All about tattoo with clowns

All about tattoo with clowns

All people relate differently to clowns. Some consider them merry and funny, others are afraid of them. By the way, the people of the second type are much more: as one independent survey showed, 82 out of 100 respondents were admitted that they consider clowns very terrible and terrible. Such a negative attitude has even caused Colerofobia – the fear of clowns.

However, as practice shows, no phobia prevents the popularity of tattoos with the image of this character. Today we will look at their varieties and meaning, and also learn what stylist they are performed and on what parts of the body are stuffed.

Tattoo value

The image of a clown is quite dual. This is a jester, a jacket, a merry, “generator” of jokes and draws, always ready to laugh at themselves or those present. But if you look around and listen, then he is not at all simple and kind.

For jokes often hid evil unaczzle sarcasm, riding physical disadvantages or hidden fears of people. Under a smiling mask can hide the predatory grin.

Here it will be appropriate to mention one of the most famous and cruel killers of America – John Wayne Gacy. He got a nickname “Cloon Killer,” because he always played the role of this character named by the name of the charitable events and children’s holidays. Already in anticipation of the sentence, sitting in the Squader’s chamber, he wrote several pictures depicting clowns, which, by the way, are still sold at various auctions. Many believe that it was Gacy who became a prototype of demonic Pannivius.

Since we started talking about the kinherooms, it will not be able to remember how the image of a clown was operated in cinema. Only negative characters come to mind: the aforementioned Pannivise, the Cloon-Killer of Tvori from the series “American Horror History”, Joker from Saga about Batman, Captain Spolding from “House 1000 corpses”.

However, let’s return to the native patterns and find out what a tattoo with the image of a clown.

To begin with, we understand with common values.

  • Laughing clown. Personifies fun, carefit, even some kind of awake. Often, it is chosen by people who are called the soul of the company. They are constantly fooling over friends (but unlocked, kindly), balalauate, very easy on the rise.
  • Jester. Means luck. Remember what fate was from court pleasurers: the ruler could both encourage his jester for a good joke, and execute for a failed. Therefore, this tattoo also symbolizes a kind of game with fate.
  • Joker. Sign of carrier talented, his inclination to adventurism.
  • Evil clown. Personifies aggressiveness, even some tendency to manifest violence. People are still stuffed, transferred a betrayal, who left a deep wound in their soul.
  • Mask clown. Maybe cheerful or sad. Suggests that we are all sometimes forced to pretend, hiding tears for laughter and putting on a mask to join the right circle of people. That the world is ruled by a hysed edition and hypocrisy. That rarely who can even just go outside, pre-not put on behalf of a certain mask.

Now consider what the tattoo with clown for persons of different sexes.

For men

The most common interpretations – aggressiveness, audacity, adventurism, love for draws (and not always harmless), gambling, disregard for established rules, reluctance to play according to the rules.

For girls

In general, ladies infrequently choose this story as a tattoo, because they are afraid of his too dual interpretation. However, some still stop their choice on sketches with clowns. The value of such a tattoo on the female body is practically no different from the male version: here and the tendency to adventures, and a slight attitude to life, and the desire to laugh, and sometimes even make a jerk over the surrounding.

To whom it is suitable?

Tattoo industry professionals when choosing a sketch for a tattoo, it is recommended not only to be thought about in the overall meaning of the drawing, but also to “try” to their character.

A tattoo with clown is worth choosing those who:

  • wants to say goodbye to the past+
  • All problems decides quickly, looks at them with humor and positive+
  • Different with non-Gentle talent, has a creative veil, thirsty of self-expression+
  • Hitness, witness, witness+
  • It is afraid of clowns, but does not want to put up with his fear, dreams of him to overcome+
  • never winds or others+
  • possesses emotionality impressiveness+
  • He loves humor, jokes, draws, pods+
  • His cheerfulness wants to lure happiness+
  • has a little childhood attitude to life, denies growing+
  • Wants to capture in his body a significant event that happened in childhood or adolescence+
  • proud of its uniqueness and dissimilarity on the rest wants to emphasize it.

Image options

Now it’s time to get acquainted with the most popular clown sketches of the tattoo. Smiling merry In red-made lush wig with a tomato nose and brightly painted physiognomy, dressed in immense sizes overalls with pompoms – here is the image of a funny clown of stray troupe. He rejoices, he laughs, he does not express the slightest aggression, no one is afraid of him.

Such a tattoo means victory over life troubles, non-regulating optimism, indisputable and unique talent, skill of people.

However, dolls depicting are much more popular terrible and evil clown. It may be a character from a horror movie, and just a stylized clown gangster, a maniac or zombie. Consider several characters:

  • clown-gangster With brutal physiognomy and with weapons personifies destructive power+
  • Head clown-dead man, embraced fire and excavated by ropes, symbolizes evil+
  • Clown in blood personifies betrayal+
  • Cloon with bloody-red nose and the evil face expresses hatred for people.

As can be understood from the above, tattoos are with terrible clowns have a very negative subtext. Although a native figure depicting the character of the film (the same Pannivise) may simply say that his carrier is a fan of creativity Stephen King, especially his works “it”.

Mansion is a tattoo, called “sad clown”. His meaning lies in the depths of the owner’s soul, it is very complex. The essence of the drawing is: his owner despises role masks adopted in human society. He wants to reveal to people completely, showing self. His true desire is to change this coarse and smooth world for the better. It is not clear to him why a person, even if he is sad, and the cat scolded on the soul, going out, should wear a mask of a welcome and positive. Such a person does not want to pretend either in front of his family nor in front of friends and colleagues, nor even before chance. He is what is: incomprehensible to many and from this suffering.


Tattoo depicting clowns are presented in various stylistic variations. Below are the most common.

  • Realism. Traditional image of clown in all details. Most often in this style depict the kinheroev in order for them easily recognized. It can be like a drawing in full growth and just a portrait.
  • old school. Clear lines and bright paints characteristic of this style, as it is not better suited for clown image. It can be both pretty good and cute and a terrible character.
  • New Skul. Pressure Cartoon Figure. Also highlighted by a bright palette of shades and clear contouring.
  • Neo Traditional. Tattoos Bright, Clear, Volumented, Life-affirming. Although there are monochrome variations. Such a pattern looks like a very beautiful pencil drawing.
  • Chicano. Most often, the image of a clown in this style choose girls. A feature of the chicano-tattoo is to use mainly black-gray gamma, no particularly bright shades here are applied here, although there are engages in red and other colors, but only as unobtrusive accents.
  • Tresh Polak. Perhaps one of the most terrible and depressing styles of applying. Color range – a mixture of agromate and bright-scarlet. Tresh Polka choose people who disagree with the standards of society that Yaros deny his imposed rules. Clowns here tend to depict terrible, evil. These are maniacs and killers, horror films characters.

Where to apply?

Tattoos with clowns are quite universal. They can be stuffed on any part of the body. But since they are quite detailed and volume, they are best done large. For this suitable:

  • shoulder+
  • Hand completely (sleeve)+
  • foot or separate part of it+
  • back+
  • breast.

The most rare option is the back of the head (above the neck). He is chosen by men who prefer a haircut under zero.

Beautiful examples

Finally, imagine a small photo specification with tattoos in the form of a clown.

Tattoo on Cicano-style – attractive clowiness with a playing card in monochrome range.

Scary clown in no less terrible stylistics (Tresh Polka).

Favorite Many Pannivius in Style Realism.

He is only with Georgie.

Ugly grinding skull hiding behind a smiling clown mask.

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