All about tattoo with horses

All about tattoo with horses

For the first time, the horses on the bodies of people appeared in distant antiquity. As today, these noble animals were considered symbols of mad speed, desperate courage, true nobility and indescribable beauty.


Women who decided to make themselves acknowledged in the form of a beautiful horse, should know its symbolic meaning.

  • Tattoo in the form Fragile horses Very often can cause an association with fertility and sometimes even considered symbols of the emerging life. The drawing of this noble hill can restore others to think that the mistress of the Pallows dreams of becoming a mom.

Media of such tattoos and in fact will be with love and tenderness to treat children, for any kids will become defenders, carefully covered them from various troubles.

  • Women who stops their choice on the tattoo with calm horses, Want to always reign full family mutual understanding. Tattoo may designate the loyalty to the values ​​of the family and worship the homely hearth. However, there is some kind of drawing. The tattoo of a strong stallion on the female body will tell about the full harmony of the hostess. Also drawing can mean loyalty and humility.

For modern strong floor representatives depicted aggressive horse This is a sign of strength, such an animal can punish its enemies with only one deadly hit of the hoof. Horse that mad rises on rapids, it looks very powerful. Tattoo stallion on the torsa men will talk about the strength of the Spirit of his owner, his strong resistance and confidence in their forces. Purchase animals are often associated with combat actions, as the cavalry often won whole battles. Tattoo with a pattern of more than one horse can symbolize superiority over opponents, will demonstrate to the surrounding character of its owner and his fearlessness.

To whom will fit?

A horses drawing tattoo today is quite popular and among male, and among female. Fatiguts often represent a certain collective image that is suitable to almost any inhabitant, it will be appropriate on the body of both young representatives of the fine sex, and the ladies are older, and for guys, and for mature men. Women often stop their choice on this animal for its extraordinary grace, natural beauty, special mobility, kind of manners and freedom. Strong half especially highlights its animal strength in the image of a horse, active movements, such features like hard work and persistence.

Review of species and sketches

Traditionally, if the horse is depicted in bright suit – Then she is a symbol of light forces. If on the tattoo Dark Skakun, Then it traces his direct connection with the All-Five Darkness Forces. Red color horse or his fire is interpreted as an indomitable passion unrestrained.

In style


Just gorgeous will be on the body to look realistic drawings horses. This style will allow the master in accuracy to pass the smallest elements of the image of the hill, it will help to make a tattoo almost “alive”, and it doesn’t matter what professional coloring palette was used. Colored horses look much more impressive than black, but you must remember that the color tattoo will require more serious care and constant correction. This kind of tattoo is more often male.


Drawings horses in such a style very bright. Here are clear lines and catchy colors will constantly attract admiring views of others to your tattoo. Most often in this style, a horse head is depicted, which is in a vintage frame, which is decorated with bright colors.


Watercolor images allow you to transmit the ease of the horse and the swiftness of this strong animal. Bright paint drums that will draw as a rainbow cable will become a speed designation.


The basis of this interesting style is intertwined between their lines that will form one linear (almost graphic) drawing. An experienced wizard can easily be able to portray in such a style any drawing. Horse tattoos in geometry more often have not very large sizes, but if the customer is desired, large parts of his body can capture.


Tattoos in this style will combine in themselves At the same time, geometry and sought-after monochromicity. Such tattoo can be calmly called unique. It seems that these simple forms do not carry any special load in terms of sense, but this is far from.

The image of the horse here reflects the inner world of the average woman with only a few lines, according to the plot turning into a rapid horse.

According to the plot

In the myths of the ancient Greeks there is a horse, which can fly and has big wings – – Pegasus. He was considered one of the patrons of poetry and was one of the satellites of the Ruzhurizz Zeus, who rules on Olympus. Tattoo with a pattern of a winged horse will be a lot that. Endurance and amazing durability – qualities that distinguish pegasus. It helps creative people and is a symbol of the flight of thought. This tattoo is honing the strength of the spirit and a bold way to its goals. In addition, it will talk about harmony with himself, with the environment and the world and the whole world as a whole. Swipped wings help the horse quickly fly, which also turns it into the symbol of animal swiftness.

