What is the feeling of style and how to raise him in oneself?

What is the feeling of style and how to raise him in oneself?

Many believe that the feeling of style is congenital quality, but in fact the ability to combine colors, understand the fashion and understand what is perfect, and what is not, is the result of hard work and does not come immediately. There are people who can easily understand the features of the development of the sense of style, however, in order to become a real icon, you need to make maximum effort.

What it is?

It should be noted that the style is not the same as the fashion, and in some cases two data can seriously conflict. The fact is that Fashion is usually a seasonal phenomenon, but the style is a way to express the inner world of man. Due to which you can see the uniqueness of the individual, which is expressed in his clothes, accessories and various attributes.

Style sense allows a person to competently beat his image. If a piece of clothing was selected without taking into account the principles of combination, he will not look attractive, even if it is considered the last fashionable fashion.

Any clothes should harmonize with the appearance of the owner.

What does it depend on?

The sense of style is expressed not only in the ability of a person to buy dear things. There are certain factors that have a certain impact on the formation and development of a sense of style.


Many famous personalities believe that the sense of style begins precisely from the level of intellectual development. It is unlikely that it will be silly and look stylish at the same time. Of course, you can try to copy the style of another person, however, it will most likely not be so harmonious. For this you need an intelligence, thanks to which ideas, dreams and fantasies are born.

It is the intellect that plays a decisive role in the process of forming a style of a person, his formation as a person.

Baby clothes

Most famous designers on the question of why they chose this profession, remember their mothers. And it is not strange, because in the formation of a sense of style, the parents play a huge role, since they have been launched from an early age in children the attitude towards clothes that no longer changes throughout life. Specialists advise mothers to vaccinate the child various aesthetics rules so that all these habits have formed on the subconscious level and remain with it in the future.

You can develop a style only if you have a love to the child’s love for clothes and raise it right since childhood.

Availability of art taste

Most stories about the formation of great designers are direct or indirect attitudes towards creative areas. Many famous designers began as artists. One of the brightest examples is Christian Dior, who was the owner of the gallery, and later engaged in creating theatrical costumes. In other words, it is simply impossible to become an excellent idea of ​​the style without understanding the foundations of the artistic world.

The positive side is that such a feeling can develop any person in itself as the necessary knowledge has been obtained.


Oddly enough, but it is the courage that forms individuality. Someone can not decide to wear a certain dress or constantly walk in monophonic clothes, and someone cannot afford clothes because of age, as the condemnation of society is afraid. The distinctive feature of bold people is that they do not obey fashion, but they make it.

Fashion is a complex system that is formed on the basis of a set of trends.

How to develop?

The development process of the style of style is quite long and includes many nuances. Primarily, It is necessary to increase self-esteem and gain self-confidence. Modern trends allow each person to openly express themselves, wearing any clothes and show your personality thus. However, not every person from a psychological point of view is ready for such attention.

That is why the first step should be to find love for oneself. If a person is not able to love himself as it is, then others will not be able to do it. No need to be afraid of critics, because there are the same as many people as people. You can not please every person, so it is necessary to constantly experiment and not be afraid of oblique looks. In addition, you need to stop constantly listening to other people.

It is best to listen to an inner voice that tells what style will give more vivid sensations.

The second step on the way of forming a sense of style is self-development. It is necessary to expand its horizons on a regular basis to constantly be aware of events and keep up with trends. Of course, reading magazines and visiting fashionable shows will be only a plus, but it is only a small part of the work that should be done to develop your own sense of style. Create a unique style without an understanding of aesthetics can not be, so you need to constantly attend exhibitions, galleries, read more books and acquaint yourself with various cultures. Thanks to such steps, a person learns to find a beautiful even in the simplest things.

Close attention should also be given to the selection of wardrobe. Clothes should not be the same type or in one color solution. Start forming a wardrobe needed from basic clothes to be from any person.

It is it used to create everyday images.

Novice mods can also try to imitate other famous fashionmen. It can be the images of fashion models from magazines known to the whole world of stylists or cultural figures. No need to be afraid to use their images, but you need to make sure that they are suitable for the features of appearance.

In the development of the sense of style, experimentation with clothing is allowed. You can select various styles, colors and models to find the most optimal option for yourself. As a result, it will be possible to understand which models look original, and which is best not to combine. The perfect style is the unity of images.

When buying a certain thing, it is necessary to understand what it can be worn with.

Useful advice

You can highlight the main tips that will help in the process of forming and developing a sense of style.

  1. It is necessary to clearly follow the algorithm for creating a stylish image. To do this, you need to assemble the backbone of the wardrobe, and then add fashionable options and try to compose them.
  2. Cannot rush. Sometimes you have to merry a huge number of garments to find the perfect option.
  3. The goal of the shopping is not to buy as much fashionable clothes as possible, but in order to prevent unnecessary and unsuitable things in the wardrobe. Acquire only what brings real pleasure.
  4. Style never goes to compromises. If there is at least a minimum doubt that this outfit is suitable, it is better to immediately refuse to buy it. In addition, it will teach it to think in the store and will save from the habit of spontaneously buying various things.
  5. For a stylish person in the first place there are not trendy trends, but his personality. He chooses clothes, based on the features of his figure and appearance.

Thus, the feeling of style is not something congenital and unique inherent only to some people. It can be formed from any person, however, it is necessary to make considerable efforts.

How to find your style in clothes, you can learn from the video below.

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