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The image of the wind roses has long been applied to the body of sailors and pirates. This symbol remains unchanged to this day – a stylized polar star with rays extending to four sides of the world. Intermediate rumbi is drawn between them, shorter. Rays from the wind roses can be a large number.

History and meaning

When it comes to the Tattoo “Wind Rose”, a standard drawing with four arrows is immediately represented, located perpendicular to each other. Between pointers north, south, west and east, as a rule, there is a small asterisk.

This is a symbol of the legendary guiding star. Centuries the travelers were looking for her on the heavenly arch to pave the path without having any identification signs.

Rose winds means a diagram that allows you to determine the type of wind prevailing on a specific territory. In fact, it can be up to 360 rays that task. It can also look very diverse. The only thing that is always invariably – the symbol is made in the form of a star (parallel with a polar star in marine vigi) or a flower (out of the title).

At one time, navigaters nicknamed the wind rose by sea rose. And considered their happy talisman and an important attribute in life.

Its symbolic value is associated with heraldic traditions, more precisely with the art of the preparation of coat of arms. It is here that the roots of the interpretation of this symbol go. You can designate several areas of the wind rose symbol:

  • Marigue+
  • heraldry+
  • cartography+
  • Esoteric and Occultism.

The four main beams are associated not only with the sides of the world, but also with four types of temperament, as well as with a similar number of elements.

In the old days, navigators were superstitious and considered a tattoo of the marine roses of the winds by personal guard. They believed that the star compass would tell them the way home, would not let go from the way, would not allow death. In ancient times, the route on the sea was made to lay the stars, and not on the cards. To help the seamans, fate sent only a passing wind and their own intuition.

Then superstitions from sea wolves were not borrowed. Often they chose a certain star as a special deity. Its respect was made to express in tattoos. So superstitious thoughts were embodied on real bodies. According to the navigators, the correct squabble helped intuitively to determine where to keep the way, stand up against the raging water element, to tighten the steep temper of the sea.

Later this image was revered as the sign of the highest valor, belonging to the most brave soldiers. Also this tattoo was used by pirates. In their circles, she was a symbol of courage and recklessness, which was enough in splinters in representatives of this caste.

The generalized value of such an original tattoo is a focus on luck, the vector to the native house, the position of the parties. Rose winds suitable not only to those who furrow the sea, but also travelers in general. Everyone who is trying to brighten together in pursuit of impressions. For such people, such a tattoo – personification of freedom. But occasionally, it is interpreted as a symbol for finding a faithful way.

The wind rose was previously endowed with a higher status – she served as a sign of differences for a person, never falling NIC to rainy winds of fate.

Noticing such an image on his hand, it was possible to assume the adamant character of this person. Surely he will not betray his principles in favor of a third opinion. Today creative decoration of this tattoo, rather, the symbol of the desperate traveler, a fan of freedom in all its manifestations. It can even be a shorter bachelor.

by the way, There are such tattoo not only on the bodies of men, but girls. For the latter, it is often a guide star complemented by a luxurious rose. Also quite often the tattoo is made in the color in the style of Old Skull.

As mentioned above, the wind rose can mean communication with all sides of the world and elements, with four temperament types. It is also likely that it indicates at the time of the year and T. NS. In general, this symbol is an indicator of diversity in all manifestations, emphasizing the importance of the Center. This is a kind of signpost “Golden Mid”.

Rose winds – a frequent choice of those who appreciate freedom and shows independence from the environment. He lives in his environment, not pushing out the emerging situations or the existential opinions of the public. Tatu serves as a reminder that you are the owner of your destiny.

Also, the sea rose is treated as a search for a life path or, on the contrary, emphasizes the fact that the conscious choice has already taken place. In this case, the pallium is the personification of confident success. Wind Rose – a generalized winner symbol over enemies in the form of difficulties and obstacles. It clearly demonstrates the well-being of decisions made and completed tasks.

Some consider the legendary wind rose by the sign of return to the native harbor – the house, manifestation of love for the native side. To those places where you can always return, despite the circumstances. There are also those who believe that together with the compass this symbol can personify the power of the Spirit and the authority. Sometimes it is used as an indicator of well-being.

Usually people with such a tattoo on the body with ease overcome different vital difficulties and expose on attacks of fate.

Many confidently believe that such a symbol can be a faith, a guide compass that does not allow to get off from a light way. In general, the value of a similar tattoo is based on honor and courage, valor and courage.

Rose winds – common symbol in government structures. It is used in the framework of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation and in the Special Power Unit of South Africa. Rose with four rays is applied to the NATO flag, and the 16-ray wind rose – the legendary symbol of the CIA.

