All about the repair of suitcases

All about the repair of suitcases

Going to any trip, you need to take the necessary things with you. It is perfect for this convenient and roomy suitcase. However, a pleasant journey can crush a sudden breakdown of the detail of the suitcase. About how you can quickly replace the broken handle, repair the wheels or repair the castle, will be discussed in this article.

Selection of components

In any suitcase, regardless of the design, model or manufacturer, the breakdown is not excluded. It can be like a minor problem in the form of a fought or discrepable lightning and more complex damage, Requires high-quality repair or replacement parts. To repair work, you need to have appropriate details.

The main components are:

  • Retractable system+
  • Wheels and Wheel Blocks+
  • Suitcase handles+
  • Lightning and Runner+
  • Fixing locks+
  • Covers.

With excessive content of suitcases and improper operation, the wear of the accessories and the whole design often occurs. In the process of transporting, some elements may be in disrepair, break or get lost at all. Part of the parts are not subject to repair, so they are easier to purchase in the store. In other cases, the breakdown can be understood independently, and repair a suitcase with your own hands.

When replacing spare parts, it is important to use a product similar to size and shape. This will make repairs much faster, because to replace parts it will not be necessary to drill additional holes for bolts or screws. Often the need to use alternative options that buy or do independently.

Choosing details, you should pay attention to a few moments.

  • An important factor is the size of the product. Many replaceable elements have similar parameters. When selecting analogue, their accurate dimensions take into account their.
  • Complete parts are made from a variety of materials. In production, plastic, rubber, metal or fabric are used. When breakdown, they replace them with better spare parts.
  • Special attention is paid to the load. The suitcase is a product exposed to different types of load. In the production of each model, experts develop a permissible amount of loads that the product will be able to withstand without deformation and breakage. The main load may have to the bottom, as well as the mobile part, so when choosing, they should pay increased attention.
  • No less important is the appearance of fittings. Although in different models it can vary significantly, the presence of inappropriate in the form, the shade and texture of parts can give the product a strange view.
  • Brand. Having an accessory of a well-known manufacturer, it is advisable to use spare parts of this brand. The use of parts that are inferior in quality can lead to rapid wear of parts and breakdown.

Having studied all the described criteria, only those components that are suitable for models according to the main parameters should be selected.

How to replace with your own hands?

Replacing any part on the suitcase can be made both in specialized workshops and houses. It all depends on the severity of the breakdown and on what conditions it happened. Often, such a trouble can occur right during the trip, so it is not always possible to pass a suitcase in the workshop. In this case, it is necessary to produce urgent repairs using a screwdriver.


In the event that the handle at the road accessory broke down during the trip, it is possible to fix the breakdown using a conventional belt or rope.

  • It is advisable to use two belt. They are turned around around the suitcase, then complement the improvised handle.
  • In this case, you can use the usual tape, which are wrapped with luggage. The knob itself is made from Scotch. To the handle to be comfortable, it is better to put a piece of cardboard or another flat object acting as a handle.

These temporary measures will allow to protect the luggage and continue the journey, but after the trip still will have to attribute Road Baul in the workshop, or make repair with your own hands.

So that the breakdown does not overshadow the journey, when choosing the product itself, special attention should be paid to the fitness. As for the handle, this detail can be considered one of the main parts in the suitcase. Purchasing a road accessory, you should make sure that the handle is comfortable. It is desirable that she had a round shape, comfortably lay down in hand when tickling.

In the models on the wheels there are three handles. One of them is retractable, telescopic, and the other remaining – stationary. The length of the retractable handle must be quite convenient for the owner of the model not bend during transportation. Usually in the handle there is a special mechanism that allows you to fix the handle in different positions.

The main cause of the breakdown of the handles is the excess of the required load of the road accessory. This can lead to the population of bolts, breaking plastic mounting.

Often there is a breakdown of a telescopic handle, it is pulling out of the housing itself or breaks. The reason may be a production marriage, as well as what people forget to push the handle. Considering that the mechanism is expensive, it is necessary to think about whether the repair is necessary. Better in this case buy a new handle or luggage than repairing a broken handle.

The most frequent cause of the breakdown is considered a fracture of the retractable handle. If such a handle broke right on the road, it produces urgent repair of details. It is easiest to rewind its tape or scotch.

Such a repair is externally similar to the tire overlapping during fractures in humans. You can use a frame as a tire. For this, a pencil is suitable or a piece of metal tube.

Such a tire is applied along the pipe in the place of deformation and fix the scotch. Save the isolent or tape should not. It is necessary to wind through the entire length of the frame handle a few layers. In the absence of tape, you can use other remedies, such as food film, handkerchief, pareo and other.


