All about tattoo with tigers

All about tattoo with tigers

Tiger is a powerful, strong and very graceful beast that plays one of the most important roles in mythology and culture of different countries. Striped predator is a symbol of India, South Korea and Bangladesh. That is why Tiger won the great popularity in the world of Body Art. Today, many people are decided to decorate their body with the image of this beautiful beast.


Wild cats for many years remain permanent leaders among the motifs for tattoos. And they are popular not only among men, but also among women. It can be large sample sketches on hand, on foot or shoulder, or quite miniature tattoo on your fingers. Practically any doll with handsome-tiger perfectly complements the appearance and guys, and girls.

The image of a powerful fangy beast attracts not only worthy and bright appearance, but also the meaning it carries. Tattoo sketches with a tiger contain deep meaning. These powerful and aggressive animals symbolize ferocity, strength. In many cases, the tattoo of this kind is interpreted as an interesting symbol of tricks and even revenge. In some situations, the tattoo depicting a striped predatory beast causes association with passion and sensuality. There are countries in the world where active tigers are being conducted to get some parts of their body. According to the inhabitants of these countries, such mining has the action of aphrodisiac.

In various cultures, the meaning of tattoo with wild cats varies. Most Asian peoples have an image of this beast on the body symbolizes power, passion and power. In Japan, for example, similar sketches were often involved for reliable protection against unkind perfumes, dangerous twigs, failures. In Tibetan Buddhism, tattoos with striped predators meant generosity and patience.

As part of the Chinese folklore, tigers have long been considered defenders of the dead. The image of these predatory animals is often found as engraving on grave plates to ensure easy passage of the soul of the deceased in the other world.

Asians tigers cause associations with deities that are associated with wealth. That is why these peoples are confident that the tattoo of the beast on the shoulder can bring a lot of happiness, as well as the enrichment of its owner. In addition, among Asians it is believed that this predator runs away from man any evil and negative.

In the culture of Korea Tiger is the true king of animals.

From this we can conclude that the tattoo with its image means power, domination, human strength.

Many people really like sketches depicting the face of a striped predator. Curious fact: such tattoos symbolize high intelligence and passion. If the tattoo provides a tiger in a cell, it means that a person is able to keep all his emotions under full control.

Today, very different tattoos with tigers are popular. Beautifully looks and large, and miniature sketches. The drawing can be both black and white and color – with competent performance will be worthy of both options.

Options sketches

There is a great set of classroom sketches of tattoo tits. Beautiful images may vary and style, and in the plot. Different people like different options. Consider what the most attractive varieties of such sketches are.

In style

Tattoo depicting a tiger can be performed in various interesting styles. Each of them is distinguished by its external embodiment and many features. Find out how the tattoo with the tigers of various styles look.

  • old school. In most works performed in the specified style, a predatory cat is depicted or in black and white, or in yellow. The main characteristic feature of such tattoo is the pronounced aggressiveness of images. Simply put, a business card of a tiger in such an execution is his ferocious ruffle. Most often, such aggressive and powerful animals in the style of Old Skull are stuffed in relatively small sizes.

  • Realism. Tattoos made in such a stylist attract maximum attention to others. Here Tigers are depicted in all its glory – in natural settings. The beast can just lie or walk on the grass on the background of beautiful mountains or other places. Such sketches almost never remain unnoticed by other people.

  • Minimalism. Today in the Tattoo Trend, weathered in this stylist. Minimalistic tigers can be depicted on a human body in the form of a single line that is continuous. Look such sketches very unusual and attractive.

  • Graphic arts. In the specified style, the tiger can be depicted on the human body as calm and scaly. Typically, the tattoo under consideration is implemented in black and white or black and gray paints.

Places they are complemented by white dye inserts.

  • Newskul. Currently, many girls and guys prefer to fill the tattoos, weathered in this bright style. Such a tiger will look a cartoon, the tattoo is distinguished by the liveliness, warmth. They look good and very original.

  • Oriental. We are talking about images of striped predators implemented in a pure Asian key. Such tattoos are characterized by certain specifics and very interesting effect. Oriental sketches attract attention, being pretty bright, excellent detailed. These tattoo always carry a certain idea and idea. ????

According to the plot

Tattoo, depicting a powerful and strong tiger, differ in their plot. Different people choose various options for such a body. Consider what plots with the participation of striped predatory cats are the most attractive.

  • Tattoo is very popular with the image of neatly sulking tigers and tigerits, as well as animals licking the front paw. No less attractive sketches, on which a predator hides in a thick bright grass.

  • Tattoos look very impressive and originally, where the tiger is depicted along with the Chinese Dragon. In these compositions, the tiger usually symbolizes the feminine.

  • If you want to choose a more aggressive image, it is possible to stay on a powerfully revealed predator. It can be a pallium, painting only the face of the beast. Often such sketches of men are stuffed on the chest or on the shoulder.

  • Brightly, attractive and beautifully look tattoos, on which the tiger is depicted with elegant colors. In particular, aesthetically mentioned sketches look in watercolor style. They can be both small and larger. Most often in these compositions, only an animal head is depicted, surrounded by multi-colored buds of different colors.

  • Gorgeous combination – Tiger and crown. Such a tattoo will symbolize the authority of its owner, emphasize its solid and strong. Owners of these spectacular images are most often very persistent and targeted, and in some cases even cold-blooded and cruel.

  • It is interesting to look at tattoos with tigers having muzzles with expressive blue or green eyes. These sketches can be both black and white and colored. In the composition, where bright eyes are accent, there is usually only an animal head or certain zones of his muzzle.

There is a great set of very beautiful plots with tigers. It may be not only an adult experienced predator with aggressive ruffle, but also a charming tigering or proud tigress. Each person himself chooses for itself the perfect solution, which is best emphasized by his character, behaviors, goals and views.

Where you can fill?

We find out where you can fill a spectacular tattoo with a handsome tiger.

  • Many men decide to complement their body with large images of predators. Very boldly, sketches on the back, calf, chest and shoulder look. Due to the fact that these parts of the body have extensive territories, their large-sized tattoo look more aesthetic and proportionally. Often men choose for the base the so-called sleeve.

  • Girls more often prefer not to very extensive options stamped on a shovel, forearm, leg, slightly less than brushes, wrist or neck. These zones can be blocked to hide from prying eyes if there is a desire. The design of the sketch will look much more feminine and elegant if you bring certain changes to it – for example, portray several flower, butterflies or patterned elements. With them tiger will look very cute and attractive.

Beautiful examples

Tattoo with a tiger can be a luxurious decoration of a male or female body. The design of the sketch can be absolutely different. Consider a few truly attractive examples.

  • Surface and at the same time seriously tuned tigrine muzzle with raised ears will be cool to look at the top of the female thigh. Sketch does not necessarily have to be bright and multicolored. Not bad will and monochrome predator.

  • Very original and brightly will look a tattoo in a watercolor style, packed on the shovel or in the zone just above it (set on the shoulder from the back). On such a sketch, a painted tiger can be depicted in profile. It can be interesting to decorate with light colorful lines imitating watercolor paints splashes.

  • Maximum bold and twingers are obtained by very large tattoos that are stuffed in the whole back. Often, similar solutions choose men. For example, it can be a courageous black and white composition, which depicts a predator rising to a high mountain, from where beautiful views of Japanese-style buildings are opening.

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