All about tattoo with husky

All about tattoo with husky

Cute pets firmly occupied places in our homes and hearts. With adorable pet owners do not want to be separated by any minute, some even make tattoos of their pets. Breed Husky took a special place among dog lovers. Puss with beautiful thick wool and blue eyes is a real handsome man. Image of small husky, as well as other types of dog tattoo with different eyes choose men and women. In the article, consider what the meaning means a tattoo with husky, where it is better to place it, what sketch is better to choose.


The dog has long been considered a person’s friend, so tattoo with husky means loyalty, mind, endurance, friendliness and love for traveling. Husky belongs to the breed of northern riding dogs that have dense thick wool and are able to finely carry frosts. They willingly carry people to the sleigh and participate in races. The special difference of the breed is a characteristic “wolf” color and blue eyes. Dog’s eyes can also be brown and even multicolored (heterochromic).

Fans of this breed are often applied to a pallium without much importance, only to emphasize their love for the pussy. Tattoo on hand or leg will designate courage, strength and readiness to come to the rescue. Sometimes the image of a dog can have a sacred value.

The ancient Slavs believed that the PSA wasping would help defend his evil eyes, but she should be invisible to others.


Tattoo with husky can be performed in the style of realism, geometry, watercolor and thrash polka. His sketches can choose people who are associated with the northern part of the hemisphere and even with Siberia. Realistic Palace is the most popular in tattoo salons. It looks like a real dog as much as possible due to small details and thorough drawing of shadows. For such a type of drawing, the space is needed on the body.

Watercolor style most often choose young women who want to look an extraordinary and attractive. Tattoo looks bright and extravagant, reminding watercolor drawing. Tresh-Polka style is distinguished by the presence of contrasts between red and black, which looks nontrivially, creates the effect of brutality and the keenness of the owner.

Geometric style is based on the creation of a pattern by image geometric shapes, that is, a pall may look like a rhombus or another figure.

This creates an airiness effect, as the paints are not used so much.

Sketches also come with additional elements, such as ornament, flowers and much more. The little dog husky will be better looking in the style of geometry and watercolor. You can also do in the technique of realism in the presence of good experience at the master, since a bad drawing will look like a merging spot. To create a tattoo dog with different eyes will suit any style, including a combination of different styles.

Where to locate?

You can apply the tattoo on any liked part of the body. Small drawings will look good on hand and leg. For volumetric images you need to find a suitable place to have the ability to fully disclose the image. To do this, will go back, blade and chest (in men).

Little tattoo on the wrist can look beautiful if it is located with a side or inner hand. However, people who prefer not to hide their drawing from prying eyes, the open place is suitable.

Beautiful examples

Interesting watercolor tattoo combine clean equipment of execution, when there is no dirt, and also there is a pleasant range of colors. For example, an attractive composition of the black, blue and red. The main drawing is made black, and additional colors emphasize the details. Animately looks tiny images of puppies made by thin line.

Photo-realistic whales of husky look very impressive if a successful sketch is selected. The same applies to trash polka. The tattoo in this style is like a street work of art, a little reminding drawings in ink in the Epoch of Postmodernism. Divorces and blots can attach an interesting emphasis, and some sketches resemble graffiti.

Also beautiful tattoos with a geometric shape dog, like the drawing. Thin lines emphasize the elegance of the image. The combination of several elements will help make a picture of a more complex and original. Beautifully looks like an additional decoration with flowers and other elements.

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