Wheels in bags or suitcases can be called the most vulnerable parts, because the whole major load falls on them. During operation, these details may fall and lose. In this case, it is necessary to enhance the tubular axis with fixed wheels. Do it with a metal rod, inserting it inside the tube. This case is suitable if there is no possibility to replace the lost part, and the remaining wheels can cope with the load.

For reliable attachment to the axis of the remaining elements, nuts are used. If the repair is not produced in extreme conditions, you need to pre-apply the thread from two ends to the metal rod, and then insert into the tubular axis. After that, the fastening of the wheels to the axis with the help of nuts and washers. And you can also additionally use locknuts, it will protect against the repetition of an unpleasant situation.

If the wheel is broken, it should be changed.

Working process:

  • You must unscrew the rack, then cut 2 plates of metal+
  • In these plates begin to drill holes under the rack+
  • solder nut+
  • With the help of screws 50×50 produce fastening of all parts+
  • Sculpted the washer, and wind the nuts (4 pcs.), as a result of this wheel will not go+
  • The rack is screwed to the suitcase+
  • At the final stage, it is equipped with a wheel, lubricating it with oil and twisting with the help of monetary and washers.


There are legs and legs in suitcases. Most often, they are made of plastic, similar material is used as fastening them to base. Often, legs start cracking, and then lost at all. These details failed to replace, rather than repair. You can make new legs from suitable parts in the form of aluminum pipe, wires or profile.

To make new details from the profile, you must perform several actions.

  • Take an aluminum profile, and cut the legs of it, trying to make their width equal to the diameter of the square tube inside.
  • It is necessary to drill holes in the central part of each side, coinciding with the cavity diameter in the tube.
  • The square tube is inserted into the fastening of the wheels and secure to the base of the product with screw. As an alternative, nuts are used (2 pcs.) with a widespread washer.

How to fix the castle?

One of the breakdowns of suitcases or road bags is bad work lightning. If zipper diverges, it is possible to fix it very easily independently, without resorting to the help of specialists. Most often lightning begins to disperse the fault of the runner, which over time is squeezed and stops fixing.

The easiest way to clamp the slider using ordinary pliers. It is important to do it carefully by holding the item along the edges. In the middle of the slider do not press.

If such a job has not led to the desired result, you will have to resort to replace the runner. To do this, you will need to have the necessary tools, you can take a spice or a big needle.

First of all, it follows:

  • push off the lightning limiters and pull out the slider+
  • Then you should wear a new slider+
  • fix it using the limiter.

By purchasing a new runner, you need to make sure that it corresponds to this model, specifying its size, which is indicated on the product.

To fasten the suitcase with a divergent zipper, you should fix the keychain with the ring from the key fob or a piece of wire in one position, fastened to the suitcase handle.

If the runner goes badly, you just need to lubricate zipper. For these purposes, wax candle will fit or even a piece of sala, as well as a pencil griffel.

There are breakdowns and castles. If the mechanism has a code lock, then the breakdown is most often associated with the wear of the disks of this mechanism. Guarantee a good long work of the castle will allow the use of silicone lubricant for the mechanism.

To remove it, you need:

  • Under the lining from the reverse side of the product to find 2 or 4 screws that lock the lock+
  • unscrew screws+
  • drop a few droplets of silicone lubrication to the castle itself, and then on the “numbers” and scroll.

Built-in models are more often subjected to breakdowns due to complex mechanism. One of the main problems is the poor key movement, as well as difficulty with opening and pulling it out. The cause of this can be the clogging of the larvae itself. To correct the problem, you need to take a spray type WD-40 and injected a little means in the larch. Then you should flip the road bag to the balance of the output.

As well as the cause of the malfunction of the locks may be depreciated. In this case, the replacement of the larvae will need.

Frequently caused by hinged locks can be a block of the inlet for the key. Solve the problem will help similar actions described above.

How to repair the housing?

The skeleton of the suitcase is also a vulnerable part, given the possible overload, falls and blows that often experiences the product.

In the event that a crack appeared on the plastic suitcase, it is possible to get rid of it using epoxy resin.

Working process:

  • replace the epoxy, respectively, instructions+
  • soak a piece of fabric with the resulting mass+
  • Press to the place of damage in the form of a patch.

To fix it is more reliable, it is better to pave more than one layer. Such a patch has good elasticity, but will stand out on a general background.

Repair the crack can be repaired with a hot needle. For this, holes are made around the place with a crack using a hot needle. Then they flash the suitcase with durable threads. After that, the tissue patch is cut out, suitable in size to the crack, applied to the damaged place and treated with a “second” type glue, press.

The easiest way is the processing of Epoxy resin type “Liquid Metal”.

Working process:

  • Take an epoxy resin of this type and stir, according to the instructions+
  • treat the resulting mass of the crack and edge+
  • Dried a hairdryer.

Suitcase can be used in an hour. This method is suitable for emergency cases, if necessary for urgent collection.

How to repair the handle of the suitcase with your own hands, look in the following video.

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