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The image of Pegasus is characterized by its greatness and nobility. It is often applied to the body as a tattoo as women and men. About what such a tattoo means, and what kind of varieties exist, read below.

General value

Pegasus is a horse with wings, most often presented in white color. This mythical animal was read and respected. Many have believed that it has tremendous power and power.

The majestic and noble image of Pegasus is found in many myths. So, according to one of the legends, this creature was born by jellyfish Gorgon, and his father was Poseidon himself – God of marine elements. According to another version, Pegasus appeared from the blood of Medusa Gorgon, which fell to the ground after the Perseus cut off her head.

The image of Pegasus looks very aesthetic, but at the same time it is endowed with a rather great meaning. By the way, such a drawing was placed on the emblem of the ancient Templars. They me meant fame, eloquence and contemplation. And during the Second World War, the emblem depicting this fabulous character was worn by soldiers belonging to the British airborne troops. For them Pegasus symbolized speed and air element.

A more expanded meaning of Pegasus had scientists of the XIX century. They interpreted it as a symbol of all living.

Such a mythological creature, like Pegasus, was also considered a favorite music. For this reason, its image is often used as the emblem of poets, artists, musicians and other artists. Many believe that this creation is an impersonation of creative start, dreams, imagination and fantasy flight.

Besides, It is believed that a native pattern with the image of Pegasus symbolizes everyday experience, wisdom, sanity, spiritual growth, strength and resistance. From such a tattoo literally blows something mystical, mysterious. She makes you remember about the ancient legends and famous Greek myths.

In general, the promise of such a tattoo is exceptionally positive. Pattern with the image of Pegasus give preference and girls, and men. Persons of both sexes this drawing bears success and good luck. However, such a tattoo will be positively influenced by its owner only if it has the following qualities: nobility, courage and courage. Otherwise, this drawing will remain just a beautiful image.

What sketches are?

There are various options for tattoos with the image of Pegasus. The drawing can be performed in the technique of realism, which is characteristic of detailing, or in such a style, such as, for example, graphics or watercolor.

If we talk about the color decision, it is often possible to meet tattoos in black and white. Such options tend to choose men who prefer classic versions of tattoo.

Colored variants of such images are also quite popular. They look very interesting both on female and on a male body.

The size of a pegasus tattoo can be the most different – it depends only on the desire and preferences of the future carrier. Often with the way Pegasus create one-piece compositions with a specific plot. Look like similar paintings very interesting and effectively. However, for lovers of such a stylistic solution, as minimalism, there will also be options.

If we talk about the plot component of the tattoo with Pegasus, then it may be the most different. The plot affects the value of this tattoo and, as a rule, depends only on the preferences of its carrier, as well as from the master’s skills.

The most popular is the pegasus drawing, on which it is depicted with majestically open wings in flight. No less often you can see the pegasque drawings with folded wings, which proudly squints, asking her look forward.

The image of the Pegasus looks interesting, on which the warrior sends. Such a tattoo acquires a special meaning. She symbolizes determination, courage, strength, human ability to protect themselves and their loved ones if necessary. Such drawings are usually male with a strong character.

Where to fill?

Tattoos with the image of Pegasus can be applied to any part of the body depending on the scales of the image. It does not affect the value of the tattoo. Most often, this kind of pictures are applied in those places that are distinguished by the large area of ​​the skin – this, for example, back, chest, forearm and hips.

Beautiful examples

Consider some sketches of tattoos with the image of Pegasus:

  • Color performance of such drawings+

  • Black and white tattoos that look very impressive and bright+

  • Options for such tattoo for girls.

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