All about tattoo with names

All about tattoo with names

Pretty popular theme when creating a native drawing is a tattoo named. Such an inscription can become an original decoration. The choice of this option allows you to show love for loved ones, parents, loved ones, your children. One option is to apply on the body of his own name. About the types of nominal tattoo, the most successful options for their placement and will be discussed.

Types and sketches of tattoos

Name for any person is important. Back in ancient times in Egypt, Pharaohs cut out on the walls of the temples. Currently, modern people make such actions, stuffing themselves the nominal tattoo on the skin.

When applied, only letters or text with any pattern can be used. Each inscription is a reflection of a person, its features, emphasizes the individuality. Before taking a definite name, you should see what value it has.

The most often tattoos are stuffed with the names of loved ones. But this choice is fraught with possible problems. Relationships between lovers or friends can deteriorate sharply. A similar reminder in the form of a tattoo with this person is unlikely to take pleasure. In order not to change the drawing, it is better to choose the names of only those people who will forever remain part of life. With a big desire, put on the body the name of your loved one can do it using a temporary tattoo.

Lovers are often pinching a double tattoo, adding various symbolic images important for both. Recently, the inscriptions on the nameless fingers in the form of wedding rings and her husband became popular.

Many are trying to capture the most important event associated with the birth of a child, by applying a tattoo with his name. There are different options for performing such inscriptions.

  • In the form of initials. Most often the first letter of his name is stuffed.
  • Depicting the name and date of his birth.
  • In the form of a baby name and various characters. It can be a drawing with a heart, a flower, drawing in the stars.

Also popular inscriptions combined with a portrait of a child, or drawings with a print of palms or a kid feet.

Such inscriptions are usually stuffed by newly minted young parents. It is connected with new bright emotions that broke into their lives along with. Pictures in honor of the newborn baby often complement elements in the form of balloons, ribbons, date of birth. There is an opinion that making inscriptions with the name of the kid not recommended.

Most parents consider it a superstition and do not pay attention.

One options are inscriptions with names or initials of parents. Most often, such images look as inscriptions “Mom” or “Dad”. So that such a picture looked more interestingly, follows the sketches to do with the addition of some commemorative common things. So, in the image there may be accessories for sports or fishing, resembling a joint vacation with the Father, or a cup of tea or coffee in honor of joint Sunday tea drinking with mom. Even very conservative parents will like this choice, they will be very pleased to feel the care of them and love.

Popular pictures with friends names are popular, similar options are considerable in many countries. It looks very interesting to a divided tattoo for two, where each other has a part of the image or inscription. Even swaying for a long time and going to different countries, such an inscription will always remind about the old one, will make you remember the pleasant moments and time spent together.

Often teenagers feed the names of their idols. In such a case, the body is stored on the body or only the name of the star or together with the portrait of the idol. Most often they include people who influence the worldview. These can be your favorite actors, singers, musicians, artists or even politicians.

Quite often such inscriptions make in memory of those who have gone. This may not necessarily be famous people. Name Tattoo will allow to perpetuate the memory of loved people, relatives or friends.

Named tattoos can be made in the form of a whole name or consist of one letter. In this case, the inscription can be made in any language: in Russian, English, in Latin, Chinese or in other languages.

It is very interesting to look at the tattoo with the pen, where the inscription falls on the feather, smoothly following its bend. The value of this symbol speaks of revival and protection, truth and love. Such a symbol is perfectly combined with the name tattoo, made in a black or color version.

Sketches with the image of a butterfly and an inscription are suitable for girls. Traditionally, the butterfly is compared with the female insect, comparing their softness and tenderness. Just like a butterfly, gradually the girl turns out of a simple doll into a woman.

Beautiful nominal tattoos are obtained using flower ornament. Pictures with roses especially organically look. The presence of spikes will remind certain suffering through which many in love.

Similar options are often choosing sailors.

Such drawings give them a sense of security and safety, which is so necessary for people rising life.

Named tattoo with a pigeon is more likely stuffed in love. The pigeon is always considered a symbol of peace and purity. These options are suitable for special people who always seek to help others, soothe in unpleasant situations.

Also popular options depicting the heart. It is very interesting to watch such images with inscriptions stamped on the wrist or on the forearm.

Overview of fonts

When choosing text inscriptions, it is customary to use a wide variety of fonts. Their diversity will help make a picture more interesting, make a special point, disclose the character.

It is important that the font approaches the image theme. Men are better to use strict options in dark colors. Women preferably dwell on smooth and bright sketches.

Very interesting and intriguing fonts in East or English style. Ancient styles look very unusual and even mystically. Modern options are also quite popular. To add them character and beauty, it is better to dilute them with patterns, drawings, combine with objects characterizing this personality. These can be images in the form of a heart, birds, butterflies, flower, dagger or skull.

When choosing a font, you should pay attention to topical options, such images will add significance. Fashion fonts will attract attention, while bizarre variations can not be understood. It is better not to use unnecessarily decorative fonts, preferred by classic or modern fonts.

When choosing an inscription in a foreign language, you should make sure of writing text. And also it will be useful to clarify the correctness of the translation. This is especially true for the inscriptions in Japanese or Chinese, where any packer in writing can completely change the meaning of the word.

Accommodation options

Named tattoo can be placed on any part of the body. The inscription feed horizontally either vertically. There are other more creative form of image placement. On the back and on the chest more often place large and intricate inscriptions and drawings.

On forearm, biceps, hips better look pictures with medium sizes. On hand, on the wrist, on a nameless finger or on the neck it is advisable to fill a little tattoo.

It is believed that people who dedicated tattoos beloved prefer to apply them to different areas on the body. It can be places on the wrist, on the fingers, in the region of ribs, on the back or chest. The choice of place depends on the promise, which should be inscription. Some preferably putting a tattoo on the universal review.

Others, on the contrary, choose a place, prominent only to a loving person.

Children’s tattoos will look great on men’s breasts, shoulders or sides. Women better choose the area on the wrist, fingers, ribs or back.

  • For tattoo in the area of ​​Neck, it is better to choose the lungs and “air” sketches. In this place is not to fill massive drawings.

  • In place under the breast, it is more likely to feed the names of your favorite people, not in vain this place is near the heart.

  • If there is enough space on ribs or sides, you can add an interesting picture to the name.

  • Any personal inscription on his hand will look intriguing. Unusual sketch you can fill on the wrist, or choose for this forearm.

Tattoo with inscriptions are one of the most successful ways for self-expression. Such images will be very nice to look at the neck, the clavicle, the chest area. A good place to apply ankle and ankle.

Tips for care

Those who finally decided to make a nominal tattoo to themselves, should adhere to special recommendations for the care of the plot.

  • Before visiting the cabin, it is recommended to eat tightly to provide the body with sufficient energy.
  • It is necessary to wear comfortable clothes that do not melt movements and non-limiting freedom.
  • So that time has passed faster with long work, it is better to stock books in advance, or take gadgets.

Having tattooed, you need to care for it. This will avoid infection.

Newly pawned with needles. Such areas are strongly susceptible to various infections.

After the session, a bandage from the body should not shoot a few hours. Then it is necessary to thoroughly process the wreck, washed off the sucrovice with water with baby soap.

The processed place is left to dry out naturally, or carefully dried with a paper towel. Daving the skin to dry, cause Panthenol regenerating cream.

You can not break the crusts formed during the healing of the wound, otherwise, paint particles will be removed together with crusts, which leads to immediate correction.

At least 2 weeks should be carefully handled the problem area. It is necessary to protect the inscriptions from entering direct sunlight, should be regularly applied to the sunscreen area.

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