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Scarab is a beetle, the image of which is enveloped by a variety of mysteries and secrets, which is largely due to the Egyptian culture. The article will talk about what the tattoo with the image of this insect means, and what kind of varieties exist.


Scarab is an insect that belongs to the family of Zhukov-Merrogen. This creature is common in most areas where sand prevails. For this reason, it is often met in Egypt. There is one of the varieties of the beetle of scarabs even revered as sacred.

Egyptian scarab is considered sacred outreach, the reason for this is the features of the masonry of his eggs. As a rule, the scarab laying off his larvae in a flat ball formed by pulling, after that the ball fell into the ground, and then, after a certain time period, it is closer to the water – it is in that place and a new generation of bugs appears. At the same time, the Egyptians, watching the movement of the ball, noticed that he was moving, like the sun, on the east side to Western.

Because of this, the Egyptian scarab began to be associated with the Sun, he began to consider it by the personification of the birth of a new life, and his image was counted among the sacred. Interestingly, the fact that the solar Egyptian God Hepry was also depicted with his head, which in shape resembled scarab.

Besides, According to one of the versions, it was believed that the beetle itself, according to the ideas of the Egyptians, originated from deserted sands. There is another version according to which this beetle appeared from the nose of God Osiris, which was beheaded. Thus, the scarab seemed to report to the world that Osiris was again resurrected in heaven – for this reason, for many this image symbolizes the revival. Even at the present time, this insect in Egypt relate to special respect, and the talismans with his image are used to this day.

It is worth mentioning about the meaning of this image on the tattoo. In antiquity, the priests applied priests and rulers. It was believed that this would give them the opportunity for rebirth in the next life.

At the same time, such a tattoo will suit almost anyone. It is universal, wearing it can both women and men. And for those and for other, the image of the Egyptian scarab on the body will become a powerful amulet, which gives its owner of power, vital energy will help him achieve the intended goals. In addition, it also means a revival, developed spiritual world, wisdom, immortality of the soul.

It is worth mentioning the meaning of this image in the interpretation of Eastern Culture. So, it is believed that scarab is a powerful talisman or an overlap, which helps improve their well-being, contributes to career growth, helps to solve financial issues, gives happiness and success, protects against unclean forces and unkind views, contributes to the preservation of youth and strengthens male sexual power. In addition, many believe that this beetle is able to help women in infertility.

Tattoo options

In style

Tattoo with a pattern on which scarab is depicted, can be performed in a variety of styles.

So, Pretty interesting looks on the body such a designer decision, as a realism. Usually, this kind of drawings look like naturally and naturally due to the fact that the master draws each of those present in the composition of the elements. Such drawings can be made both in color and in black and white color – it depends only on the drawing, the plot and the wishes of the client itself, on which body will be a drawing.

However, it is worth considering that the style in the style of realism is very difficult, so the wizard for such a job is worth choosing a good one who has a proper level of skill, defined skills, extensive experience and talent. Otherwise, you may not like the result.

Styles such as graphics, watercolor, Newskul, Egyptian style, thrash-polka, minimalism, Linvork and some others, here will be appropriate here too. Watching such images on the body is very interesting. In proper execution, such a drawing will be able to emphasize the individuality of its owner, its positive qualities.

According to the plot

Tattoos may differ not only by style, but also according to the composite component.

Quite often, the Egyptian beetle of scarabs is depicted as an independent image that can be supplemented with such an element as, for example, the pattern. This pattern can be depicted from purely aesthetic motivations, and maybe carry some hidden and deeper promise – it depends only on the desire of the owner of the native image. Often as an additional element in such a picture, wings with feathers are used, many reminiscent wings of birds or even the heavenly angel. Such wings only emphasize the connection of the scarab with Divine and will strengthen its meaning. This kind of image is universal, that is, fit both female sex and male.

More complex compositions with the beetle Scarab are also very interesting and enjoy greatly popular. People who delighted into the study of the interpretation of this native image often decide on their body scarab in combination with a boat “RA”, sacred phoenix and the eye of the mountain. Such a tattoo will become a powerful guard for its owner, and will also mean his wisdom, the depth of his soul, will bring him happiness and success in all endeavors.

The option of the composition in which not only the Egyptian beetle of scarab is present, but also two deities, Isis and oil, also looks very interesting. Such a native figure carries a deep promise, personifying the relationship between earth and heavenly.

Quite often, you can see the following plot: scarab, which rolls the ball or is located on the Egyptian cross, called anch. Both images have a deep meaning. The interpretation of these drawings is similar, they both symbolize wisdom, purposefulness, light, willpower, good luck. Egyptians believe that a person who has such a nutrient drawings will be given eternal life even after death.

Often, scarabs on the tattoo is depicted with a symbol of Tau with a dot, which is located on his back. Such a drawing also carries a deep meaning, symbolizing the desire of a person to noble and high goals, as well as success and good luck in all endeavors.

Where you can fill?

A tattoo with the image of the scarab can be placed in any zone of the body depending on the preferences of the carrier of the future tattoo and the size of the image. Most often, such drawings do not differ in the large size, and therefore they are located on the wrist, neck, clavicle or edge.

If your image is variable, then in this case it will be best located on the back or chest.

Beautiful examples

There are many variants of sketches of tattoos depicting the Egyptian beetle Scarab. They can be performed in different stylistic and color solutions, vary in the plot and size. Below will present the options for such a tattoo.

Among them:

  • Beautiful watercolor options+

  • Black and white realistic images+

  • Breast and back+

  • Interesting tattoo on the thigh+

  • Scarab, supplemented with wings of different types+

  • Tattoo “Scarab”, beautifully decorated with stones and chains for girls.

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