt (with folds, assemblies, flocks, multi-layered), accentuating femininity.
  • High Heel Shoes.
  • Accessories and style shoes are chosen to tone to along.
  • Cat Eyes sunglasses with leaving up external corners.

Color solutions

Collections of Kristan Diora were often performed in combinations of two shades. It could be combinations of white and pink, black and brown, pink and gray. Pink color was for a couture by a special tone, symbolizing the tenderness of a female image. Less frequently, the collections were diluted with green, yellow, red, blue and saturated pink outfits. Then the prints include prints: cage, polka dot and strip.

These colors are relevant until now and exist. They are relevant in any style of clothing.

How to choose clothes taking into account the type of figure?

The attractive image of a fragile and welcome woman is manitis every beautiful floor representative.

Before buying clothes in this style you need to think through each element of the ensemble, taking into account your type of figure:

  • When the “Apple” figure, you can only enhance the imperfections of the body by adding it a unwanted volume and emphasizing a wide waist. This type of physique this style is not recommended.
  • Holders Figures “Hourglass” suitable for any outfit in this style, regardless of the style. He focuses the beauty and impeccability of the body.
  • The rectangular type of figure needs the use of corset or corrective linen. It is important to highlight the waist and the shoulder line, give the approximate outlines of X-silhouette.
  • In the body of “Pear” should not buy clothes with folds and ruffles: it will add the width of the thighs. It is worth noticeing to things, accentuating shoulders.
  • Girls with a figure “Inverted rectangle” style is simply shown: For the balance of proportions, you need to buy a magnificent skirt, which will add the missing thighs. And shoulders, on the contrary, it is better not to allocate.
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