All about the tattoo with anchor

All about the tattoo with anchor

In the art of tattoos there are many plots filled with deep symbolism, most often they are rooted in the distant past. One of them is the sea anchor, the very first attributes of such an image are still to the Sumerian era. Such a doll does not only look stylishly, but also carries a lot of interpretations.


In the XVI century, when the British Military Fleet won a crushing victory over the Spaniards, the British entered the use of an anchor image – he served as a NAMF identification sign. Later, such tagged widespread in the environment of simple sailors and travelers who risked to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Nowadays, such a motive is used as a sign of love for the sea and long-range wanders.

Anchor tattoo is considered an ideal native decoration for people who are forced to spend a lot of time away from home and their relatives. This is not surprising, because the main purpose of the anchor is to ensure the sustainability of the ship in water. That’s why Tattoo with its image symbolizes safety and stability.

For sailors, the sign of the anchor at all times served as a guard from all the adversity that can meet during a wander. It was believed that he would save from underwater reefs, storm, attacks of pirates and even from marine monsters that can turn over the ship and destroy the entire crew.

Stinging on the skin anchor, the sailor thus expressed the hope that he could return to his family alive and unscathed. For people who traveled a lot, the anchor has always been a symbol of confidence in the correctness of the chosen road and in the fact that they will definitely be where they will be useful.

If Anchor was depicted with a long chain – this meant that a person gave someone a serious promise. The same image of a man was applied to the body when they were restrained by an important debt – most often it concerned the family.

In this interpretation, tattoo may mean married loyalty.

The position of the anchor also defines its symbolic meaning.

  • If anchor is exactly perpendicular to the earth – this is the personification of reliability, determination and hardness. Such pallows make strong people able to overcome any obstacles.
  • If the anchor on the body is naked at an angle – it means that a person passed through some serious test and made an important life lesson. This tattoo suggests that all unpleasant events are already in the past, but their significance and role in fate turned out to be extremely high.
  • If a broken anchor is packed on the skin or disassembled to the part means, in the life of a person there have been sad events that have deprived of his hopes in a bright future. It is possible that he suffered a heavy loss.

After the Christian doctrine has spread around the world, the anchors began to portray in the form of a cross. Such an image was supplemented with a jumper at the top and was an impersonation of hope for salvation. The most first application of an anchor in this form is found in the texts of the Apostle Paul. A little later, it decorated the faces of Nicholas the Wonderworker.

A similar sign is found in Egyptian culture. There he is an union of male and female start, the symbol of the universe in general. Therefore, such anchor refer to sacred signs. It is no coincidence that the anchors are given to the images of Neptune, Poseidon, as well as Varuna and Amphitrite.

A new plot appeared in the revival era – Anchor and Dolphin. The symbol has become an impersonation of slow and fast, speed and braking. Such a tattoo seems to say: “Hurry slowly”.

About 300 years ago, the tattoo in the form of anchor was included in the use of Western sailors. It was a kind of tribute to the marine element, people sincerely believed that she had a blessing of sea spirits on the body. At that time, Europe has already adopted Christianity, but people, as before, remained superstitious. Despite the fact that they have already ceased to bow the forces of nature, a desire remained somehow to lose their.

Review of species

The value of the tattoo in the form of an anchor on the skin can have the most accurate execution both in style and in the storyline.

In style

Anchor is a self-sufficient image. It looks spectacular with any design technique, ranging from thrash-polka to realism, so there are no restrictions in the stylistics of packing such drawing. It all depends only on personal preferences and what send the message is your picture.

If you want to see anchor on the body as a talisman and charm – minimalism will be appropriate here. Romantic romance is best transmitted by Old Skull Technique. The deepest sacred value is drawing in a realistic style.

The weak floor representatives are usually picking feminine and elegant sketches. They are distinguished by bright paints, compact sizes and minimum additional parts. Men most often make a choice in favor of large-scale sketches Watercolor or Old Skull.

Advice. There are many tattoo performance techniques. Only gain their popularity, the history of others is calculated not one hundred years. If there are already tattoos on your body, it is desirable that any new things are suppressed in the same technique – only in this case the total composition will be truly spectacular.

Just imagine, for example, sailor with an anchor in a realistic manner, near which watercolor divorces and a couple-triple of Celtic crosses are packed. Believe me, such a person is simply waiting!

To the general picture of the native tattoos was spectacular, the drawings should be combined in color palette, stylistics and meaning. Otherwise, the whale holder will rather remind the usual exhibition of creative works of artists working in various directions.

Turning to the practical part of the question, we offer you several spectacular options for applying an anchor tattoo.

  • Graphic arts. Black and blue option – for people who are accustomed to concise monochrome images.

  • Palace, stuffed with the use of realistic techniques, suitable people preferring specifics and accuracy.

  • Stylish and spectacular door will become a choice for the most creative, preferring a non-standard approach.

