All about tattoo with elephants

All about tattoo with elephants

There is no opinion that the tattoo in the form of an elephant has not too good importance. However, it is not. To understand the true interpretation of such a pall, it is necessary to get acquainted with legends, tales and customs of peoples that coexist with this unusual being.


Nowadays, especially in Europe, an erroneous misconception of animals under consideration was formed – both of heavy and hard creatures. An elephant image is often compared with a turtle. If you plunge into this topic deeper and get acquainted with the stories about these major representatives among people living near people – the picture is completely different. The ancient Hindu tradition says that once the elephants flew like birds, but one day the poor hermit sent a curse, and they lost their unusual gift. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that such a tattoo on the body in our parts can be found much less frequently than in Asia and the African continent.

In most cultures, elephant is considered a friendliness, peace, dedication, longevity, inner rod and endless wisdom. It is revered as the strongest animal on the planet, and in China even personifies the highest power. Buddhism attributes him characteristics of spiritual self-knowledge, improvement and stability.

In the medieval for Europeans, elephants were the personification of love and chastity. This is due to the fact that the males during pregnancy females refrain from any sexual contacts with relatives – this period takes about 18 months. Ancient Romans endowed an elephant signs of wisdom and greatness. Later, when the Roman Empire broke up, the elephant was recognized as an personification of the victory of Christianity. In such a context, it was often stuffed as an animal, molding a snake.

Especially revered by an elephant among the peoples of Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, as well as other Buddhist states. There he personifies spirituality and happiness. It is believed that such a doll brings to his owner long-life and strong health.

But the most sacred meaning the image of this animal is endowed in India. There is a belief that elephants carry not only rich venel and kings, but also gods. In this country, they received the spread of the knife in the form of God Ganesh with an elephant head, in his hand he holds a trunk.

In this way, the deity symbolizes the taming of passions.

The image of an adult elephant, stuffed on the body, invariably carries a positive promise. His symbolic meaning is multifaceted.

  • Power and peace – Elephants are revered as the strongest animals. At the same time, you are unlikely to find at least one individual that would take advantage of its strength, without feeling dangerous and threat. It is a peaceful creature, it’s not just that there is a speech turnover “calm like an elephant”.
  • Luck – It is believed that elephants give a person success in all beginners.
  • Fertility – An image of the elephants is considered the best example of parental care about their children. In the wild, females try to show their tenderness and maternal concerns about tiny elephants and in any situation certainly arise to protect their cubs.
  • Elephants live structured communities, in which females are going to a big herd to grow their offspring together. That is why the scenes are often used in tattoos, when several elephants go for each other – they are a real strong family sign.
  • Intelligence – force is far from the only characteristic that makes elephants truly magnificent and majestic creatures. These are very clever animals: they first think, but only then make any actions.
  • Elephants are empowered and turning, Such dolls make confident and volitional people. It is believed that such tattoos contribute to the acquisition of the character traits necessary for a good ruler: intelligence, prudence and dignity.

There are features in the interpretation of tattoos on the female body. Usually this image of women want to protect their health and attract fertility in the family. Although in some tribes, an elephant image in an aggressive pose with a trunk raised to the top. Such a pallow says that to ensure the safety of its loved ones, a woman will not stop before.

Interpretations tattoo in the form of an elephant are unusual and interesting. They accumulate in themselves the millennial wisdom, and only for it can be called decent. However, sometimes similar dolls are explained by practical considerations.

For example, in Thailand, the drawings of these creatures, stuffed in hand, determine the personality of a person to this kind of activity as the elephant drivers.

Review of species

An elephant attachment tattoo has a huge variability of performance style and storyline.

In style

For applying such a petition, several techniques are used. Much distribution received options in oriental style, typical Chinese and Indian sketches in European adaptation are especially popular. Usually in such a design, the image of an elephant is decorated with ethnic patterns. In the overwhelming majority of cases, they are puffed in monophonic, although the use of two colors is allowed.

Realistic drawings are especially relevant. When choosing such a style, it is important that the tattoo will be a real creator and had its own individual style. Otherwise, you will not have a tattoo, but an illustration from the zoology textbook.

Oldskul trees include knacks that make sailors and fishermen. This style survived several eras and still retains its relevance when applying for animalistic drawings.

Very spectacularly look at the tattoo in the style of graphics, geometry, as well as in Tribal technique. With a creative approach, any of these directions can turn an image of an animal into a real work of art.

Fans of colored paints usually prefer watercolor. Its use in the tattoo is based on the same techniques as the same name in painting. Here are relevant paints, which imitate those that are obtained when applying the real watercolor.

