Style Color Block (Color Block) in Clothes

Style & Color Block & (Color Block) in Clothes

Each lady wants to look stylish and attractive. It is important to be able to combine clothes correctly not only by invoice, but also in color shades. In this article, we will look at the style of Color Block, how to use it to create an individual bow.

Color Block style features

Color Blocking is the original art of a combination of bright shades. This is a real find for those women who do not tolerate serness and are willing to stand out from the total mass, stating their individuality. “Color Block” translated from English means “Color Blocks”. This option offers boldly expanding accents with color.

Consider its features.

  • Bright and rich colors. True, it must be said here that in clothes it is worth using simple styles. Do not decorate the image of prints, additional drawings, inscriptions. All this will not match the style.
  • Catch in ensemble 2-3 colors. This will save harmony and withstand style.
  • Downside designs and too catchy details. It is better to give preference to modest geometric shapes. For example, choose a dress with a straight silhouette, a-silhouette or case.

  • The highlight of this direction is the geometric inserts of bright shades that are divided into blocks. By the way, such clothes can be successfully used to create optical illusions. For example, everyone knows that vertical inserts are capable of visually pulling a person’s figure. So every lady will seem still slimmer.
  • Great mood. This style assumes everything bright, which means you can catch a positive wave, paint gray everyday life, recharge your energy and positive.
  • The ability to reveal your individuality. Many women wish to attract the attention of others, including the opposite sex. It can be made stylish and creatively. However, remember that in everything is important.

Color Blocking is quite popular in all countries. After all, in order to be in the trend it is not necessary to buy expensive things. It is only worth thoroughly pick up simple clothes on color. The main thing is to find the face between the colorfulness and absurdity. You can stay on one more bright color, and others choose more calmer.

Experts recommend choosing favorite tonality for clothes and accessories. Then you will feel confident and attractive.

And choosing faithful geometric shapes, you can emphasize their advantages. It is worth remembering that the “Color Block” is not always appropriate. So, for example, there are few offices where the use of bright colorful clothes is allowed.

How to combine colors

Bright colors will make a definite impression on the surrounding. If you wish you to be perceived as creative nature, think creative, then it is worth competently choose color shades. Let it be two or three color spectrum. You can choose neighboring or opposite tones.

The most successful options: Red – Green, Blue – Yellow, Orange – Green and Others.

It is worth remembering how the colors of the rainbow are located. This will be a good tip in the choice of color clothes. For example, the easiest way is to combine the adjacent tonality of the color ring. For example, red with orange and so on. So it will be possible to observe the style and look harmoniously.

Also, the use of complementary shades will be a good option: Yellow – purple, red – green. Here you can show fantasy and create your own individual bow.

You can use the principle of three shades that are in an imaginary triangle. For example, blue – Yellow – orange, yellow – green – red. Bright shades of a coat, sweaters, as well as other elements of clothes will make the impression of cheerfulness.

It is worth using the basic rule:

  • 60% should be the main color+
  • 30% – additional shade+
  • 10% – accent tonality.

If you comply with these proportions, your onions will be stylish and fashionable. It should be remembered that the color blocks will divide the figure. Therefore, if you have some problems with proportions, then it is worth a particularly careful approach to choosing. Problem areas will be better hidden using muffled tones saturated dark shades. This style with skillful use will help adjust any nuances of the figure.

For example, you can wear a dark shade dress, and from above – a jumper, a cardigan or windbreaker, the Olympic (if it is a sports option), jacket (not fastening). For a pear-shaped figure should be dark colors at the bottom. If you have a figure in the form of an apple, then you should avoid horizontal blocks in the abdomen. You can successfully highlight legs, putting bright tights. For the figure “Hourglass” can be advised to highlight the waist area, draw attention to femininity.

The first and most important thing is to decide on the desired color palette. Pick your favorite colors that will delight you every day. If you are just starting to comprehend the Aza Color Blocking, it is better to stay on two tones. Choose neutral and bright. With them you will feel more comfortable. You can use beige tones, black, gray, white.

Then gradually add the third and fourth shades. Do not be afraid to experiment. For example, if you use white and orange in clothes, you can add some coral. It can be a bag, bracelet, manicure. The main thing is to combine everything.

You can successfully combine pink tonality with yellow, red, blue. However, clothing with a pattern should not be applied. She will spoil the whole image. Pay proper attention to accessories. When the outfit includes three shades, you should select one of them and add to the image such elements in the form of a belt, bags, handkerchiefs, dressings.

What to pick up Makeup

Separately, it is worth saying about the make-anop. Many people think that if you use a bright sweatshirt, brown cardigan, another sneakers’ tonality, then you can safely choose and colorful makeup elements. However, this is not so. No matter how you chose the direction in the “Color Block” – sports, feminine for a date, office dress code (if the company allows more “live” colors) – in makeup it is necessary to show restraint.

There is no place of brilliance, bright shadows, colorful lipstick. The main trend is to select more calm natural tones. Preference beige, brown, gentle peach, to emphasize the natural beauty of the face. So you can effectively arrange all accents, look stylish and fashionable, and not defiantly.

Examples of fashion bow

To emphasize the style, it is worth choosing a tonality, accessories and all elements of clothes. Consider popular images.

  • Dresses. Clear and contrast lines suggest minimum decor. You can combine dresses with straight heel shoes, but not with studs. Choose a one-photon bag so that the image does not seem too fucked. Successfully use lateral contrasting inserts on the dress. They will help visually make the waist thinner.

  • Skirts. The original skirt can be combined with simple riding. It can be white or neutral top. He successfully emphasizes the image. The model may be supplemented by a non-liberty decoration.

  • Sweatshirts and sweaters. The image using such clothes will be everyday and fashionable. You can successfully create sets with trousers, jeans and monotonous skirts.

  • Evening Luc. For solemn events, long dresses are suitable and even jumpsuits. Such outfits will be able to use confident and bold girls who are not afraid to attach attention. You can decorate onions in a monophonic hard clutch.

  • Coat. Outerwear should elaborate with shoes simple and comfortable. Models can be selected on the platform or wedge. Allowed to use a bright handbag that will become the focus of the entire bow. In this case, the tonality of all clothes should be more muted and harmony with accessory.

We reviewed the features of the style of “Color Block”. Now you know how to choose and combine colors in clothes, how can you hide your drawbacks and emphasize the merits. Do not be afraid to experiment, but do not remove with color.

Start with two shades and gradually add the third. Create your style, let your mood will always be bright as your clothing in the style of Color Block.

About how to combine color in clothes, look in the following video.

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