All about plastic suitcases

All about plastic suitcases

It is difficult to imagine a short-term or long journey without a suitcase. The quality of the road accessory depends comfort on the way to the destination. But the search for a first-class product is a difficult task. The modern market presents an extensive range of suitcase models. For successful fighting is important to make the right choice. Mostly the choice is to be done among the fabric and plastic options. The latter are considered very reliable, optimally combining all the necessary quality for putting quality.


Buying a plastic suitcase will positively affect the impressions of the trip. Provided that it is not spontaneously to buy, but deliberately. Do not immediately grab the inexpensive model from a market or shop. It is important to compare all the advantages and disadvantages, think if such a product is fully responsible to hoping.

If rare or short trips are assumed, and even on their own cars or in a train coupe, an inexpensive plastic suitcase may be an acceptable option. But for frequent warriors, especially when airflets, you need to select a solid and functional product on 4 wheels. Dear and high-quality sacqued will not let under any circumstances.

Suitcase from plastic Excellent depreciation qualities that provide easy and safe transportation of even fragile and glass goods. The outfits placed inside, almost do not impair, so you can carry closer clothes and drove a well-kept view everywhere.

To the weaknesses of plastic accessories include the following:

  • Standard rectangular form remains unchanged – it will not work out to stretch the material to increase the volume+
  • With a negligent circulation or random fall during unloading and loading activities, cracks or frame deformation is likely.

Comparison with other materials

Under standard plastic, the use of polycarbonate is meant. The world’s popularity of the material contributed to its impact resistance, reliability and affordable price. A certain minus is considered the lack of lining and ability to stretch.

Recently, among tourists, an active demand for luggage products made of polypropylene with titanium crumb appeared. They are characterized by greater weight and long service life. Also in the course innovative abs-material with polycarbonate. Composite raw material empowers strength, resistant to different factors of impact. The main difference between polycarbonate and polypropylene coofers can be traced in the cost of suppliers from manufacturers.

The development of technology does not stop on the achieved, and the company offer road accessories from more modern materials. An example of this is the innovative development of CURV from the Belgian manufacturer. Plastic fibers, intertwined in a special way, contribute to the greatest strength among the analogues. They are distinguished by lightness, stylish design and convenience of an internal organization.

If we compare the plastic and fabric as a material for the skeleton of suitcases, the mothers are largely inferior. Fabric models are gradually moving into the background, although they are still in demand. Sacred from matter is unsuitable for a long journey, it is harder to care for him, and any precipitation can spoil the shell and sting. Matter fades, burns out and does not differ in high strength. In such a suitcase, it is better not to transport anything fragile.

Polypropylene boxes are much more preferable as baggage. They are reliable, strong and waterproof. Their advantages over textile options are obvious:

  • Simple Care – Plastic Case Easily Clear Wet Napkin or Soft Cloth with Delicate Detergent+
  • Hard case fully removes things from damage+
  • Thanks to a small mass and a convenient body on the handle, you can rationally load the hand brush+
  • variations of colors and prints are simply created in order to make a tourist fashionable and noticeable.

Experienced travelers prefer to glue on the outside of the suitcase stickers depicting visited cities and countries. This design gives the Cofru an individual style, and it is easy to detect on the luggage tape.

The following facts play against the purchase of plastic saczing:

  • Frame weight more fabric analog+
  • quite high cost+
  • The material does not apply to natural, and therefore not eco-friendly+
  • The probability of the appearance of defects on the case even when using high quality raw materials.


In addition to the fact that you need to decide on the material, it is necessary to choose optimal dimensions. Large-sized suitcases are relevant in a family trip, and small cases are optimal for children’s things. International classification shares suitcases according to volume.

  • S – a compact suitcase, a kind of manual sting, allowed by the aircraft. Different with dimensions of 55 * 36 * 22 cm, which corresponds to capacity up to 45 liters. Ideal for children or short-term trips.
  • M is a convenient modification of a space of up to 70 liters, with dimensions 64 * 42 * 26 cm. Popular among tourists traveling to hot countries.
  • L is the luggage version of the impressive dimensions – 73 * 45 * 31 cm with a volume of up to 100 liters.

Travelers with experience advise to have all three luggage options in everyday life. They are conveniently stored, folded in each other like “Matreshka”.


In the production of plastic is easy to give a certain color, shade and apply the original print on it. Also popular models with photo printing. Design can be chosen for any age group. Especially popular among the women’s category of buyers turquoise and pink color. And yellow and completely favorite among those preferred colors. He looks universal and suits many, making impressions of the trip more brighter.

In addition to color, plastic housings are characterized by texture. The suitcase is conveniently becoming twisted wheels, fixed from below (1 or 2 pairs). For transportation, a telescopic handle with an ergonomic handle is put forward.

How to choose?

For a successful choice of a first-class road accessory, you need to consider expert recommendations. And after it is already determined for the price and look after the design to your taste.

The most basic parameters:

  • Properties of material+
  • suitable size+
  • configuration+
  • Reliability level+
  • Fitness quality+
  • Useful elements.

    General recommendations.

    • The baggage CAFR should optimally approach the dimensions according to its purpose.
    • It is preferable to choose a model with two pairs of wheels. Such a suitcase maneuverany and easier than a two-wheeled analogue.
    • The original design will make a thing more noticeable, which is important when receiving luggage.
    • Practical to choose a complete set with a case for clothing.
    • It is preferred to prefer zipper latch. Things will be protected more reliable from moisture.
    • For a pair, it is better to purchase two separate suitcases instead of one common.
    • Shopping lovers use the model with the maximum volume.
    • No need to skip. High-quality road accessory will serve not one decade. Such a thing can not cost cheap.

    Operating and repair tips

    Suitcase framework made from shockproof material very well with loads, but it is still necessary to take certain actions for its safety.

    1. The primary rule is the inadmissibility of overload.
    2. Lightning of the filled suitcase should be fastened without effort. When loading and pressure is the probability that it will disappear.
    3. Underwrite the sacrifice is also undesirable.
    4. When passing staircases and other obstacles, suitcases need to be transferred for an additional side handle. Pull him behind the drawn – unacceptable.
    5. Put forward and add a telescopic handle in a vertical position without performing jerks. Previously progress button on the housing of the handle. It is important that the handle is fixed in the selected position.
    6. It is advisable not to carry a suitcase on off-road, strongly dyed and polluted areas. Dirt can be in lubricant, and the wheels will be bad to turn. We’ll have to clean them without removing from the case, and drip a little liquid lubricant under the wheel arch.
    7. It is not allowed to use a suitcase as a seat. At the same time it does not matter, it is empty or loaded. Thus, you can damage the housing or wheels.
    8. No need to throw a suitcase and allow you to do it with another. And if it is impossible to control the handling of it, like at the airport, it is better to use a protective case or several layers of film. This will soften the blows and protect the housing from dirt and damage.

    If the crack appeared, this is not a reason to grieve and look for a new sacquer. You can try to fix your favorite companion on travel. For repair, it will take epoxy resin or “liquid” glass. Such formulations are frozen in minutes, so the process does not tolerate detectors.

    When breakdown plastic, it is recommended to collect all the fragments. In a specialized service center, this will greatly facilitate the task of repair masters and will reduce the cost of the work.

    If the crack put the “second” glue, you need to choose the one that is suitable for plastic products. Glue is applied to the patch. It must be pressed to frozen the composition of the solid metal object. It will provide tight fabric contact with a suitcase surface.

            Adequate handling of a plastic suitcase and timely repair will extend his service for a long time. And he will surely accompany his owner in fascinating travel travel.

            Repair suitcases will be made much easier if you watch the video below.

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