All about tattoo with snowflakes

All about tattoo with snowflakes

For most people, the snowflake is inextricably linked with the appearance of the inaccessible snow queen, the heroes of the fabulous works “Snow Maiden”, “twelve months” and “Morozko”. Snowflakes are often dressing girls for the new year. However, this image can be used in tattoo art.


Human subconsciously holds parallels between symbols of snowflakes and the appearance of a snow queen – a cruel-ferrous beauty, ladies of jeys and ice. That is why it can be asked that a snowflake squash personifies a high-level, spiritual emptiness and inaccessibility. However, this is a delusion – intricate snowflake ornaments are made up of geometric figures, each of which pays deep sacred sense.

All people love when snow falls on the ground. At first glance it may seem that all snowflakes look absolutely the same. However, if you look carefully, their difference will become apparent, each of them has its own unique ornament. Therefore, the pallium may indicate the uniqueness and individuality.

In ancient times, many nations associated falling snow with symbols of spiritual purity, removal and rebirth cycle. Just think about – small snowflakes are born in the sky, slowly falling to the ground and there melt from heat. But this process lasts from year to year, so the image of the snowflake is closely intertwined with the motives of the expansion of withering and the subsequent revival after him. It is possible that the modern owners of a similar tattoo on the body bind her with cults of the ancient Slavs and Celts. These sign they try to protect themselves and their loved ones from troubles, troubles and diseases.

There is a version that a snag in the form of a snowflake means a solar symbolism, which indicates a mystery of the emergence and the very existence of the universe. In some chronicles, there is a reference to the Slavic Sun sign in the form of a sophisticated swastika – our long-standing used it as an amulet. These signs were often portrayed on the walls of the housing, window frames and skates – people believed that after that, happiness would live in the house. And it was also believed that the pallows in the form of complicated swastika in the palm of the palm will surely attract its owner success in love and finance.

Nowadays, snow causes associations with New Year and Christmas holidays. Its image is deeply symbolic – here you can spend parallels with angels that cover the tired earth with a snow-white blanket, bringing silence into the world, calm and comfort.

In this regard, a snowflake squint often personifies serenity, innocence, equilibrium and peace.

There are other interpretation: some forget that even the coldest heart can be melt sincere participation and warmth. Many people with a similar tattoo have disappointed in others, ceased to trust them after a large number of errors. From the outside they may seem surrounding restrained, detached and ice. But this is nothing more than a mask, the shell, which they put on to themselves to protect their inner world from new offensive and disappointments.

It is difficult to give an accurate characteristic of a person with a similar knocker, but in the most general traits you can get a brief description.

These people most of their introverts. They do not like excessive attention from those around others, they don’t care about noisy parties. Externally, their life resembles a static existence, but often in their heads are created whole universes and parallel worlds.

Snowflake can both boys and girls. In any case, this symbol man demonstrates the depths of the peace. Many psychologists argue that for these people typically mental rebirth – in this case we are talking about the ability of a person to break existing stereotypes, study new and radically change their fate.

Review of species

When choosing a sketch for gamble on the skin, symmetric figures with accurate geometry are. It is in this that the secret of the success of a snag with snowflakes is – their image causes the most pleasant emotions.

Snowflakes on the skin can be performed in various shades. Most often these are white paints, as well as halftone blue and purple. A little less often the masters use black ink.

Very stylishly look at the crawls with ice crystals, they resemble ethnic decor. It can be ancient Slavic or Scythian plots, although the maximum distribution received ancient Celtic snowflakes – images in them make a deep sacral meaning. Such a snowflake symbolizes the circle of life and life in general.

Snowflakes can be baked on the body in a variety of styles. The most harmonious they look in the techniques of geometry, Lainvork and the door, it is less likely to use ornamental. The most professional masters perform work in a realistic manner – such plots resemble the image of snowflakes, repeatedly enlarged under the microscope. It is very thin and skillful work, comparable with jewelry.

With the appearance of snowflakes closely connected pagan sign Ladiline. To our long-time ancestors he served as a faith, a source of protection and peace for pregnant women and already taken by mothers.

Ladyarta created a kind of shield that enlightens the young mother and her baby from dark influences.

The shape of this snowflake is different from natural outlines of snowflakes. It consists of 8 races, each of which is the rounded letter “g”. This sign can be compared with a multipath swastika, usually fit into a circle to enhance the magic effect. Such a snowflake is a reference to the Slavic goddess of Lada, which at our ancestors was an analogue of Venus and Aphrodites. She was responsible for the family, homemade hearth and youth women.

Where you can fill?

Tattoo in the form of snowflakes can be done in a variety of body areas.

Miniature drawings can be fascinated anywhere, even on the fingers. In this case, they occupy no more than one square centimeter of the skin surface.

Another interesting plot – hand brushes. Here are depicted from 1 to 3 snowflakes, their dimensions range from 1.5 to 5 cm.

The wrist area – here it is especially impressive looks like a rape of snowflakes, forming a bracelet like.

It will be nice to look like a tattoo on the forearm. Even if there are already acknowledged in this zone, enter the sleeve of such a motive in size, the plot and stylistics is absolutely difficult.

But the shoulder is a less common option. For acknowledged in the form of a snowflake used infrequently.

Neck – optimal place from the point of view of the composition, the pallows here look sensually and sexy. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the skin of women in this place is quite sensitive. Therefore, the image of the image is associated with significant discomfort, and heals such a tattoo for quite a long time.

Spin is a real canvas for any tattoo masters. Here you can create large thematic compositions and combinations of different elements involving snowflakes.

Chest – a plot that is suitable for both men and women. Snowflake here looks piquant and ignore. However, women need to keep in mind that in the course of life, especially after the birth of a child, the outlines of the breast change. As a result, the contours of the image are deformed, and it simply “floats”.

Therefore, before tagging the knack in this place, think carefully.

Ankle, caviar, as well as ankle – these are typical women’s options.

The knee – the snowflake here is pinching exactly in the center so that the rays go beyond its limits. It looks like a squabs very stylish. However, the skin on the leg in this place is located close to the bones, so the site is very painful.

Beautiful examples

In conclusion, we offer you some interesting examples of a snowflake tattoo. We hope they will help you decide on the plot composition.

Snowflakes can be performed in different colors – white, blue or purple.

Skinny snowless snowflakes look very sophisticated and gently. This is the perfect solution for the female body.

But men often complement the image of snowflake symbols with turtles.

Speecually looks combination of snowflakes and flames or snowflakes and sun. The owner of such a tattoos seems to show that fire and ice are combined in it, and under the mask of external calm, there are serious passions.

Very nicely look a tattoo compositions that combine snowflake with a rose or ballerina. They do not have a deep symbolic value and are mainly a tribute to fashion.

Lovers of large tattoos, you can recommend cosmic plots with snowflakes. Usually apply them on the back.

Well, of course, the classic of the genre looks unique – these are snowflakes and the snow queen.

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