  • Practices are more suitable simple and discreet performed minimalism.

  • Traditional and Old Skull is used for snapshots in classic stylistics. These options are suitable for any native images.

  • Watercolor colored pictures look very stylish and effectively. When packing anchors, blue and scarlet tones are usually dominated.

According to the plot

Scene motifs of tattoos in the form of anchors are diverse. Some symbolic, second realistic, and others do not have any meaning at all, representing a surreal picture.

  • Anchor together with a compass or lighthouse symbolizes the correctly chosen road, absolute confidence in the decisions made.

  • Anchor, along with the Cross, pinch religious or superstitious people.

  • Anchor with a heart prefer to combine romance and tragics, they also resort to combinations of anchors with turtles.

  • Large symbolism carries a tattoo depicting anchor, accusing a snake. It has many meanings, but they are all connected with wisdom, treble and cunning.

  • Another common motive – anchor with thematic inscription, made on the tape and with a pair of wings. Most often, he symbolizes internal freedom from external circumstances.

Similar meaning is attached to combinations of anchors and birds, most often it is stuffed with eagles and seagulls.

  • The non-standard solution will be anchor piercing. Especially spectacular it looks when applying realistic techniques.

  • A little more complicated tattoo combining anchor with octopus. Such a tattoo bears a reference to the peculiarities of the behavior of this water inhabitant – it has three hearts and high ability to restore, so it is considered to be a sign of immortality and rebirth.

  • To this day, tattoo with elements of an ancient technician – anchor and wind rose, mermaid, shark or steering wheel. In this case, tattoos resort to Old Skul techniques and traditionally, as closest to those that could be found in the conquerors of the seas in ancient.

  • Anchor in combination with roses is the personification of loyalty, honor and love. These flowers are closely related to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, in all the paintings it is depicted with a wreath of roses.

For believers, it has a different subtext – in this case it symbolizes the victim of Christ, mostly similar plot line meets girls and women.

Where you can fill?

Tattoo with anchor can be placed on any body. The main thing is to choose the right plot and size. It is important to foresee, if necessary, the ability to cover with clothing or hair. However, it should be borne in mind that any place under the tattoo on the human body may carry its certain meaning.

  • Forearm. Tattoo on the forearm The most first began to fill men, because in those days, women were forbidden to be on the ship – it was considered a bad admission. However, these days, this prejudice was outlived, so you can meet a similar symbol both on men’s hands and on the body of representatives of weak gender.

  • Shoulder. The advantage of this part of the body is that here the sketch can be supplemented with the necessary symbolic images. Thanks to this, professional tattoos can create truly luxurious paintings on the shoulders.

  • Breast. Men when packing an anchor image on the chest usually create big pictures. But the greatest distribution of the tattoo in this place got girls.

However, this choice should be suitable with all seriousness. During his life, breasts changes its shape, especially strongly it is noticeable after the birth of a child. In such conditions, the outlines of the tattoo may be deformed.

  • Back. For tattoo masters, spin is comparable to a real canvas for painter. Usually in this place are made of large-scale knacks, they are placed closer to the neck.

However, few are solved on such a technique, since the back is a rather painful place, and the process of stuffing the image in this place is accompanied by strong discomfort.

  • Stomach. Another place popular with girls. They believe that such a tattoo makes the owner of more sexual and relaxed. However, as in the case of breasts, it is necessary to weigh all the “for” and “against” – during the life of a person can recover either, on the contrary, to lose weight, and extensive operations are not excluded. All of them will lead to the fact that the contours of the dolls “float”, and the picture will look ridiculous.

  • Brush. Little tattoos on brush hands since ancient times were considered as charm. Now the miniature pictures are usually banging in these areas.

  • Leg. Pulling on the leg has the same interpretation as on any other parts of the body. At the same time, it is possible to create real masterpieces on the hips and caviar.

  • Mini tattoo also do on the face and in the ears zone.

An anchor image got much spread as paired tattoos for members of one family or loved. It is no coincidence, because it symbolizes the fortress and stability of relationships. In this case, a picture is stuffed on wrists, forearm or on unnamed fingers.

Such places are open to all others, thanks to this, the most advantageously transmitting the deep meaning of the tattoo.

Beautiful examples

Nowadays, an anchor image has a simple meaning – passion for travel and sea.

  • For men, this is also a symbol of finding a place in which a person is ready to put roots, that is, create a family.

  • For women, anchor means devotion to dreams, the availability of valuable ideals.

  • Loves are often stuffed with paired tattoos. They mean that both partners are confident of the seriousness of their intentions and are going to connect their destinies for the rest of his life.

  • However, for windy people who are not inclined to constant, such a pallium becomes a psychological solution to solve the problem and incentive to correct the situation.

  • Of course, there are army dolls. For example, the anchor of the Navy is often pinching people who have served on the fleet.

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