All about the Lucifer Tattoo

All about the Lucifer Tattoo

Lucifer’s tattoos look very effectively and defiantly, but not everyone understands their meaning. In this article, we will analyze which sending is in itself such a native drawing, and where it is best to position.


Lucifer is a fallen angel, once a former pet. It was he who gave him such a beautiful name that literally translates from Latin as “carrier light”. Lucifer did not like the new favorite creation of God – humanity. He saw in people a lot of flaws, among whom evil, sinfulness and ignorance. Do not understand God’s love for them, Lucifer chose the path of darkness: he decided to attack the throne of God along with other celestial forces that they got up on his side.

However, such a bold rebellion was not crowned with success: Heavenly rioters were defeated and were overthow on Earth. It was there that the former beloved of God founded hell – a place where eternal flour and death reign. There he became a full lord.

By the way, it was Lucifer who seduced the first people created by God – Adam and Eve. So he is a huge rod to death, but Jesus was able to redeem this sin. Nevertheless, according to legends, the apocalypse will ever come, and people will appear before a terrible court. There will be their sinfulness, according to the result, their further path will be solved – Paradise or the kingdom of suffering and torment, where Satan fills.

Interestingly, Lucifer has its own sign. This is not the same pentagram in the form of a star in a circle, as many might think, but a special seal or Sigil.

This is one of the ancient devilish signs, which can be found in the chronicles, which are dated average centuries. Due to the excavations, which were carried out by archaeologists, it is just known that this sign has already existed during the occurrence of Christianity.

And Lucifer’s sign and the image of the fallen angel often occurs on tattoos. And such drawings can be seen both on the bodies of girls and men. In this case, the tattoo value largely depends on its composite features. Most often, such drawings are interpreted as a dark human side, the predetermination of fate, punishment for sins, chaos and discord. However, there may be other meanings.

Options sketches

There are many options for lucifer’s tattoos. Usually, Such a full drawings differ in their scale and occupy a large skin area, but small drawings also take place.

If we talk about the color decision, then there is from what to choose. Many prefer black and white drawings, but also images in color, in which red shades are most often dominated, also enjoy great popularity.

The Lucifer image itself in the figure can also be depicted in different ways. Often, on the tattoo, it appears in the image of an angel, which is counted with chains or fights with other angels who made the side of God. At the same time, the wings of an angel are not a feat, but more like a bat of a volatile mouse.

Often in such pictures are the battle of Lucifer and Archangel Mikhail or God himself, which symbolizes the inner struggle, the confrontation of good and evil, light and dark. Such images are usually carried out in the realism style for which a high level of detail is characterized.

It is very interesting to look at the same tattoo on which the devilian seal is depicted – Sigil. Such drawings are most often distinguished by their conciseness, but not everyone can understand their meaning.

Stylized drawings also take place. They are often depicted by such a devil as it seems to many: a formidable, frightening, in red, with black thick hair, with horns, powerful wings and the same powerful tail.

Often on tattoos you can see the image of a caricature devil, which is not distinguished by its terrible view. He is more like a cartoon character, his appearance is harmless, and sometimes comfortable. Such drawings can often be seen in women. Similar tattoo have a positive interpretation, they mean mischief, self-irony and making their drawbacks, their dark side.

Which part of the body do?

The tattoo on which the image of Lucifer is depicted, you can arrange anywhere. When choosing, you need to rely only on your preferences and the scale of the tattoo itself.

Most often, such drawings are very different in terms of composition, and therefore they are placed on the back, chest, shoulder or forearm. This is especially characteristic of male tattoos.

Small drawings that are somewhat less common and mostly in women, the most harmonious look at the wrist, in the area of ​​Ryube, on the shovel or hip.

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