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At all times, the fire was for a person a symbol of a homely hearth and comfort. But this is not the only meaning because there is still a mystical interpretation. And in the other direction to the element of fire, a certain attitude was formed, which later began to express in the wizard. Most often, fire is presented in tandem with a candle. Flame can burn, or candle can be extinct. Each image has its own interpretation.

Tattoo value

There are several sketches of sketches of a tattoo depicting a candle. They are interpreted in different ways.

  • If we talk about relationship with religion, in particular, with Christianity, the burning candle personifies the personality of a person to the Divine Spirit. At the same time, the wax drops are treated as the purity of the human soul, as well as its ability to repent.
  • In Slavic mythology, the burning candle is associated with the element of fire. It is believed that fire can have some magical impact on the fate of the person. As well as a lit candle is a symbol of human protection from the effects of evil spirits. The owner of such a tattoo expresses the opinion of the insolvency of its being to the natural elements.
  • Traditionally in Judaism, candles are used in Menor. Beautiful candlestick with seven supports, as a rule, are associated with something divine.
  • In the Middle Ages, secret religious communities used a candle as a symbol of man’s illusion symbol and wisdom. Tattoo can symbolize a man’s desire for secret knowledge, prophecies. Such a designation is quite common.

Sometimes a tattoo in the form of a burning or extinct candle, a person fills himself in memory of some event in life or a dead relative, close man.

To whom will suit?

Candle tattoo is suitable for both men and women. But for each floor it has different meaning. If we talk about men, then there may be a few meanings here:

  • Fighting good and evil+
  • The sign of grief in memory of a kind of event in life (most often the man in this case stuffed it is an extinct candle with smoke)+
  • Candle as a symbol of time of time that is better to spend on important affairs and thoughts.

For a woman, a tattoo with the image of the candle has a slightly different interpretation:

  • Presence in the life of the Higher Forces+
  • The desire for the knowledge of your inner “I”, the fire of the candle as it would light the way to the secrets of the soul and body+
  • Romantic and subtlety of mental nature.

Men’s and female interpretations differ, although the sketches themselves can be identical.

Options sketches

There are many sketches options. As the main element in the image, it is a candle. As additional parts can be used:

  • Flowers – for romantic and in front of love+

  • watches as a symbol of bezdom+

  • The circle of light around the flame – getting rid of dark thoughts, the path to the bright future+

  • Wax drops – repentance for the actions perfect in the past+

  • Hand – A hand of a loved one, from which a person is waiting for or receives support.

The fire itself can burn brightly, smooth or plump.

The presence of wind (symbol) or rain drops is not excluded.

Where to apply?

Most often, the tattoo with the image of the candle is stuffed on hand. More popular area of ​​forearm.

And the candle can be packed on the wrist, on a brush or even a finger.

Often the tattoo is applied to the lower leg. Men stuff such a tattoo in the chest area (most often the left side where the heart is located).

In principle, there is no prohibited place on the body where it would be possible to fill such a tattoo. This question is purely individual. If the candle is something intimate for a person, and he does not want to show it around others, it is better to fill in the place that is more often hidden under the clothes. If the tattoo with the candle is a symbol of self-expression, then it makes no sense to hide it from others.

Beautiful examples

If a person has not yet decided on choosing a sketch for the future tattoo, you can pay attention to beautiful examples.

Here is a tattoo option on hand. Candle with a burning flame, but at the same time there are confused smoke clubs at the top. This option is suitable for those who want to fill the tattoo in memory of a kind of event, leaving an imprint on the whole fate.

The photo shows an example of a tattoo, which is more suitable for girls and women. As additional attributes, rose elements are used here. It is possible that the flower is a woman herself. And the rays of the sun personify the way to the future.

Tattoo, in the image similar to the previous. But it’s rather a male version. Downstairs shows a rose, personifying a woman. From the rose there is a candle with an illive flame. Interpretation may be like that – a woman who appeared in the life of a man, changed his future for the better.

And here is a faded candle on a dark background. This may mean that some unpleasant period ended in a person’s life. Another interpretation – the memory of the left person.

These are just examples, but they can be taken as a basis.

However, it is logical if a person adds some elements to the existing sketch. It can be letters, initials, numbers and much more.

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