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Tattoo with a sign of punctuation in the form of a point with a comma at first glance seems very simple, but at the same time filled with a strong meaning. This trend is not from those who quickly pass and leave behind the trace. All over the world, the point with a comma is in demand, as it allows you to highlight problems associated with unstable mental health. Such a tattoo is part of the history of those who wish to hurt themselves are subject to depression, disturbance, various dependencies and daily go to the battle with them.


Tattoo “Point of Sein” appeared thanks to a non-commercial project created by Amy Blue. Her father committed suicide, after which suicidal thoughts began to visit her. She tried to fight with them. As a result, a project in honor of Father Bluelal became a world traffic, inspiring and prompting people to live and deal with suicidal thoughts. The project website says that The punctuation mark in the form of a point with a comma is customary, if the author may, but does not finish the proposal.

Such a simple symbol is able every day to remind that There is a lot of words in life that it is important to say. The tattoo point with a comma is suitable for those who are not subject to depression, but understands and wants to support struggling with self-vacation. The image is filled with a deep meaning and can also become a memory of a close person who died unnatural death.

It’s amazing that such a symbol on the body is able to combine people and show how global problem is.

Applying a point with a comma, It is worth being ready for a complete self-control of actions and wish to deal with all bad. And the light symbol means a heavy battle. Movement with a tattoo in the form of a punctuation mark is designed to motivate people who have similar problems.

The image stimulates to look back for the past, evaluate the path traveled and outline new. You can always start rewriting the history of your life, you should not finish it with suicide.

Options sketches

Point with a comma looks good as an independent tattoo and in addition to various elements. Most often, together with the sign of punctuation, butterfly, wings, birds, landscapes, waves, feather, flowers, heart or heartbeat line are applied. To date, there is a huge number of interesting sketches. One of them – a small point with a comma in black, applied to the finger.

The originality of the punctuation sign, made with a soft transition in shades of gray, as well as with white glare. A little unusual shadow, and the drawing turns into a spectacular three-dimensional, which made it look like water droplets.

Communication point with semicolons with multi-colored wings, you can get a butterfly tattoo. Having made such a drawing on the wrist, you can express hope for the best.

A new life path can be associated with flying birds to which punctuation sign harmoniously. This tattoo will be a good motivator to fight.

It’s amazing how well the point with a comma point can look. Especially if they illustrate the landscape, the sea and whale in black and gray colors.

Point and comma may look very original if they make them in the form of a sink and waves. At the same time, blue-blue bubbles will be an excellent addition.

To express your position against suicides, there is no need to apply a big tattoo. Quite a small punctuation mark in an inverted form.

The symbol hanging in the loop will be a reminder that it is necessary to find strength to fight. At the same time, you can safely seek help from your loved ones or professionals.

Beautifully miniature punctuation sign will look at the ankle. Here he is rather reminiscent of a couple of moles, but it does not lose his meaning.

Tattoo with point and comma, complemented by crossed arrows, often made by pair. This is due to the fact that they are a symbol of real friendship.

A great made old handle with a pen may end an unusual punctuation mark. Such an image is filled with the idea of ​​writing your own life story.

Point and comma can harmoniously fit into a large and attractive cat. Especially good such a tattoo will look in the watercolor style.

Black drawing, located inside a watercolor blue spot, looks good on the skin. Such an effect is created by contrast between colors.

Sometimes the point and comma are becoming an addition to the main image. For example, a very profitable sign looks in conjunction with intricate sunflowers against the background of geometric shapes.

Even a small sketch can be diversified, for example, replacing the usual point for a nice heart.

Realistically, how life approval looks like a heartset line in black. Its very impressive can be supplemented with a sign of punctuation and blue barely noticeable heart. Such a tattoo is filled with deep meaning and associated with a continuation of life.

The heart, a permeated point with a comma, will look softer and elegant if adding soft watercolor background. It is optimal in it to combine pink, yellow and purple colors.

Expressive butterfly in watercolor style, symbolizes a new beginning and hope. So that the story continues, despite the dark times, it can be supplemented by inspirational text.

To appreciate the life even more, you can supplement the point with the comma with a small cross. This image will look great on the wrist as a reminder of the faith and the need for daily struggle.

Very clean and heavy lines in black, merge into the bracelet with dots and comma. Such a drawing can mean recovery, despite the big difficulties.

Purposeful personalities can add a comma point and lines. It will not let you forget about the goal and will allow to derive from the depressive state.

Offer on hand, which ends with a beautiful punctuation mark, means that life also continues.

If you want to make a very personal tattoo, it is better to use a white color that does not stand out on the body.

A spectacular addition to the point and the comma will be wings. It will encourage to change on their life path.

Original umbrellas are suitable for best friends and accurately attract attention.

The punctuation sign in the form of a point with a comma can be applied in any style. However, adherents of this tattoo prefer the following directions.


Images in this style are distinguished by large areas, painted black paint. As well as characteristic features are simplicity, geometric shapes, dense color. However, it is not about each tattoo made in black shades, we can say that it is Blackworg. It is important that the style reflects the big images. Even staining of integer parts of the body in black.


According to some specialists, this style can be considered part of the doorway. For directions, a clear image is characteristic, consisting of strict and straight lines that are necessarily solid. Linvork appeared relatively recently, but quickly became popular thanks to the original form. Sketches in this style always look bright and immediately remembered.

Tattoo can be done in any color, but it is advisable to stop the choice on black or red.


The style is characterized by ease, delicate flowers, smooth subteps, giving the tattoo of originality. This direction turns the full images to the picturesque paintings. Air and transparent lines are impressive and create a drawing effect using conventional paint, without using a tattoo machine. Such tattoo attracted attention to even those who are not very much to classic styles. Nice to wear a watercolor picture on your body, and not keep it on the wall.


The birthplace of this style is the United States, and his story began in the middle of the twentieth century. This direction is one of the most popular in the art of Tat. For the traditional stories based on the motives of the late XIX – early XX centuries, and at first they were used by sailors and travelers. Among distinctive features should be noted Simple execution technique, plot without deep meaning and complex philosophy. Fattags are understandable to residents of all countries.


Images performed in geometry style attract clear lines and shapes. Tattoos look like Plexction in a single integer direct lines with geometric shapes. Geometry can be seen in each subject, which is easy to display in the image, material or color. This direction is easily combined with various sketches.


This style appeared in the XXI century and quickly began to gain popularity. Interesting and attractive drawings look more spectacular than ordinary. Such tattoo you want not only to look at, but also touch. However, complex images can qualitatively apply only a high-level professional, which will work all the details, effects and correctly select colors. It should be borne in mind that Multicolored 3D tattoos are losing brightness over time, and they have to adjust them to keep an unusual effect.

Places of application

Image of a point with a comma as a tattoo can be applied anywhere on the body. Easy and small sketches of sketches will be perfectly looked anywhere. Of course, the most popular places of the tattoo with the sign of punctuation are fingers, ankles and zones for ears.

Similarly, the images performed on the wrist are originally. The main thing is to choose a composition in black or different colors that will force life every day for the better.

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