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Animal tattoos demonstrate personality personality and emphasize character characteristics. From the material of this article you will learn about the meaning and types of the Tattoo “Snow Bars”. In addition, we will note the best styles of execution and place for applying.


Snow Leopard (Snow Cat, White Leopard, IRBIS) personifies power and inner rod. This is the relic sign, the power of the spirit. Such tattoos choose individuals with an independent character that are not alien to solitude. Snow leopard sign on the body can have a different meaning. For example, a tattoo means the nobility of the owner, his confidence in its own. People with such decoration are capable of extraordinary acts, often shock their behavior.

Often they are not at all interested in the opinion of others. Tattoo with Irbis choose those who consider themselves the full owner of their fate. These are people with the developed feelings of nobility, justice and honor. Depending on the attached meaning, the beast can endure magical qualities. A sign on the body can be a kind of totem, so sometimes depicted with wings. This is a sign of a happy omen, protection symbol, the image of a sacred warrior.

It can also symbolize the high-ranking position of the carrier. Snow leopard highlights the owner of the crowd. Such decorations choose girls with grace and dexterity. They are friendly, soft-hearted. Men with a snow cat tattoo carefully and are in no hurry to make rapid actions. Like a wild cat, they can easily merge with the crowd, but always attentive in relation to others.

They know how to make a lot and make the right conclusions. These men are inner peace and excerpt. Their solutions are thoughtful, convictions solid. Such personalities are constantly developing spiritually and physically.

Men With a tattoo of Irbis – supporters of honest actions. They do not consider it necessary to apply physical strength without much need. Do not help their loved ones. They can turn in the clouds, not paying attention to small household problems.

Owners of this decoration are slightly removed from earthly reality. This trait of character allows them to always be positive, and Girls – romantic over the years. This facilitates not only personal life, but also professional activities.

Styles of execution

The predatory beast is stuffed in various techniques.

  • One of the most popular is the style of realism. This manner is distinguished by dense paint. It is characterized by photographic accuracy of sketch sketch on the skin. From other technician realism is distinguished by drawing every smallest element. These are shadows and halftones, color transmission, volume, naturalistic. Such tattoo stuff professionals with rich work experience. Depending on the type and size of the drawing, several sessions can take.

  • No less popular equipment watercolor. It uses bright pigments. As with the packing of realistic tattoo, pigments are mixed here to create the desired volume. The difference between the techniques is the picture. These images more resemble art paintings than photos.

  • Safety technique may not only be color, but also a monophonic. Black and white leopard can look no less realistic. In this case, the master can combine different packing techniques. Realism can be combined with elements of Japanese, traditional techniques. The beast is complemented by various background and decor. Often these are plot compositions, emphasizing the inner world of the owner.

  • Speecually watching combined tattoo In a realistic manner, Augmented styling. Two-color compositions look beautiful. For example, it can be a black and white drawing of a beast with blue (golden) eyes or, for example, blue snowflakes.

  • Style Tradishnl – Classic tattoo. They recognizable in simple drawing, the use of bright pigments and the black contour stroke of each element. There is no volume, minimum of shadows and realism. Such a tattoo is often complemented by flowers, foliage, stylized items. As realism and watercolor, this technique can be portrait. Most often it is a face of an animal, sometimes in aggressive form.

It is often complemented by daggers, roses, spikes.

  • Style “Minimalism” implies the absence of decorative elements and drawing. Often it is a drawing performed by one contour. In addition, it has no background, shadows, consists of key parts. Performed by black pigment.

Options sketches

Tattoo with a snow leopard universally. It fits men and women. However, the techniques and styles of packing in both sexes are somewhat different.

For women

Snow Leopard On the female body Differs on the softness used technician and story sketch. It can be portrait watercolor With a slightly blurred edges of a picture or image resembling wet watercolor. Snow leopard is often decorated with flowers (for example, lilies). It can be attached in foliage and grass. The face of the animal is calm, the look is expressive and focused.

In addition to watercolor girls choose tattoo in the technique realism. At the same time, they ask to fill Irbis in a black and white version or using the most natural paints. Wild Cat can be complemented by a vintage background, precious decorations. Beautiful looks on the body. Composition with Irbis on the background of the snowy mountains. The use of natural pigments gives a picture of a special aesthetics and realistic. Like girls and barts-kittens.

In addition, women’s tattoos can depict thoughtful, sad beast. Depending on the technique, this can be a composition in motion or possession of a resting predator.

For men

Unlike women’s tattoo, symbols for men are distinguished by brutality and special design. Such an IRBIS can be aggressive, about which, for example, say drawings with grinding and sharp claws. The techniques of men choose different (for example, realism, tradition, Old Skyl, Tresh Polka). Often these are professional tattoos with a thorough drawing of animal wool, its powerful paws, claws, teeth and up to glare in the eyes.

One of the chic options is a snow leopard in the technique Realism, Combined with an organic style. In such tattoos, the beast is often combined with torn skin. At the same time, the master creates the effect of a smooth transition, the snow leopard as if hiding inside the human body. In a simpler (traditional) manner of IRBIS, most often aggressive. Often it is a muzzle with a grind. Add-ons can be bright roses, arrows or even inscriptions.

Where to apply?

Place for applying tattoos depends on the size, type of equipment, anatomical features of the body, the age of the client.

  • Best “Canvas” for large drawings and compositions – Back. It is less than other parts of the body are subject to age-related changes.
  • Scene sleeve tattoo stuff on the whole or her top. Complex prints are well visible on the muscular body. Therefore, when choosing a hand, you need to consider that you have to constantly maintain a sports form.
  • The same applies to choosing a place for a snow leopard on a shovel, chest, thigh and lower back, on the side. It is undesirable to fill the Irbis on the stomach, as he saves the fastest of other parts of the body.
  • Small drawings can be fill on the shoulder and forearm. Scene compositions will be nice to look at the foot, from the hip to the knee. For example, here you can fill the predator in motion, jumping, squeezing to its prey.
  • Beautiful pictures of small sizes can be applied to the inside of the hand. Small options will be well visible at the bottom of the hand, near the brush or even on the fingers. For example, it can be a tattoo “minimalism”.
  • The location of the tattoo on the leg can be in front, on the side, rear. Beautifully looks like a Barca tattoo in motion, located diagonally from the hip to the knee.
  • Unusual option – location on the inside of the brushes. At the same time, the tattoo can be pairwise symmetrical. For example, it can be two ice mordes in the style of minimalism or geometry.
  • Creative will look for two leopards, waking a female neck. Also a wild cat can be located on the neck or under it.

Some individuals feed the animal on the head, having a temple before the neck on one side.

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