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Extremely rarely applied tattoo without thinking what’s the point she carries. Most often, the tattoo expresses the inner world of man or is his faith. Under any circumstances it should look aesthetic. All about the Tattoo “Poseidon” will be interested to know the one who attracted the image of the Vladyka Seas.


Poseidon – the god of the sea, one of the significant gods in mythology, which constantly engaged in the fight against Brother Zeus. Mighty, bold, confident in their abilities, to some extent, even formidable. With a good arms of this thumbtail, the sea is quiet and calm, with his poor mood of the storms and storms angered sea surface, and better at this time do not feel fate, entering the possession of Poseidon.

All this suggests that There are no multivalued interpretations in Poseidon. This image symbolizes power, power, the ability to confront any difficulties, to achieve their goals, and if necessary, combat the enemies. And this means that such an image is particularly popular in men.

If the owner wants to emphasize his masculinity, uniqueness and strength, he will definitely turn to the image of a powerful Poseidon.

To all other Such a tattoo is a powerful wubbler to a greater extent for those who are associated with the sea. These may be sailors, fishermen, travelers, even divers and surfers. These are the people who spend a lot of time in the sea, so the favor of Poseidon does not prevent them.

Besides, Tattoo can be applied by those who are in love with the sea, which means that any symbolism associated with it will be relevant. And if suddenly the girl wants to apply such a tattoo, it will not look strange. The meaning contained in such a tattoo happens to women. Such a tattoo will want to make a strong, purposeful and self-sufficient woman who does not hurry before difficulties and hopes only.

Options sketches

An indispensable satellite of Poseidon is, of course, a trident. And so it is almost always present in the figure, whatever image style is chosen. Does not play roles and place placement. Of course, the tattoo does not give a shoulder not such a big scope for a fantasy when, for example, at the disposal of Tattoo masters, the whole back, but you can always choose the best option for each client.

Because Poseidon is the Lord of the Seas, it is extremely rarely depicted as a separate character. Usually, there are marine waves next to it, even clouds and zippers are depicted. Skillful masters are very organically transmitted by the image of the storm, and such a tattoo can be both black and white and colored. Next to Poseidon often depict the ship, lighthouse, shark or dolphin. There are images on which there is an underground city.

The view of Poseidon can also be different – from a calm and serene to the awesome-terrible. Usually, in the image of Poseidon, attention is paid not only to its flutter hair and facial features, but also a well-drawn muscular body. Therefore, sometimes such an image on the tattoo is associated with sexuality. Many find that Poseidon, despite its respectable age, looks very attractive. And it’s hard to argue with it.

There is another option of the sea king, which looks not just not scary, but very nice. These are images from cartoons. It is usually colored bright tattoo that carry a lot of positive.

Where to post?

Since for the most part such a tattoo is considered a male, then the places for it are chosen by those who are more popular with men. Most often such images can be seen on hand. But in most cases the plot takes the whole sleeve. Wherein At the top can be located Poseidon with a trident, and at the bottom of the ship – in sea waves. In the background can be depicted either the sun, or clouds and thunderstorms. Such a tattoo looks impressive, especially if a real master attached to his creation.

No less popular places for the image of Poseidon are chest and spin. Moreover, the drawing can start on the chest and flop on the back. Since this figure is still large-scale, and the marine stories look very attractive, such tattoos can rarely meet on the wrist, neck, leg and all the more feet. Although for a woman a good option can be an image in an ankle or blades. Any option is negotiated with the master, he will definitely tell me where it is wiser to place such a tattoo.

Beautiful examples

To evaluate all the beauty and scale of tattoo, it is worth looking at ready-made examples and make sure that options may be many.

  • Poseidon with a trident, rising from the waves, looks awesome and at the same time majestically. A bright and large-scale tattoo requires a large area, a lot of work wizard and customer patience.

  • The cartoon hero, despite the trident, waves and lightning, looks quite friendly. As a guard, this tattoo is exactly.

  • In this case, Poseidon appears before us in its sea kingdom, and it looks very impressive.

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