All about tattoo in Arabic

All about tattoo in Arabic

Arab tattoo occupy a special place in the modern art of tattoos. From symbols and original inscriptions and itifies an attractive east. Sweet letters on Arabic look very impressive and attract attention. Volumetric texts in meaning can be expressed by a couple of words. Such tattoos have recently been in great demand among ordinary people and among celebrities.

Muslim attitude to inscriptions

Arabic letters seem like hieroglyphs. As a rule, for tattoos, it is customary to use the writers of Islamic nations that are called Ala. The shape used by the masters was formed in the XVII century. It turns out that Arabic is the youngest. Before making a tattoo in Arabic, you should know that it reads right to left. It looks like Chinese and Japanese. In total, there are 28 letters in Arabic alphabet, of which 14 falls on long vowels, and the remaining – for consonants. For the brief vowels mark, special Icons are used.

Phrases that are more often involved in tattoos are built on handwriting “us” and “hands” a “. For Arabic writing, the structure of the handwriting is important. It is worth noting that the form of writing is aimed at sensory perception. In the Islamic community, very conservatively look at the tattoos. Muslimals are quite close to the worldview of the XIX century. According to Orthodox Muslims, drawings on the body – this is a sin. Such prohibitions are explained by the Scriptures that are in the Quran.

They narrate that during the terrible court, Allah will ask for spoiled bodies.

In Islam, there are standards that are not allowed to change the body. After all, it is regarded as interference in God’s idea of ​​man. The figures in the religious sphere are denied various images on the skin distorting human nature. In the dogma, the idea is reflected in that the body is the temple of the soul. However, despite such views, Muslim youth causes a tattoo. Guys and girls are not afraid of strict prohibitions and decorate the bodies. New generations are not so conservative and ready to consider the Arab tattoo not sin, but just beautiful drawings.

Varieties phrases

Before making tattoos with inscriptions, you should translate your favorite word or saying into Russian. Moreover, it is advisable to do this without the help of various services for transfers, since they often give out inaccurate result. As a result, incorrectly composed phrases are obtained, without meaning. Choose the Arab tattoo best with the help of an artist who understands calligraphy and knows how to portray it. This will allow you to correctly interpret the image value correctly.

Arabic liner is able to effectively decorate any part of the body. Especially she likes her attractive view of women. Mysterious and attractive lick gives a mysterious tattoo in the eyes of those who do not know the meaning or translation. It also likes the media of such images that wish the inscriptions remain incomprehensible to others. Arab tattoo can consist of one word, sentences or even a whole poem. Stunning calligraphy can fill the beauty of wise statements, religious phrases and motivating slogans in any style.

You should not stop when applying images on the body only in one black color. More fashionably looks like drawings using bright colors. The abundance of flowers can revive the Arabic hieroglyphs by making them even more attractive. For women with dark skin, a great solution will be symbols on Arabic and patterns applied in ink white. This type of tattoos in recent years is becoming increasingly popular.

No less demand is observed on the inscriptions made in the design of the Nastalik. It is characterized by writing phrases and letters in a circle. As a result, original scanning images are obtained.

Among young people and those who independently make a special importance phrases carrying. Most often in them, the statement of love, happiness, beauty, motivating slogans and life principles. However, some wish to leave religious inscriptions on their own body.


Phrases that stimulate the desire to act and achieve their goals, like more youth. Among them, most often there are life-affirming inscriptions, for example, تحقيق الأهداف بأي ثمن (seek goals at any cost). Business people can apply such expressions: عندما يكون في يد مطرقة, كل شيء يبدو وكأنه مسامير (if in the hands of a hammer, everything around nails) + الخسارة التي يعل هي الربح (loss that teaches is a profit) + تحدث عن العمل (you need to talk on business).


Oddly enough, religious quotes are quite popular in the modern world. Of course, most often on the body you can see such phrases as حفظ وحفظ (save and save), يمان واحد (one faith), كن لطيف (be kinder). Less frequent inscriptions with a deeper meaning:

  • اللانسان تدابير القلب ومن الرب جواب اللسان (from person depends on the assumptions of the heart, and from the Lord – the answer of the language).
  • كثرة الكلام لا تخلو من مصدية. اما الضابط شفتيه فففاقل (with verbosity it will not be able to avoid sin, and the one who holds out their mouth).

Wise sayings and quotes

Phrases that displays wisdom filled with harmony and good in any artistic performance. Usually such inscriptions are performed in classic black, and in stylish bright colors. The most popular is the following Arabic sayings:

  • نأمل فقط لنفسك (just hope for yourself)+
  • الحياء يدين الشخص (modesty – man decoration)+
  • لا تأخذ شخصر, لا تطدي لك (someone else’s do not take, do not give your own)+
  • من هو خائف من الذئاب, لا يولد الأغنام (who is afraid of wolves, will not breed sheep)+
  • الحب يمكن فهمه بكل اللغات (love is understandable in all languages)+
  • العائلة هي الشيء الأكثر قيمة في هذا العالم (family is the most valuable in the world).

Inscriptions from one word

Beautiful options for Arab inscriptions are represented as a word. Among them there are many people who cling, and they want to perpetuate them on the body. Women are quite often applied word love – حب, loyalty – ولاء, beauty – جميل. Arab inscriptions إيمان (faith), القوة (power), حكمة (wisdom) look very nice. The original type of words such as حظا سسسيدا (luck), حرية (freedom), ظظمة (greatness), سسادة (happiness) attracts and fascinates.

Location on tele

Magic symbols of the Arab peoples were considered healing. Quite often tattoo with inscriptions applied to sick places. Currently, the place for the wizard is selected primarily on the basis of personal preferences. Quite often, words on Arabic are made on the left shoulder to ensure protection and bring good luck. On the right, it is customary to apply phrases with wise meaning, goals, values.

At the forearm, Muslim motifs will be visible. Especially spectacular inscriptions, which are located in the form of a long strip. And they can be positioned both from top to bottom and vice versa. The words below the elbow on Arabic are designed to attract positive energy, especially if we are supplemented by. The best option on the wrist will be accurate and laconic inscriptions with personal values.

On the hand of popular places for the inscriptions are palms, brushes and fingers. At the same time, the choice is given to the name or phrases having a deep meaning. It is worth considering that there are tattoo on the brushes for the demonstration, and the palms are personal.

Infrequently, but the option is found when the inscriptions are complemented by complex patterns, a variety of elements or ornaments and are drawn up as a sleeve. Such often can be seen on men.

Women’s tattoo in the form of inscriptions is very elegant and stylish looks on the neck. And both on the side and exactly in the center.

The inscription on the chest is considered to protect against evil and trouble. Sketches for this zone are quite often complemented by symbolic objects, vegetable or animal elements.

Side suitable for drawing big and complex compositions. This is due to the fact that the surface in this place is straight and smooth.

On the back you can embody the most bold fantasies. There are no restrictions on size, color decision, complexity or meaning.

The blades are more often decorated with sacral and symbolic tattoo, which contribute to the pacification of dark sides, getting rid of weakness and temptation.

Often in this place you can see the inscriptions and symbols with mystical and religious meaning.

On the legs often depict motivating inscriptions that pushed to decisive actions. And also in this zone, you can often see phrases signing on the faithful life path.

About what tattoo is allowed to do in Arabic, see the following video.

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