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Tattoos depicting a violin key are popular both among musicians and among those who simply attract this type of art. Such a tattoo fill on the body as guys and girls.


Tattoo with a violin key can have several values.

  • Love for music. Most often, the tattoo with a violin key means that the person who chose her belongs to the world of music. Figures with this meaning are usually complemented by other thematic details. Most often, close to the violin key depicts notes or a musical instrument on which the tattoo owner is able to play. If desired, the elegant key can be made part of a large picture, adding it with various small details.
  • Tract for freedom. Tattoo with this musical symbol can also symbolize craving for freedom or nostalgia on the bright past, full of fun events. Such drawings are usually made by color.
  • Creation. Tattoo with a violin key will fit both a person who is simply fond of music and other types of creativity. Similar tattoo can be seen from many stars.

Such images are easily combined with other pictures on the body.

Options sketches

Deciding to fill the tattoo in the form of a violin key, it is worth choosing, in what style it will be performed. First of all, you need to pay attention to the most popular stylistic directions.

  • Realism. This tattoo with the image of the key looks like a real musical sign drawn on paper. If desired, such a drawing can be made more voluminous by adding some shadows and paints. Such a tattoo is both big and small.

  • Minimalism. Special popularity among girls enjoy light graceful tattoos in style minimalism. Such drawings occupy very little space. They are usually stuck behind the ear, on the neck, on the clavicle or wrist. As a rule, similar tattoo make monochrome.

  • Watercolor. This style is also popular among girls. It is characterized by the use of bright colors and lack of clear contours. Pictures performed in this style are associated with ease and freedom. They are usually on hand, neck or belly.

  • Sketch. Tattoo in such a style also like bright creative personalities. They look as if they are drawn by ordinary pencil. Tattoo in this style is usually monochrome. But if you wish, the image of the violin key can be completed with color stains. This will only add the pattern of originality.

  • Doosek. Such minimalist tattoo consist of black dots forming a full-fledged pattern. Tattoo in this style can be complemented by small notes or images flying away in the distance of birds.

Deciding with the style in which the tattoo will be performed, you can pay attention to the sketch options. Having considered some interesting examples, you can understand with what symbols the image of the violin key will be combined best.

  • Phrase. Very often tattoo with this musical sign are complemented by various thematic inscriptions. Most often, girls and guys choose a lines from favorite songs for this purpose. In addition, near the picture you can stuff a symbol of your favorite group.

  • Night Stan. The tattoo with the image of a music lot looks neat and elegant. As a rule, it is stuffed away from prying eyes. Similar drawing can be added bright stains or watercolor strokes. It will make it only more beautiful.

  • Notes. Often the treasure key may consist of individual notes. Such a tattoo looks original and pretty. Most often drawing make black and white. You can fill it on hand, leg or neck.

  • Key with microphone. Such a tattoo will suit a person who decided to associate all his life with music. The microphone performed in the style of realism is beautifully combined with multi-colored or black and white notes drawn around it.

  • Musical instrument. The drawing can be based on any musical instrument. Most often, talented people choose an image of the one thing that has important importance to them. Beautifully treble key looks on the background of an old plate or cassette. Such a tattoo also demonstrates a person’s love for music.

  • Wings. Tattoo with a violin key can also complement the wings. They can be white, colored or black. There are wings, as a rule, on both sides of the key. Such a tattoo is a symbol of lightness, airiness and human thrust to freedom.

  • Birds. A tattoo with a violin key and a bird will also suit a person experiencing craving for freedom. As a rule, drawings with musical signs are complemented by images of blue, hummingbirds or other little birds.

  • Roses. An image of a bright red flower can also be decorate the basis of a tattoo in the form of a violin key. Sketches with roses are very popular among romantic girls. Figure of this type can complement colored spots.

Choosing a suitable symbol, it is important to take into account the features of its physique and personal preferences.

If there are already other pictures on the body, it is important to think about how they will be combined with new.

What part of the body apply?

A tattoo with an image of a violin key can be placed almost on any part of the body.

The choice of a suitable place is largely depends on the size of the future tattoo.

Small drawings are usually placed on hand. They look beautiful on the wrists and fingers.

The small pattern of the violin key can also be fascinated on the neck or ear.

Such a drawing will be easily hidden from strangers.

The small tattoo with a violin key is also stuffed on clavicle or ribs.

Cheerful drawings can be positioned on the leg, back or sternum. There are usually stuffed tattoos, supplemented by various symbolic details.

In addition, a tattoo with a typing key can be made part of a beautiful sleeve. Such a tattoo will look bright and attractive.

Beautiful examples

Make sure that tattoo with this musical sign will be beautifully looking at the body, you can, looking at examples of finished works.

White tattoo

Minimalistic tattoo made by white paint looks very stylish and elegant. She is almost imperceptible from. Therefore, it can be calmly stuffed on the neck, wrist or fingers. So that such a tattoo looks neatly and attractive, you need to do it with a good master. Otherwise, the drawing will resemble an ugly scar.

Colorful drawing

The background of this tattoo is made in orange and blue colors. Such a tattoo emphasizes the duality of the nature of its owner. She reminds that it combines fire and ice. Tattoo looks elegant and very beautiful.

You can fill it on the wrist, neck or ankle.

Watercolor tattoo

Such a tattoo looks very gentle and attractive. The contour drawing of the Moton mill complement the drawings of birds. Brightness and attractiveness of this tattoo add color spots of paints. Tattoo is suitable for both girls and guys.

Tattoo for the musician

Another popular version of such a tattoo is a drawing consisting of a violin key and thin lines. She symbolizes the love of her owner to music.

Tattoo beautiful will look at the wrist or under the breast.

Violin key with anchor

The combination of the violin key with an anchor look originally. Such a tattoo symbolizes cravings for constancy. Figure, consists of color parts and black and white base. Such a tattoo is best looks at the hips or back, because there is enough space for the big and worked before the smallest patterns.

Properly selected tattoo will delight your owner and remind of pleasant moments from life.

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