All about tattoo on the legs

All about tattoo on the legs

There are many plots on the human body where you can fill a variety of tattoos. The appropriate zone protrude. You can apply a variety of images weathered in various subjects.

Advantages and disadvantages

First we will understand the main advantages of tattoos applied to the legs.

  • Through a properly selected attractive drawing, the lady’s leg may look more elegantly and exquisitely, which will give the image a unique style.
  • Tattoo on the lower leg can be performed almost in any colors and stylistics. The image can be almost any.
  • With the help of an attractive sketch, masterfully stuffed on the tibia, you can attract a lot of attention to yourself, sharply stand out from a gray crowd. This is an excellent solution for people who love to attract the views of others.

A qualitatively executed image will be a bright decoration of the human body, but you need to remember that it is not recommended to completely score all the ankle.

It is desirable that the “pure” space remains around the figure, on which there will be no doll, if you look at the side. Thanks to this, body art will be much more neat and aesthetic.

Besides, girls who decide to such experiments should be borne in mind that the bottom legs is an open part of the body, so if necessary, hide the drawing will not always. This is especially true for warm seasons when hot weather is held outside the window. This is an extra reason to think carefully before you begin to apply Tattoo in the area under consideration.

Sketch, packed on the shin of beautiful ladies, will close access to various interviews. To avoid extra troubles, you will have to wear long skirts in the floor or closed trousers, which will deliver a lot of inconvenience in the summer. Of course, you can put on the heading tights, but through them the image will still be visible, only looks like it will be very unattractive.

    Certain nuances are not only for wonderful ladies, but also for men. If there is a “rich” male vegetation on the legs, then even the most beautiful and courageous tag will look not so attractive and brutally. For application of various sketches, only such legs will be approached, on which too many thick and dark hair will not grow. Of course, you can choose regular depilation, but it will be not the most convenient solution for men.

    It is necessary to take into account the fact that people who have been afraid of strong pain when applied to the tattoo, it is worth abandoning. This area is rather painful and sensitive, especially when approaching the foot.

    Types and sketches of tattoos

    There are a lot of diverse species and sketches of stylish tattoos suitable for applying. Consider some top options.


    Very elegant and pretty on the lower leg, tattoos are looking depicting various plants and flowers. Most often, beautiful ladies are addressed to such sketches. Vegetable compositions can be both monochrome and multi-colored. With such “decorations” on the body, the ladies will turn out to be more feminine, elegant and flirty.


    No less attractive and original on the legs look at bracelet tattoo. It can be small or wide images that immediately stand in the eyes. Beautifully observed bracelets, supplemented with drawings of elegant suspensions, pendants, multicolored stones.


    Very fashionable recently steel sketches depicting different insects. Often such plots for decorating your body choose girls. Multicolored and monochrome drawings (small or large), depicting elegant butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, large colorful beetles look at the ladies.

    Such sketches will become an excellent solution for people who want to give their ways more creative and originality.


    Trendy sketches that will never cease to be popular. Each animal has its own value, suitable for different natures and characters. Girls most often stuff colored chanterelles, multicolored wild cats, pretty bears (for example, Panda), a variety of pets.

    Men are much more likely to prefer monochrome sketches in the form of more aggressive and brutal animals. We are talking about wolves, bears, tigers, leopards, scaled wild cats and so on. Of course, sometimes guys choose and color tattoo for decoration of the lower leg – such options can also look very interesting.

    Mythical creatures

    Unusual and expressive are tattoos for lower legs depicting a variety of mythical beings. It can be both beautiful and very aggressive, terrifying characters. Men are most often treated for applying.

    Sketches are especially popular in the form of dragons, griffins, heat-birds and other such creatures. Girls often choose multicolored options, and men – black.

    Inscriptions and hieroglyphs

    Recently, wildly popular has acquired a tattoo in the form of various inscriptions consisting of only one word. It may be a variety of words, for example: “Family”, “Love”, “Hope”, “Freedom” and so on. Each person himself chooses the perfect option to decorate her body.

    The inscriptions applied by hieroglyphs are common and in demand. Also, various words with deep meaning are depicted in English or in Latin.

    Deciding to such a squint, it is very important to prevent errors in order not to distort the translation.


    Among the top and fashionable ideas for tattoo on the legs, the leading positions occupy beautiful ornaments. They can be both simple and minimalistic and very intricate, having a very large number of small parts and plexuses.

    Sea residents

    The choice in favor of similar sketches implemented in monochrome or color may give representatives of both sexes. Figures are very popular and originals:

    • Dolphins+
    • whales+
    • Karp Koi+
    • squid and so on.

    As in most other cases, the girls most often choose color sketches, and men are single-color black, but there are exceptions.


    On the listed sketches, the list of suitable tattoo for the lower leg is not completed. Other interesting pictures are also suitable for these sensitive sites:

    • stars+
    • Skulls (do not always mean negative, each person puts its meaning in such images)+
    • Patterned lines+
    • Images of beautiful female faces+
    • Cold weapons: swords, knives and so on.

    Styles and color solutions

    Palace on the legs can be implemented in various stylistics.

    • Blackvork. Madly popular direction among advanced youth, as well as representatives of various subcultures. Scene compositions are characterized by a compatibility and brightness, have a full-fledged semantic load.

    • old school. Classic style that has not been out of fashion for many years. Very often, people are preferred by people who want to decorate their body sketch weathered in the marine subject. It can be images in the form of a skull, cross, pirates, lighthouse and so on. Provides the use of bright and saturated paints.

    • Realism. Another style, which is very complicated performed. Ideal for a tattoo that will be on the shin. It can be a realistic flower bud, a portrait of some animal or even a person. The most bright and attractive are full-color images.

    • Lainvork. Stylistics suitable for both men’s and women’s tattoo. The direction is very fashionable. In accordance with it, the drawings are performed thin and clearly defined lines.

    • Watercolor. Style name speaks for itself. Tatoo looks like watercolor paints. Very popular girls solutions. Most often implemented using various colors of all possible tones and halftone.

      As you can see, each of the styles involves the use of certain paints and shades. On the shin, girls and guys can fill sketches that are multicolored or just black. Every person chooses the option that he more like.

      Tips for choosing an image

      • Girls are advised to give preference to more elegant and non-aggressive images. Through such sketches, you can give the shape of a feet very refined. From such images, the ladies leg will not look strange and unnatural. It is advisable not to overlap with a pitch completely all the shin.
      • Men are more suitable brutal monochrome images. In this case, the goal of making the legs of a more elegant species is not pursued, so you can safely give preference to large drawings with aggressive spinning animals, weapons, and so on.
      • And men and women should choose only such sketches, who will truly like them, emphasize their bright personality and characteristics of nature. Making a choice in favor of the tattoo, a person must only listen to his own heart.

      Nuances of application

        We will understand in the nuances of applying a tattoo on the shin.

        • Regardless of where the tattoo will be stamped: on the front, the inner side, in front or side, a person must be ready for painful sensations. Especially sensitive is the rear of the shin.
        • To get really good results, you need to find the best in Tattoo Salon, where only experienced masters of their business work. Tattooker must take care of safety and disinfection.
        • Can be requested from a specialist a certain kind of anesthesia, if without this pain you can not suffer.
        • During the day before the procedure, you should refuse smoking and drinking alcohol, as it can reduce the effectiveness of anesthesia.
        • After completing all the procedures, it is necessary to learn from the master how to care for the applied sketch. It will be necessary to follow absolutely all recommendations.

        Tips on how to better place a tattoo on the legs, you will learn by looking at the following video.

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