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Skat is an amazing fish. It looks pretty aesthetic and majestically. For this reason, people increasingly depict it on their body as a tattoo. Should know what the tattoo mean.

Tattoo value

Fashion on the image of different marine inhabitants went from Polynesia, which combines many states. Polynesia is the birthplace of tattoo art. In the ancient times, tattoos were applied not so much for aesthetics, how much to protect. Thus, people tend to try to attract help from the gods and higher strength, hoping for their favor.

Especially in demand by Polynesians became an image of the skate. This creature is distinguished by its power and greatness, for many it means freedom and even some riddle. It is believed that Polynesians have a scalp symbol occupies one of the first places among the rest of the symbolism.

At this time, about 300 types of skates live in the seas and oceans. They differ from each other. Coloring, sizes and some biological features, however, the structure of the body in all species similar. Interestingly, many types of skates have the opportunity to slow down the reduction of the heart to 15 times per minute, as well as change coloring depending on the circumstances – all this helps them defend themselves from enemies.

In this regard, some people emphasize the image of such qualities as flexibility, exemption, the ability to leave the most difficult situations, trick, and sometimes even cynicism and a tendency to hypocrisy.

However, the scat is a harmless animal who is not characteristic of aggressively respond to people who are making traveling through the underwater world. For this reason, it is believed that the skate is the personification of peacefulness, sociability, friendly attitude.

The image of this water inhabitant depicted on the human body can be interpreted and somewhat different. It depends on the plot features of the tattoo. So, the tattoo with the image of the skate can also symbolize the power, emphasize the leadership qualities of a person who is a carrier of the drawing on its body.

It is worth noting that this sea inhabitant, as a rule, does not tend to attack other water inhabitants.

Skates do not differ aggressiveness, but have such a protective mechanism as an electric discharge. They can paralyze the enemy or even kill. However, use this protective mechanism of the skates only in cases where they really threaten the danger. For this reason, the image of this fish is interpreted as an impersonation of wisdom, equilibrium, tranquility, reasonable, as well as the ability for themselves to stand.

Tattoo with a skate in some cases can mean strength, the ability to transfer different kinds of difficulty and overcome them, as well as determination. Tattoo with this kind of image suitable for both girls and men. And for those and for others, it carries only a positive promise, and sometimes it can serve as a strong faith.


There are many types of tattoos with skates. They can be performed in a variety of styles. It may be such a style decision, as a realism, which is characteristic of detailing and stylization. The choice of style depends only from the master and from the preferences of his client.

For people who want to make themselves a tattoo-charm in the form of a skate, the image is best suited to the Polynesian style, which can rightfully be considered native to this image. Polynesians, portraying on their body skate, sincerely believed that such a drawing will provide them with full protection against unclean forces, evil thoughts and other negative. Such a tattoo had the following features: its upper part was considered as a magnet for positive energy, the fins of the skate were considered as something that could feel dangerous and prevent it. In the central part of such a tattoo placed an image of a flower, considered a personal symbol of the tattoo owner.

Special value has such a variation of tattoo, like a slope with a long tail. In antiquity, the tail of the skate was actively used by people who lived on the Pacific Coast, to create arrows. Such an arrow subsequently became quite strong weapons, the reason for which it was not only the presence of a jar on her tip, but also the Skate poison remaining on it, which could cause a big enemy damage. For this reason, the tattoo of a hat with a long tail symbolizes strength, excerpt, invulnerability and ability to repel.

As a rule, on such tattoos, they depict the sea devil – just as the Manta’s skate is called. This creature looks really terribly and frightening. It has a long and pointed tail, its size can be about 9 m wide, and weight – up to 3 tons.

For those who wish to emphasize their leadership qualities and strength, it is recommended to portray in your body a picture of a “flying”. These marine inhabitants have the ability to perform jumps whose height can reach 3 m. As a rule, such jumps make a partition lead, having a goal to submit to other relatives to one or another signal.

If you do not want to endow the image in the form of a skate on your body in any deep meaning and apply it from aesthetic motives, then in this case you can make a stylized tattoo. Especially interesting will look such a drawing, made in watercolor styles using different bright colors, minimalism or graphics.

Where to apply?

Tattoo with the image of such a marine inhabitant, like a scat, can be made practically on any part of the body. It can be back, hand, wrist, thigh, blades, caviar, chest or other zones. The most role is played by the preferences of the future tattoo owner, as well as the scale of the image itself.

If the drawing is characterized by a large size, it is best located in the back area, chest or forearm. The last option, by the way, for most people is most preferable, because the process of applying a tattoo in this place is the least painful.

For small tattoos it will suit almost any place on the body. Such images look very carefully and low. Usually, such drawings are applied by people who do not want to attract unnecessary attention from the outside.

Beautiful examples

There are many beautiful sketches for tattoos with a picture of a skate.

  • For example, a tattoo-charm, made in Polynesian style.

  • There are stylized versions of such a drawing. They can be performed both in color and in black and white format.

  • There is a variant of tattoos with the presence of a plot. Best of all, such images look at those places of the body, which are characterized by the greatest skin area.

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