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Pentagram is an ancient symbol that has given a mystical value for a long time. Many he attracted exactly his mystery and power. What does this symbol mean and whom it is suitable, let’s tell.

Tattoo value

Initially, the symbol in the form of a pentagram was considered astronomical. The first similar image was found in the area of ​​Mesopotamia and according to the calculations of scientists dated a period of 2 thousand. years before our era. It is believed that there this symbol was a scheme that showed the trajectory of the motion of Venus.

Egyptians in antiquity This image was also associated with astronomy, they had a star symbol. Only after a while the image in the form of a five-pointed star in the circle began to endow supernatural, occult value.

Special meaning of the Pentagram had for Pythagoreans. For them, she was a symbol of silence. After the initiation, they needed to keep silence 5 years, giving themselves entirely and fully teaching.

The duration of silence, by the way, is also chosen to be no coincidence – this is due to the number of top peaks: they are also 5.

Symbols of tattoo in the form of a pentagram is quite diverse. Many believe that the Pentagram is exclusively a devilish sign that does not carry anything good and positive. However, this is not quite true. You can interpret its value in different ways, depending on the parts that it is inherent. Pentagram can mean both evil and good, both darkness and light.

A great influence on the value of the tattoo is where the top of a five-pointed star is directed.

It is believed that the pentagram, the star of which is located directly, carries only positive, bright and good. Such an image can be a protectiveness for a person and the most real warrant of evil forces, spirits, demons and other supernatural.

In confirmation, you can bring a plurality of movietin, where the pentagram for heroes served as defense – for example, The most famous series “Supernatural”, whose heroes, Dean and Sam Winchester used a pentagram to protect against demons and combat them.

By the way, these heroes on the body also showed a tattoo in the form of a pentagram.

Besides, Such a sign is actively used by good sorcerers who are engaged in bright magic. In the modern world it is believed that the image of a direct pentagram on the body will bring success to its owner, good luck, luck, desire for the goal, leadership, prosperity and health. Such a drawing will symbolize friendship with elements and eternal youth.

A twisted star whose vertex is directed down, on the contrary, is considered a devilish symbol. Most often, he preferred those people who belong to such subculture as goths. In addition, a similar symbol is often used by sorcerers that are engaged in dark magic. Such a pentagram, as a rule, are drawn to call evil spirits, and sometimes the devil himself.

For many, the star in the circle personifies a person. The top of the star is a man’s head, all the other four end are arms and legs. In addition, there is another interpretation of the pentagram, the top of which is directed up. So, on one of the versions, five of its ends symbolize five human feelings. According to another version of the top of the five-marked star personify the elements: Spirit, air, fire, water and earth.

Such an image can be considered in the context of Christianity. In this case, the five-pointed star will mean Jesus Christ, or rather, five wounds, from which he later died. In addition, Christians have another interpretation of this mysterious symbol. So, each of the angles of the five-pointed star is interpreted as follows: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and two others – the human and divine nature of Jesus Christ.

To whom it is suitable?

The tattoo in the form of a pentagram is suitable for both men and girls, regardless of their age. The first, as a rule, puff like this kind of tattoo is somewhat more frequent than the representatives of the beautiful floor. However, in both cases, this image will look quite interesting, it is impressive and mysterious, especially if you got a good master.

The most often such an image for a tattoo is preferred by the personality, which seek to stand out and have a great interest in all mystical, supernatural and mysterious.

Options sketches

There are many options with the image of the Pentagram. It can be both full-fledged paintings with a large number of elements that occupy a fairly large section of the skin and small images for which it takes quite a bit.

Most often this kind of drawings make in black and white, often adding and red.

Other shades are used much less frequently, especially if we are talking about small images in which there are no items, in addition to the main symbol.

Tattoo style with a picture of the pentagram can be almost any. Most often, people wishing to do such a tattoo give preference to such a style as minimalism. It is characterized by simplicity and clarity. As a rule, such a style choose those people who wish to see in their body a pentagram without any other elements.

If you want to add one or other composite details to the tattoo, then in this case we recommend paying your preference to such a style as realism for which the drawing of the smallest parts is characteristic.

In addition to realism, the styles such as tribal, biomechanics and steampunk are common for tattoos in the form of a pentagram. Such style solutions are more suitable for those who wish that the tattoo looks not only realistic, but also somewhat frightened.

In addition, we recommend looking at this option as a monochrome pattern consisting of points and lines. As a rule, this option is performed in styles such as graphics, doustrian and tresh polka.

Where to apply?

With the location of the tattoo in the form of a five-pointed star in a circle everything is not easy enough. In general, it is possible to arrange it anywhere, depending on your preferences: on your chest, wrist, neck, hand, back, on brush hands and not only. However, it is worth considering some features of the image.

  • So, if we talk about people who relate to one or another subcultures, then they often apply a similar image in the neck area or a nape. So they try to attract more attention to themselves.

  • In addition, if you want your tattoo to be unambiguous, and only a positive value, you should not make it on the wrist. This is due to the fact that when changing the position of the hand, the symbol will also change its position, that is, the top of the five-marched star will be supposed to be downstairs, which means committed to dark forces, then again at the top, which symbolizes the light and welcome. However, if it worries little, then such a drawing can be boldly to apply on the wrist.

  • The choice of place for the tattoo depends also from its planned size. So, the drawing can be miniature and uncomplicated – exactly such an image, by the way, most often choose girls. It looks sufficiently strictly and concise. For such an image, it is best to choose a shoulder or caviar.

  • If you plan to make a full-fledged picture with this symbol, then in this case it is worth choosing a place that is characterized by the highest skin area: it’s, for example, a back or chest. This option is preferably chosen by men, however, it is suitable for representatives of the beautiful floor.

Beautiful examples

There are many beautiful sketches with the image of the Pentagram. Such drawings can be both large and small. Here are just some of them.

  • For example, a tattoo made in black color. It is such a drawing that was depicted on the bodies of the heroes of the series “Supernatural” – Dina and Sam Winchester.

  • Here is another interesting sketch for a similar tattoo. He will suit those who wish to see in her body a big drawing.

  • But the tattoo in red, complemented by mysterious symbolism.

  • Someone will like the options for more detailed images with this symbol.

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