In general, the most fundamental interpretation of symbols is considered the earliest option. Today, the tattoo means:

  • Traveler charm+
  • exit from any situation+
  • Desire to return home, overcame all obstacles and distances+
  • passion for traveling by sea+
  • relation to the marine profession+
  • craving for adventure+
  • need for changing places.

At the same time, most fans tattoo use this symbol of purely from aesthetic considerations.

Tattoo options

Like a tattoo in the form of a clock or compass, the wind roses have its own basic design. Based on it, the masters boldly experiment, applying new colors and different styles. The sketch of the tattoo can be supplemented: rose, skull, pen and t. D. Details depend on the specific idea of ​​the customer and the skills of the tattooker. Figure is equivalent to spectacular in black and white and color versions.

Decorations of this tattoo differ mainly on sexuality: feminine and bright elements are suitable for girls in the form of flowers, wondrous birds, intricate patterns and iconic inscriptions. For men, more restrained sketches are preferable.

Tattoo with a rose of winds Men is usually perpetuated on the shoulder. More often it is one-color sketch performance. Romantic female nature can also be to this sign, if vector rays in the sketch replace the magnificent rose. Such a tattoo is interesting in color. In which it is possible to choose without restrictions. It will emphasize the beauty of the tattoo applied in the district zone.

Tattoo on the shrame – one of the often demanded solutions among the male and female clientele of tattoos.

By the way, the navigators had to fill the wind rose on the shoulder. And the current sketches have no restrictions. Tattoo in modern interpretation can be applied to the forearm, on the neck or perpetuate the wrist. You can even completely score the picture “Sleeve”. Either portray a large-scale tattooed work on the back.

Rose of winds are rose in the region of ribs, on the brush or on the calamity, combining other images. Sometimes around the symbol of wanderings depict feather or sea waves. Often with a large-scale symbol of freedom overlapped already existing on a tattoo hand. For example, that which is already unattractive or irrelevant.


In a situation where the sketch is applied in the technique of Old Chelse, it is often complemented by spectacular details characteristic of this style. Simple elements include rose, flying swallow, skull, curly plants. If the value of TATU is the desire to take its place in life, the standard wind rose can be arranged with an anchor. And when the tattoo is assumed to be a traveler, it is worth seeking a combination of sea rose and topographic card. Tatakers for girls are often customary to decorate, adding asterisks, flowers, original ornament.

Finally decide, first of all, helps your own imagination and talent and tattooker skills.

Each symbol in a set with a rose of winds also has its value:

  • Map – confidently says that we have a nature that does not represent life without traveling+
  • Skull – the choice of extraordinary personalities who are not afraid of public opinion and do not hesitate to shock the public+
  • Feather – personifies flight and directly indicates travel, symbolizing freedom of movement.


Instead of monochrome scheme, you can use bright shades. But here it is necessary to take into account that the combination of colors on the monitor may not be at all the same what happens on the body. Especially when everything will heal. Tattoos can be composed with elements in different styles. As for the execution of sketches, often a sea rose is depicted by an independent subject, but a compound. For example, surrounded by ships, near the lighthouse or next to the compass. Due to this, the drawing acquires a creative and unique view.

Central Polar Star You can try to replace your zodiac sign. After all, these drawings themselves are not original, but in a duet “sound” atypically and individually. You can replace an asterisk with any other central symbol: a heart, clavicle, wave or flower. A completely any variety is allowed, not only rose. The main thing is that the creative element is beautifully highlighted in the tattoo.

The symbol of travelers can be stylizedly connotate with the planet location scheme. The central star will be beautifully replaced by the sun. It will give the picture the integrity and make it original. It is necessary to look at the old maps. Surprisingly, so many options for the image of the wind roses can be detected on the pages of old sources. Many of them look incredibly stylish. You can experiment with the place of application of the tattoo. 70-80% of them are applied to the hands, or rather, on the forearm. Therefore, it will also be the fact that the drawing is applied on the neck, on the foot, behind the ear or on the chest.

Beautiful examples

  • Very beautiful with a rose winds looks an old marine ship.

  • Tattoo can be with the eye instead of a star in the middle of the wind roses.

  • Sea birds – seagulls, cormorants.

  • Residents depth – Octopus.

  • The original wind rose looks against the background of sea waves in the appropriate color shades.

  • Instead of the sea, sketch complement the mountains, which is also an indicator of purposefulness and ambition.

  • Tattoo with an arrow.

  • Pirate attributes.

  • Inscriptions, on any of the worlds of the world.

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