Silhouette of a snow-white running horse with mane, which develops in the wind, is a wonderful idea to display on the body of a modern person. This kind of tattoo indicates a desire for complete freedom. White horses are symbols of kindness, disinterested existence and creative inspiration.

But if the color of the horse is changed to black, the symbolism will acquire a different, more frightening and even hidden meaning. This kind of tattoo will tell others about your positive attitude towards unkind and sinister forces. Mustang’s head with burning or completely empty glambles will be 100% meant to mean your huge love for the gloomy world and black magic.

Horse head in the form of a terrible skull is also very popular. It is considered a symbol that is capable of protecting its owner from evil forces and various troubles, that is, acts as a guard.

White and redhead horses will mean good, positive power of white magic. Gray or black mare, as well as all animals with darkened stains – these are symbols of sinister forces, unkind black magic. True, if you are not serving, you will be more interested in the beauty of the horse and its positive characteristics, which are traced in your character.

Girls choosing such a tattoo compare ourselves with this beautiful being, for this reason often the mane of the horse is the same coloring as the hair itself.

Fiery horse will designate belonging to the cult of the Sun.

Famous for all the inhabitants of horse horseshoe or even just a footprint from the horses hoof means good luck, because all The horse often symbolizes the sea of ​​luck for its owner, and a small image can be taken for a kind of amulet.

Horses have always differed very though, so brightly transmit their humility, open sexuality, dedication, excellent fecundity, incredible gracefulness.

With the image of the running hill, you can demonstrate your thirst for freedom, dedication and right to implement your own potential.

Thus, it can be said that Variations of the display of horses on the human body in the form of a tattoo just a huge number. This is often even fabulous unicorns, terrible jumps of apocalyptic riders, powerful horses in full armor or with a rich dressing.

One of the most interesting, but expensive solutions – this is the use of reproductions of world-famous works where horses meet. It can be Vasnets “Bogatyri”, Bullels “Horseman”, Vereshchagin “Rider in Jaipur” and others.

Where to locate?

The location area will be directly dependent on the size of the selected image. Than drawings will be larger, where to extensive the square will need to be allocated under their careful application.

  • On the back. It will easily fit the whole “Russian Troika” with winter sleighs, one hopper with a rider or wild Mustang in the steppes.

  • On the chest or on the side. There are also a lot of places here, but when applied, you need to immediately take into account the human anatomy – the relief of the body of a specific alignment that will depend on the complex.

  • Tattoo on hand. Here the forearm is considered the most preferred place. Only thumbnails are used in other areas – for these purposes, the witness is chosen most often. On the clavicle usually placed a horse’s head with any philosophical inscription.

  • Many men choose a sleeve from tattoo – carriage in full support horse in fire.

  • On the foot. The surface of the hips men and women is great for applying tattoo here. Drawing a horse with a luxurious mane will be perfectly on the hip.

  • Often capture the transitions of the tattoo with one part of the human body to another (for example, with the transition from the neck on the back or on the shovel). This allows you to apply drawings or deployed plots in the required amount.

  • Winged horses – This is an impersonation of freedom. Most often, this kind of tattoo is applied on the back, as well as on the side and the breast of a person.

  • Interesting option – blade. Here you can turn around with the detail.

  • Usually men have shoulders and forearms much more than girls, so the work zone will differ in size.

 Beautiful examples

Tattoo with the image of the horse choose true lovers of these proud and graceful animals. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that increasingly you can see realistic stuffed drawings of horses at various parts of the body of people.

Many stop their choice on sketches with fiery horses. They allow you to demonstrate the host of the host by the host of the host, its passionism and the indomitable spirit.

The hill is covered with a wet foam, it also looks very beautiful on the human skin, it seems, another second – and the image will come to life in reality.

Girls often stop their choice on a horse, decorated with flowers, stylish harness, with a calm and confident look.

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