Women’s image in the style of Gatsby

Women's image in the style of Gatsby

In the past few years, the stylistics of the 20s of the last century (or Gatsby style) is widely popular among girls. Today in our article we will talk more about the peculiarities of the female image in the style of Gatsby.

    Features style

    In the 1920s, a real revolution occurred in the women’s fashion world. For a replacement for the previously prevailed Victorian primary dresses for women came comfort. At the same time, despite the convenience of new images, they retained shine and luxury. If we talk about the main elements of Gatsby style for girls, it is important to note such characteristics as:

    • No accent on the waist (in some cases, the waist line itself can be strongly understated)+
    • The length of the dresses or skirts must be lower than the knee+
    • Landing should not be tight, on the contrary – a distinctive feature of the images lies in their free rod and so on.

    About these features need to be remembered if you make a thematic outfit.

    What to wear?

    Outfits in the style of “Great Gatsby” are suitable for every girl and women: both for young (20-30 years old) and for the elderly (aged 57-60 years) representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Clothing suitable in the 1920s fashion is suitable for full and thin ladies. In this case, there is a variety of wardrobe items in which you can dress if you want to match the specified stylistics.

    • Pantsuit. So that the trouser costume corresponds to the stylistry of the 1920s, he must perform several characteristic requirements. So, cut the trousers in obligatory should be modern. Together with a brush suit, it is customary to combine rough shoes – it is meant that your shoes must be decorated in a male style, have a small heel (also permissible the complete absence of this item).

    • Skirt. With female skirts designers and fashion designers of that time experimented quite a lot. In this regard, modern women have a wide variety of choice. So, in the style of Gatsby will be appropriate skirts, fully woven from fringe, sequin or even feathers. Drapery, pockets, vertical covers, buttons and embroidery are available as decorative elements of the tissue products. As for the print, it is recommended to give preference to animal and vegetable images. Skirt can be well combined with horseback or perform the role of an accent element of your general image.

    • Dress. To create an image with a dress that will fully comply with the Gatsby style, it is also very important to choose a well-combined hat with a dress. In general, dresses in the style of the 1920s are characterized by special eccentricity and extravagance. The presence of sleeves from dresses depends on several factors: first of all from the age of the girl. So, young representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can wear sleeveless products, while for the ladies older this elements (sleeves) are mandatory. Especially fashionable and stylish are considered to be dresses on thin straps, fully made of threads.

    Important! As part of the stylistics of the 1920s, women are pouring quite a large selection of wardrobe. When choosing and drawing up images, it is recommended to focus on your individual preferences.

    So that your chosen clothing fully corresponded to the style of Gatsby, it must be made of a certain material. In this case, the fabric may vary depending on several factors: for example, the appointment of the outcome of the wardrobe. Among the popular fabrics are the following:

    • Cotton (at the same time, in its texture, it should be very dense)+
    • silk+
    • velvet+
    • Slim Velvet+
    • taffeta+
    • chiffon
    • Fur and feathers+
    • fringe, sequins and artificial stones (used as decorations) and so on.

    Important! Dresses made of simple and cheap tissues were used to perform everyday work, while luxurious shiny outfits will be suitable for parties.

    Color palette

    Especially close attention when choosing a Gatsby style, you need to pay color palette. There are 3 main shades.

    • Black. This color is classic and perfectly fits into the stylistics of the 1920s. At the same time, it is important to note the fact that the outfit in such a color is perfect for any girl (regardless of its age and features of the figure). In black color, the entire image or its individual elements can be performed. At the same time on a black background, various additional accessories and decorations will look especially beautiful.

    • White. If you go on a jazz party in the style of Gatsby, then you are suitable in white color. Especially winning will look like products decorated with plenty of sequins and beads. In addition, white dresses are appropriate, decorated with feathers of exotic birds. It should be borne in mind if you have chosen a white outfit, then you need to pick up shoes.

    • Gold. The gold color itself is a festive and solemn, so it is great for different parties and solemn cases. It can be used both the main and as an emphasis in the process of choosing the outfit.

    Important! Depending on your individual desires and preferences, you can make monochrome outfits in one shade or combine in your form at once 2 or even 3 colors.

    Supplement to the image

    So that the image in the style of Gatsby looks fully and finished, it should consist not only from the main products (dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, and so on), but also be decorated and supplemented with various suitable accessories.


    Consider in more detail what accessories appropriate to use to add images in the stylistics of the 1920s.

    • As typical accessories for adding an image in the style of Gatsby, it is recommended to use hats, rims, tiara and veils. Such details will give your bow to femininity.

    • If you want to give your own image of extravagance and uniqueness, then boldly resort to helping hacks with feathers and beads, as well as to Veam. The last element can perform not only decorative, but also a functional role. For example, if the party passes in the warm season.

    • Wallet or bag of small size with a metal clasp, decorated with embroidery, is the most important accessory. In this case, it can be worn both in hand and on the shoulder (preferably on a metal handle, made in the form of a chain).

    • The true fashionista of the 1920s will not be able to do without stylish and functional gloves. Regardless of the color gamut of your main outfit, your preference is recommended to give beige or black gloves. At the same time, gloves are appropriate at any time of the year. In this regard, it is important to choose the appropriate machine manufacturing material: lace, cotton, leather and so on.

    • If the main element of your evening image is a dress on thin straps, it is recommended to complement the cape.

    How could you make sure, appropriate use of a wide variety of accessories. At the same time, within the framework of its image, you can use only one of them or simultaneously combine several products. In any case, remember the color of harmony, as well as about the sense of style and measure.


    No image in the style of Gatsby (whether it is a trouser costume, a dress or an outfit with a skirt) will not cost without suitable pair of shoes. So, as part of the image, dance shoes will be appropriate. The thing is that They comply with all basic requirements, namely, the shape and height of the heel, rounded sock and so on. As for the color of the shoes, it should fit well into the general palette of your image. So, relevant black and brown shades, as well as white, barded and other colors. You can use both matte and glossy texture.

    Makeup and hairstyle

    To fully complete the image, attention is important to devote not only clothes and accessories, but also hairstyle, make a girl. As for makeup, he must be the most bright and catchy as possible. Eyebrows and lips should be highlighted. Appropriate use of false eyelashes, as well as applying arrows. As for the basic tinting of the face, it should be pale. To achieve such an effect, you can use powder or tonal cream.

    Beautiful and appropriate Gatsby Hairstyle will greatly emphasize and completes the image. At the same time, relevant stacking can be made regardless of the length of your hair. Stylists and hairdressers allocate the following requirements that hairstyle must match:

    • In mandatory, the neck must be opened, which will make the focus on femininity and tenderness of the general image + the girl will look sophisticated and elegant+
    • If you are the owner of long hair, you can score them and fix with special cosmetics (varnishes, foam, mousses and so on)+
    • Remember that, regardless of what hairstyle you have chosen, it is very important to ensure that the hair on the forehead and the temples are combed and looked as much as possible+
    • The successful type of hairstyle in the style of Gatsby is a bunch with a wrapper + in addition, the hair styled with neat waves will look stylish.

    Stylish examples

    Consider several beautiful examples of women’s images in the style of Gatsby.

    • On this photo you can see some successful female images in bright colors.

    • Black dress and red lipstick will help you create an image of a fatal woman.

    • Such an image looks somewhat unconventional, it is suitable for extravagant ladies.

    How to create a female image in the style of Gatsby, look in the following video.

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