All about Tattoo with Hannai Mask

All about Tattoo with Hannai Mask

Drawings with various demons are incredibly popular and are in demand in any corner of the world. Asian countries with their numerous demonic entities are undoubtedly leading in this ranking. Lovers of Japanese culture and mythology very often stuff a tattoo with Hannai mask. What does the image of this demon mean, consider below.


In Japanese mythology daemon – the creature is not always negative, besides, it has magical abilities. It is only worth reading the legends how immediately it turns out that the demons are strong, smart and have quick regeneration, and some are generally immortal. Thanks to this, tattoos with demons are considered a very strong faith with a powerful security aura.

Demon Hannya – horned and fanging creature, once a former woman. She was jealous, vengeful and suffered unrequited love. According to the ancient oriental legends, she fell in love with a monk, but he did not respond to her feelings of reciprocity and, becoming a demonice, she killed him with his fiery breathing.

Despite all negative features, the image carries the meaning of wisdom. The very first demonic mask created the Hannya-Bo monk, which is most likely, and reflected in the name of the demon.

In the Japanese Kabuki Theater The actor playing the role of Hannah must have a non-sex talent to portray with the help of the game of light and shadow on the same mask shift anger and contempt for sadness and sadness. A master working with the image of a demon must be a skillful artist and delicately feel. Tattoo with Hannai – Charm is very powerful, guarding its owner from evil forces.

Choosing this image and for a man, and for a girl means the ability to resist evil. Such drawings choose people with severe will, faith in their own forces that are not amenable to unnecessary and not avoiding temporary difficulties. The value of the tattoo with the demon is interpreted in two versions. The first knowledge of the person of his own passions and sins and the struggle with these vices. The second option can be interpreted as a person’s obsession with its vices and submission to them.

Review of species

It was originally believed that tattoo with demons – images of purely male, because the tattoos were most often evaluated by the strong half of humanity. There are currently no such prejudice, so the image is stuffed, without looking at the sexual affiliation and the age of the future carrier. Regardless of the style of the tattoo, the Tattoo Mask Hannai has and unchanged features: this is a counying mask with a wide open mouth, in which sharp fangs are located, and eyes, looking schos.

The drawing is performed almost always in color, the main, the red, green, black and blue are considered the main, black and blue. A contemptuous, indifferent and cold look is achieved by competent use of colors with metal glitter. Light colors symbolize the aristocraticness and elevation of the image, and dark reflect the troubles of passions. Often the mask complements the image of the snake or bell.

In style

Mask Hanny is most often performed in Japanese style, otherwise it is also called the oriental. It is characteristic of using various colors, traditional motifs, flowers and birds, as well as geometric patterns. You can accomplish such a tattoo and in the style of minimalism, but such an image requires the Master of Slim Art Taste. The drawing will be small and laconic, nothing superfluous. The rest of the stylistics is practically not used due to features of the drawing. Master must have a lot of experience in drawing, as many small parts and clear contours represent a certain difficulty even for a professional.

According to the plot

Plot at the tattoo one – Demonic mask. It can be supplemented with sakura flowers, snake, bell and even rod. The main complexity in the tattoo – depict the expression of emotions mask. Emotions can be different: anger, anger, indignation, sadness.

The choice is quite large, but for the final decision you must consult with the master who will help to form a sketch reflecting your individuality and uniqueness.

Where you can fill?

Here are the most common zones of tattooing:

  • back+
  • shoulder+
  • forearm+
  • arm+
  • breast+
  • leg.

Great Large Japanese Sleeve Figure. The choice of stacking place in many ways depends on the size of the sketch and your anatomical features. Many girls prefer small tattoo in prominent places, men are more prone to large-scale tattoos on the back, chest or leg.

Beautiful examples

Consider some successful examples of the image of a demonic mask.

  • Excellent sketch of Hannah masks with sakura flowers on forearm. In this performance, the flowers soften the drawing and give it tragic and sadness. Tattoo created for confident people who survived the personal tragedy.

  • Canonical image of a demon, complemented by a snake pattern. Bright colors and clear lines – an image created by Japan itself. Perfectly suitable for pedantic people.

  • Beautiful drawing mask Hannah with amazing color reproduction. Such a tattoo is suitable for both men and representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

  • Another luxurious tattoo in the whole torso with the transition to hands. In addition to the Khanny mask, clouds, branches of blooming Sakura and Dragon are also depicted here. It will be suitable for bold and extraordinary personalities.

Japan is a country of contrasts with a whole pantheon of various demons. Despite the fact that the girl who later became a demon of Hanny, suffered from unrequited love and was jealous and vengeful, her image in the mask drives evil and attaches confidence in their own forces. Believe it or not, everyone will decide independently. Undoubtedly, one thing: stinging such a tattoo, you definitely not be unnoticed. Bright colors, beautiful drawing and clear lines will create an image that is suitable and a bold man, and an independent girl.

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