All about tattoo with the puma

All about tattoo with the puma

The image of the heart is often captured on a full image. What does this image mean, what kind of sending it is in himself and who is more suitable, you can find out below.


Puma is a wild animal that refers to the Feline family. It leads a single lifestyle, has an internal character, grace, plasticity and dangerous beauty. This wild animal since a long time caused a person both admiration and fear. Despite this, the pumas attacked people extremely rarely, most of their main delicacies served livestock.

Interpretation of the image of the Puma, which is often able to meet on tattoos, both girls and men, most of them positive.

So, The image of this wild cat means the ability to adapt, become “its” in the new company and find a way out of the most difficult situations. Such a interpretation is due to the fact that the adaptation of the Puma to the new conditions takes not so much time.

Puma is also a symbol of active life position. This animal is almost all the time in motion, despite the fact that it is chosen only at night.

Another interpretation of this image is independence and self-sufficiency. Puma, as a rule, live by one, unlike the same Lviv. The male and female, of course, can unite in a pair, but this happens only in the marriage period. In the rest of the time, each of these predators has its territory, which he jealously protects, trying to prevent the appearance of strangers on it. The man who has a tattoo with the image of the Puma is usually also self-sufficient and independent of other people, he is not comfortable alone, it is not required for someone else’s attention.

In addition, the image of the heart symbolizes strength and power, because it is quite brave animals that are good hunters. Little animals are capable of them in this regard.

It is worth saying that the tattoo with the image of the Puma is universal. She fits both women and men. However, most often such a native figure makes representatives of a beautiful sex, because the image of the Puma only emphasizes their femininity, natural beauty and grace. Men mostly prefer tattoo on which the image of a lion or tiger is captured.

Options sketches

The pummy tattoo can be made in different style solutions. Among them, the most spectacular is the style of realism. Such images are usually very detailed and looks natural enough and naturally. For the most part, in the image of the drawings in such a style, much attention is paid to the eyes of the Puma, which differ in their depth. However, the drawing itself is quite difficult to perform in such a stylist solution, and therefore not every tattoo master is taken for such work.

Of course, realism is not the only style that is very popular. It looks quite original such an image made in the styles:

  • watercolor+
  • New Skul or Old Skull+
  • graphic arts+
  • geometry+
  • doosek.

The last style attracts many of its peculiarity: it implies drawing with a large number of points. As a result, it turns out quite spectacular and interesting image.

Stylized images of the PUM also have their fans. They look very interesting and mysterious. Such a wise image will be able to emphasize the originality of its owner, his individuality.

If we talk about the plot component of the tattoo, then there is from what to choose.

  • Pictures are very popular, where the purium is depicted in full growth. As a rule, this wild cat is in dynamics: it either steal or makes a jump, or moves in any direction. All this is due to the increased activity of this predatory animal in real life. Bumba, which is in a relaxed state and rests, on tattoos depict extremely rarely.

  • There is no less popular image on which there is only an animal head. It can be drawn in detail and clearly or only contour – it depends only on the preferences of the owner.

  • In addition, a special role in such images is played by the mood of the beast. Most often, the Puma is depicted swaying somewhere, with her glance asked forward. Such an image symbolizes power, power, desire to move towards your goal, despite possible difficulties.

  • The image of the puma with grind looks effectively. Such a picture means independence, courage, ability to protect yourself if required.

  • In addition, the image of the puma can be supplemented with a variety of elements: Flowers and various vegetation, natural landscape, inscriptions – all this depends only on human preferences.

Where to locate?

When choosing the location of the tattoo, people are usually guided by its shape and size.

So, If the image looks oblong, it is better to accommodate it in the area of ​​the hand or shoulder, legs or roaster. Pictures made in the style of minimalism will effectively look on the neck, chest or clavicle.

There are more pictures that differ in the round shape on the blades.

If the image is characterized by scale, then in this case it should be placed either on the back, or on the chest.

Beautiful examples

    There are many interesting sketches of tattoos with the puma.

    • Tattoo, performed in the style of realism. Pay attention to the way of the eye of a predatory cat look like.

    • Stylized image images that look pretty interesting and bright.

    • Lovely looks and large-scale drawings, where Puma is present.

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