If you want to fill a small tattoo on the ankle, neck, in the area behind the ears or on the wrist – the optimal solution will be minimalism. The advantage of this style is that in simple and concise elements it transmits not only the main idea, but also hidden all the meaning.

But the image of a little elephant is best to do in Lainart’s stylistics. Such drawings consist of several straight lines that are connected to each other into a single integer.

Whatever style and color solution you have chosen, it should be remembered that any tack of challenge requires updating. Black and white tattoos are updated every 15-20 years, color paintings are subject to corrections every 5-10 years.

More often will have to refresh the paints of tattoos, made using a white dye – such tagged not only blurred and dumps with time, but also yellow.

According to the plot

The storyline when choosing a tattoo in the form of an elephant depends on what sense is invested in a tattoo and which send it should carry others. We describe the most popular options.

  • Elephant, molding snake. In this case, the giant animal personifies the Son of God. Such a tattoo is associated with patience, good, faith and readiness to sacrifice for others.
  • Elephant held on the back of the earth. Here are four huge animals – each of them is associated with a certain side of the world. Such a tattoo indicates constancy and foundation.
  • Elephant with a man sitting on his back – This means that the owner of such an image has tamed some of its emotions and feelings.

No less solutions are used for single animal images.

  • Elephant with raised up trunk personifies good luck. Such a tattoo is often considered to be a faith and a talisman, bringing success in any endeavors.
  • Elephant broken chain, – is a symbol of internal liberation, refusal from any binding.
  • Elephant with bezens emphasizes the male start. Such a tattoo personifies the physical strength passing into ferocity.
  • Slings without more thanks. Such drawings indicate love to others and carry the maternal particle.

In African tribes, the tattoo of an animal with red eyes and dripping from the ears. Similar dolls indicate the highest degree of bite. They are connected with the fact that in some periods of their lives (for example, during a long drought or in the period of hunger) elephants can attack the village. The enraged elephant is considered a real disaster for people – even one individual is able to dream a small village, and 3-4 creatures will easily defeat a large village along with her houses and inhabitants.

It is no coincidence that for most people, side by side of those living with these giants, tattoo with outlines of the elephant is associated with wild rage, danger, threat.

Where you can fill?

To select a body area on which you can fill the tattoo with an elephant, you should answer the elementary questions:

  • What is the value of the tattoo directly for you+
  • What style you prefer: abstraction or realism+
  • Do you like big tattoos or give you miniature images+
  • Do you like colored knacks or more close to monochrome+
  • What is your pain.

These simple questions significantly narrow the choice of accommodation options. Therefore, the decision is not so difficult, how could it see first.

  • On the back – This site will be perfect in case you need extensive canvas or detailed drawing. However, it should be borne in mind that if the zone of the spinal column is drawn up, the procedure will be quite painful.

  • Leg – In this case, use hips and caviar. There are many muscles here, so when moving is created the effect of walking the animal.

  • Stomach – Girls often pinch the paintings in the top of the abdomen. However, the knocker is applied for life – during this period a person can lose weight or, on the contrary, to recover. In addition, there can never be surgical interventions. All this can cause the deformation of the tattoo, so it is not worth using this zone to accommodate.

  • Taza area – very popular when applying tattoos, usually it causes associations with sexual energy. It is no coincidence that artists often use an elephant image on male genital organs – in this case, the trunk is drawn so that it continues in the penis, and the ears are depicted along the edges of him. Of course, this option is suitable for the most bold and outcast men, but if you decide on such a procedure – consider it will be very painful.

Also, an elephant image is stuffed on his chest, shoulder and forearm, less often use brush and fingers.

Beautiful examples

  • The image of the elephants family uses great popularity. This picture means loyalty to family uzam.

  • To show love and devotion to your child, a small elephant is depicted on a trunk.

  • Pretty stylishly looks patterns made with 3D effects.

  • In the Hinduism of elephants are endowed with the highest strength, so for their images use patterned equipment.

  • Also in the Indian religion, the spiritual sign “OM” was distributed, drawn on the head of this majestic animal.

  • The most recognizable symbol in the world is the Indian God Ganesh.

  • Pretty extraordinary animal head image technique on hand. Gray tones and shadows add to the sketch of mystery and mysticism.

  • Eternal wisdom can be depicted in a powerful tandem of such powerful creatures as an elephant and octopus.

  • The sinister beast, stuffed in the sketch technique, symbolizes rage. The necessary effect is achieved due to sharp lines and impeccable work with shadows.

  • Very cute looks mini-tattoo, fully performed in a point technique.

  • You can call the original image of a mighty animal on the back, stuffed with one line.

  • Sometimes backs decorated linear tattoo in the form of a flying elephant.

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