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Tattoo history has not one millennium. Today we will tell detail about how much images are attached to the tattoo Sun and Moon, What patterns are suitable for girls and men and where they are better to place them.

What does and who will come?

Man began to cover his body with tattoos more than 50 thousand years ago. Ancient tribes applied to the skin of wild animals surrounding their natural phenomena, events and ritual characters. Some species of drawings determined the belonging of their owner to one or another nation. At the same time, not only men covered their skin with tattoos, among women such a painting was equally in demand. For example, in one of the Japanese tribes of Ain in patterns on the face of a woman, it was possible to determine its family status and number of children.

Interesting Fact: In the ancient times, the tattoos were used mainly by the refinery, the scarring was used for this purpose.

At all times, the application of tattoos was a kind of ritual, to which only chosen. Tradition to decorate your body drawings existed for many years, it still exists to this day. However, now such a painting is, rather, tribute to fashion, and not a ritual.

Throughout history, people used moon and sun images in tattoo. It is not surprising, because they have always been the symbols of worship and identified with the Supreme Entity. The moon and the sun are the biggest celestial luminaries, the person watched them the very moment of his origin, all the lives on our planet depends on them.

Estimation of centuries people prayed for them and brought them victims. Ancient Celts even considered them the eyes of the gods – they argued that through The sun Higher forces are watching people during the day, and through Luna – at night. Other nationalities had belief that the sun was a bright deity, the moon – his antipode.

According to many cults, the sun was the personification of eternal life and the enlightened soul of man, it carried positive energy. The moon was covered with a halo of pacification and mysticism. At the same time, people believed that in their power, the satellite of the Earth is able to even eclipse the supreme luminaire.

Whatever sacral meaning in the image of the Sun and the Moon, our ancestors believed that these shines have a huge impact on human life. People sincerely believed that applying their images on the skin in the form of a tattoo, a person connects two opposites in this way, receives a sign of unity of the male and female.

In some Tattoo tribes in the form of the Sun, good shamans were applied to themselves, the moon portrayed evil sorcerers. They argued that if such symbols on the skin are applied, the gods will share with them a part of the power that helped create the universe.

Nowadays, the symbols of the Moon and the Sun make predominantly romantic nature. They are suitable for people of the philosophical warehouse of the mind that try to achieve moral and physical enlightenment. However, to this day there are people who invest in such a tattoo occult meaning.

Options sketches

Tattoos with a pattern of the Moon and the Sun are performed in different versions.

  • The sun and the moon are located on distance from each other.
  • The moon absorbs the sun or vice versa.
  • Patterns in the form of celestial luminaries, spilled in a single whole. They symbolize black and white, good and evil. This tattoo shows that in each person there is both bright and dark side. Some glow shone in the form of Yin and Yang icons, so connecting male and female energy.

The same image of celestial bodies can take a variety of outlines.

  • Black Sun – this image came from the culture of the Scandinavian countries. He personifies the relationship of an ordinary person with the sphere of occult sciences. Black shine is a symbol of faith in the otherworldly life.
  • Slavyanskoye The sun is considered to be a faith, designed to remove its owner from trouble, registerings of enemies and ailments. In the Slavs, the symbol of the Sun has always been the most serious religious sign and deeply revered.
  • Ascending The sun personifies the spiritual path, faith in the best and start of a new life. Usually such a luminaire is styled with color in Japanese style.
  • Sun with eyes – A similar tattoo is borrowed from deep ancient times when people read the shone as the eyes of divine entities through which they are watching people. Such a picture on the body shows that her owner believes in the power of the highest strength over his life. In addition, in some cultures, it indicates the intention of a person to become the leader and manage the surrounding.

The sun on tattoos is color or monophonic. It is depicted in different styles, got the greatest distribution:

  • minimalism+
  • tribe+
  • Blackvork+
  • realism+
  • old school.

For gentle girls, watercolor style is allowed, in this case the sun complements the moon, plants or other intricate decors.

No less variety and image of the moon is different. Very popular tattoo depicting all lunar phases placed in one row. In general, in the language of the symbol, any phase of the moon has its own individual value. They collected together, they symbolize immortality, revival, as well as the cyclicity of all that is happening in the world.

Images of individual phases have other meanings:

  • Full moon – completeness and perfection+
  • Growing month – impossible, beginning+
  • Descending Moon – Restriction, Completion of the Former Path.

However, there are those who are suitable for similar sketches with humor. For example, some depict drawings repeating the staff of the Nile Armstrong’s stay on the Earth’s satellite. Others projection on the cosmic body view of the star of death. Such tattoo do not make any sense and are no more than a fashion trend.

Where best to locate?

The tattoo “Moon and the Sun” is popular both among men and women. It can be placed on a variety of body parts – it depends only on the size of the picture and individual tastes of the person. As practice shows, most often representatives of the strong floor choose for a similar image of hands, caviar, breasts or a plot between the blades. Women prefer to apply tattoo on wrist, lower back or feet.

If you decide to cover your skin with tattoos, be sure to check – whether they will correspond to the dress code of the company in which you work or only plan to get a job. If such extravagant images in the firm are not welcome, you can place an image in the parts of the body, invisible for third-party views:

  • on the back of the thigh+
  • buttocks+
  • In the pubic zone+
  • on the neck+
  • At the bottom of the belly.

Tattoo is applied once and for life. Do not forget that with age, some parts of the body begin to deform, and the picture acquires distorted outlines. So that this does not happen, pick up areas less than the other time exposed to time. It can be back, ankle, wrist or shoulder area.

Beautiful examples

Tattoo in the form of the sun and the moon carries a positively charged message.

It is believed that the owners of such a tattoo acquire the harmony of the inner world. They look different on men and women.

Girls whose skin is decorated in a similar way, produce a mysterious and mysterious impression. They are well aware of this and actively enjoy their power. They like that the beloved man on grains opens them for himself the same way as the sun illuminates the moon, gradually running MGLU.

Such a female tattoo can be viewed as a sign of combining opposites – this symbol woman makes it clear that it is a multi-cable and can be both an angel and demon.

In men, the tattoo is interpreted completely different. In antiquity in many tribes, the sun symbolized good, and the moon – evil. Despite such a serious contradiction, the use of a joint image listed on the body of representatives of the strong floor has always been a symbol of the patronage of the Divine Forces. A similar tattoo shows that a man can be different, but invariably strong and powerful. His owners believe that the sign gives them good luck and success.

Lovely couples planning all their lives to go together, often think about the design for paired tattoo. In this case, one of the couple has depicted crescents, another – the sun.

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